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Nomex 260gsm Comfort 3A royal blue FR insulated coveralls

Arc Flash Protection

Coveralls are quilt lined / winter lined for extra warmth. With 100gsm of Fire retardant internal padding insulation ie inside the 260gm Nomex outer material.

The most comfortable flame retardant coveralls you will probably ever wear!

These Nomex Comfort 3A's are well insulated, have multiple pockets.

Made by NERO with Sofileta and from 93% Nomex, 5% Kevlar and 2% P140 Antistatic fibre.

This Coverall is very lightweight - making it easy to wear around all day.

Complete with 2” reflective tape around shoulders, sleeves and lower legs


Was £170.91

Pioner Nomex Comfort Flame Retardant Hi Vis Antistatic Mens FR Coverall Overall

DuPont's patented, inherently FR Nomex Comfort fabric makes the Pioner Nomex coverall an incredibly lightweight, flame retardant coverall that offers the highest level of FR and Antistatic protection.

These Brigade Navy 220gm Nomex covies are INHERENTLY Flame retardant, ensuring that they permanently protect you from fire spread.

They have 2" nordic style reflective tape on shoulders, arms and legs; Pioner excellent fit and quality; 2 breast pockets, 2 side pockets, 2 back pockets and a brass YKK zip.

Concealed heavy duty plastic two-way front zip to collar with heavy duty plastic press studs to provide additional protection against electric arc incidents.

50mm FR reflective tape attached to arms, legs and shoulders.

Fabric: Nomex® Comfort 220gm/2 (93% nomex, 5% kevlar, 2% anti-static fibre).

Two front chest pockets with flaps and heavy duty plastic press stud closure.

Two front slash pockets with double layer fabric side access to under garments for increased thermal protection.

Pioner ARR215GCOV Nomex FR Coveralls certified to EN 531 (FR) and En 1149 (Anti static) norms.


Was £186.39

Wenaas Twin Layered Nomex FR Antistatic Electric ARC Flash Protection Coverall 81766-16115

Wenaas Nomex FR coverall with superior electric arc protection.

State of the art coverall to be protected from electric ARC and flame exposure.

This coverall is constructed with a double layer of Nomex a flame-resistant meta-aramid material widely used for firefighters and racing car drivers’ uniforms, welders and in the oil and gas industry.

Military pilots and aircrew wear flight suits made of over 92% Nomex to protect them from the possibility of cockpit fires and other mishaps.

The other characteristic of Nomex is its inherent electric resistance: this coverall achieves Arc Thermal Performance Value of 23, which is remarkable considering the average Nomex coveralls have an ATPV of just 5.

The Elasticated action back provides superior comfort and a secure fit.

Designed with many different pockets suitable for carrying tools and valuables:

  • Two-way concealed zipper with strap
  • 2 Velcro Grip Side Pockets.
  • 2 right hip pockets
  • 2 Chest Pockets.
  • 2 Knee Pad Pockets.
  • 2 Rear Pockets.
  • 1 Pen Pocket.
  • Mandarin neck collar.

Ideal for users that work in utility companies or power plant operators.

With Hi Vis Reflective orange & silver strips over the shoulders, legs and sleeves.

Manufactured from a combination of twin layers of high quality materials: 93% Nomex, 5% Kevlar, 2% P.140.

Wenaas Twin Layered Nomex FR Antistatic Coverall Conforms to: EN340, EN1149-5, EN ISO 11612:2008 and EN61482-1-2:2007 Class 2 (7kA) which protects the wearer against the hazards of an electric arc.

Please note that this garment can be embroidered with your name free of charge, please contact sales@northseaworkwear.com with your embroidering requirements after placing your order.


Was £335.74

Wenaas FR Nomex Aramid Lightweight Orange 150g/m² Coverall 80926-16101

Wenaas FR Nomex Aramid Lightweight Orange Coverall is a top quality, INHERENT flame retardant FR, Antistatic and Electric Arc Portection coverall.

This is a Premium quality and Multinorm specification FR overall.

Made of Nomex Comfort which has 93% Nomex, 5% Kevlar and 2% Antistatic material.

