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Technical protective clothing is adapted to many occupational hazards: diving-suits, jackets, trousers, overalls, waistcoats and parkas against the chemical products, fire, heat, cold, and hornets, for high-visibility and forestry work. This clothing is governed by specific European standards. Below, we summarise each standard.

EN ISO 13688: General Requirements

EN533: (now EN 14116)Flame resistance of external shell (from 1 to 3), such as our own 533 range.

The following EN Standards are all covered in more detail in the correct sections:

EN469: Protective apparel for firemen, eg the Portwest FR overtrousers.

EN443: Helmets for firemen PR EN433, such as the MSA Gallet or Bullard Magma

EN ISO 6529: Chemical protective clothing: Permeation by liquids

EN ISO 14605: Chemical Protective clothing, such as the Sioen Montreal chemical protection suit. Protection against liquid substances.

Pr EN943-1: Clothing protective against liquid chemicals products and gas, such as the Haz max chemcial protection safety wellington

PR EN13034: Protective clothing against liquid chemicals, such as the Disposable boilersuits range - Limited protective performance.

EN ISO 6530:2005: Penetration resistance of clothing by aerosols and fine particles. Equipment of the type 5.

EN ISO 17491-4:2005: Chemical protective clothing: penetration by spray

EN ISO 11612:2008: Protective apparel for the workers of industry exposed to heat, such as a our vast FR workwear range

EN ISO 11611: Protective clothing for use in welding, such as our Welders workwear.

EN381: PPE Product standards concerning chainsaw protection, such as our forestry range.


This standard contains general requirements of protective garments, clear as recovering or trading the personal garment and designed to protect against one of several dangers.


On the product itself or printed on a label attached to the product.

Set to be detectable and legible.

Name, commercial brand.

Description of the type of product.

Designation of the size.

Number of the appropriate standard.

Signs and, if necessary, performance levels.

The "i" marked on a pictogram indicates the need for the user to state the manufacturer's Instructions.

Maintenance labelling.

Instructions for use.

Category text fade

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