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At North Sea Workwear, we are the leading suppliers of PPE workwear in the UK. Our products include: head and neck protection, eye and face protection, hearing protection and respiratory protection. Our safety workwear solutions meet industry regulations and give you confidence that your health and safety is protected at work. We stock all the latest, quality brands in PPE workwear. For hearing protection we have a wide range of the globally recognised 3M Ear defenders while for head and neck protection we stock MSA, 3M and Wenaas brands, ensuring that you have choice when choosing your protective workwear.

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Your safety is our priority at North Sea Workwear. We understand the need to be confident in the protective workwear you choose. Visit us today at northseaworkwear.com or contact us about any of our products. Trust the UKs leading suppliers of PPE workwear with your safety.

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