Made withtriple feldlock stitching on all main seams for superior strength.

Two concealed metal front zippers helps keep dirt and dust away from the zipper.

Two external breast pockets, two rear pockets, two swing pockets with access slits and rule pocket.

Stud adjustment at wrists.

Elasticated waist provides a great secure fit.

2” reflective tape around sleeves and lower legs provides excellent visibility .

Wenaas comfort fit, and premium quality - as proven, with1 million+ Wenaas coveralls supplied to the oil industry.

150g/m² gsm material weight

Conforms to: EN ISO 11612 A1 A2 B1 C1, EN 1149-5, EN 61482-1-2 ELECTRIC ARC PROTECTION


Was £119.71

Wenaas Nomex Comfort FR Coverall

Royal Blue, Inherently flame retardant Nomex-type coverall, with Nordic-style reflective tape.

Compliant with EN 531 (Flame protection) & EN1149 (antistatic norms); Lightweight: weighing just 190gsm.

We can embroider your custom logo on this garment. Please email sales@northseaworkwear.com with the logo in jpeg format after placing your order. Please include any instructions, such as embroidered logo or Heat seal logo - along with the position of your embroidery (left or right breast, left or right sleeve, or across the shoulders on the back)



Wenaas FR Nomex III Aramid Lightweight Flame Retardant Coverall

This is a super light flame retardant overall: weighing only 150gms, the thickness of the material is akin to the thickness of your average shirt. Yet it still complies to the standard EN flame protection.

Thanks to its lightness this FR coverall is ideal for use in very hot, tropical workplaces.

Inherently flame retardant, manufactured with triple feldlock stitching on all main seams, for superior strength.

Two concealed metal front zippers with stud fastening at neck.

Two external breast pockets, two rear pockets, two swing pockets with access slits and rule pocket.

Stud adjustment at wrists; Elasticated waist.

1” silver reflective tape around sleeves and lower legs.

Wenaas comfort fit, and premium quality - as proven, with over 1 million Wenaas coveralls supplied to the oil industry.

Made using 93% NOMEX, 5% Para-Aramide and 2% P140 fabric.

Certified European FR standard: EN ISO 11612 and EN531 A1, B1, C1 with Kevlar and Antistatic P140 material.


Was £110.91

Portwest NX50 Flame Resistant Coverall is made from 93% Nomex, 5% Kevlar and 2% P-140 carbon fibre material

Ease of movement via the action back , durability in the triple-stitched FR Aramid thread seams

It includes a double-stitched, industrial-wash, flame-resistant reflective tape to offers visibility when you need it most.

It also has radio loops, a rule pocket and hook & loop-adjustable cuffs.

Conforms to HRC1; EN ISO 11612 A1+ A2, B1, C1, F1; EN1149-5; EN 61482-1-2 Class 1; ASTM F1959 ATPV = 7.5 cal/cm2.

GOST-R Certified.



Wenaas Sofileta Mens FR Nomex Coat Hi Vis Flame Retardant Warehouse Lab Workwear

High quality Nomex Royal blue lab coat or warehouse coat by Sofileta of Norway.

This 260gm Nomex inherently flame retardant lab coat will never lose its flame retardant structure, no matter how often it's washed.

2” reflective tape on the arms and shoulders (Nordic style) gives you safer visibility when in busy areas.

This lab coat is used widely within the oil and gas sector to help prevent serious skin burn injuries to lab and office staff.

Made using 93% Nomex, 5% Kevlar, 2% P140 antistatic material.

Wenaas Sofileta 260gm Nomex Flame Retardant Lab Coat conforms to EN531 A.B1.C1, EN11612 A1.B1.C1 & EN1149-3.


Was £145.09

Wenaas Delta C Mens Nomex Overall Hi Vis Fire Resistant FR Coverall

Antiflame Nomex Hi Vis Overall

Made by Wenaas, using FR “NOMEX Comfort” Tecashield material.

FR garments come with Hi-Vis FR reflective tape

Orange work coverall features a concealed zipper opening in the front and two front breast pockets, one with flap and one with a zip closure. Two back pockets and one small sleeve pocket.

