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Scott SafetyScott Safety

Product Ref: Z1IHBE

Scott Safety Zone 1 Hearing Protection Earmuffs SNR 29dB Headband Ear Defenders

RRP: £17.26

1 - items


6 to 20 items


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UPC: 5039269377771

Scott Safety Zone 1 Headband Ear Defenders

A consistent all-round performer at all frequencies, Zone 1 is suitable for long term use in low noise level environments or shorter-term use in medium level noise environments and enables workers to remain aware of their external environment without over protecting.

Lightweight, comfortable design.

Stylish dual finish black ear cup with yellow insert and spacer.

Quick slide size adjustment mechanism.

Concaved acoustic foam fits a wide range of ear size and shapes.

Supple cushions maintain performance & comfort.

Scott Safety Zone 1 Headband Ear Defenders conform to: EN352-1 safety standard.



  • Attenuation: SNR= 29dB H=31dB M=27dB L=18dB
  • Full integration with other PPE
  • Impact resistant cup material
  • Weight: 256g

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