Wenaas Delta C Nomex Hi Vis Fire Resistant Coverall complies with: EN11612 and EN1149 safety standards.

Made using “NOMEX Comfort” material: 93% Nomex, 5% Para-Aramid and 2% P140 a proprietary static dissipative fiber.


Was £135.49

Wenaas Nomex 3A FR Coverall Flame Retardant Hi Vis lightweight 260gsm Overall

Inherently flame retardant, lightweight coverall, with nordic style reflective tape. Suitable for hot/tropical climates.

Manufactured with triple feldlock stitching on all main seams for superior strength.

Lightweight inherently flame retardant premium lightweight coverall.

Two concealed metal front zippers with stud fastening at neck.

Two external breast pockets, two rear pockets, two kneepad pockets, two swing pockets with access slits and rule pocket.

Compliant with EN 11612 (flame spread) & EN 1149 (antistatic electric protection).

Nomex IIIA fabric made with Nomex, Kevlar and paraaramid and 2% antistatic materials.


Was £161.82

Wenaas WTRO1T Nomex Highly Visible Orange Trousers 21851-16101-25

Hi Vis reflective Nomex inherently, permanently fire retardant (FR) and Antistatic trousers.

Ideal for working in all heavy duty environments especially tasks that involve flames (welding)

Manufactured using high quality materials ensuring a long lasting product life, high quality materials (93% Nomex, 5% Kevlar, 2% Antistatic) ensuring a long lasting product life.

The button and zip combination provides the user with a comfortable and secure fit.

Wenaas WTRO1T Nomex Highly Visible Trousers conforms to EN531 A,B1.C1 EN1149 and Antistatic Safety Standards.


Was £73.75

Wenaas Sofileta Kansas Nomex Comfort FR Royal Blue Work Trousers 20057-0-45

These are INHERENTLY flame resistant Nomex work trousers.

Comfortable work trousers comes with Back pockets.

On the right Leg Cargo pocket with Velcro closure flap.

Wenaas Sofileta Kansas Trousers 20057-0-45 are made using 93% Nomex III, 5% Kevlar, 2% Antistatic carbon metal P140 fabric.

Wenaas Kansas Nomex FR Work Trousers certified to EN 531 A, B1, C1; EN 11612 A1, B1, C1 and EN 1149-3 Safety Standards.


Was £80.62

Made using the high performance Nomex fabric, and designed to be worn with the Solar FB31 Over trousers.

The Solar FB30 Overcoat offers ideal protection against the risks of exposure associated with fire fighting and related tasks.

It includes a quick release front brass zip, lower front pockets with press stud for holding gloves.

Knitted cuffs with thumb-loops which holds sleeves in place.

Made From PVC.



FR Nomex Hi Vis Flame Retardant Antistatic Welders Workwear Work Jacket

Fire Retardant Nomex Hi Vis Jacket.

Made by Sofileta Advanced Textiles using “NOMEX Comfort” material by Dupont.

Flame retardant jacket completed with reflective tape for great visibility.

Concealed zip front fastening, with storm flap and stud fastening.

Nordic reflective tape positioning, over shoulder and sleeves.

Fabric: 95% Nomex 5% Kevlar 2% P140 Anti-Static Fibre.

Hi Vis FR Nomex Orange Jacket 41850-16101-25 conforms to: EN11612 A1, B1.C1 EN531 A, B1, C1. EN1149-3.


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Nomex FR | Nomex Fire Retardant Workwear

Nomex workwear and Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) coveralls

Nomex is the brand of inherently Flame retardant (IFR) fabric made by Dupont.

INHERENT FR - means that it permanently self extinguishes fire

Benefits of Nomex FR clothing

Nomex is an aramid fabric that is inherently or permanently fire retardant - so it never washes out of the garment.

Nomex is antistatic.

Nomex can also be very lightweight - so while still protecting you from heat, fire and skin burns, Nomex allows you to only have to wear a lighweight garment, such as the:-

Nomex 225gm IFR coverall This is an inherently FR, lightweight, and antistatic coverall, made by Wenaas.

Nomex 260gm IFR coverall This is inherently FR, reasonably lightweight, and antistatic.

Nomex 190gm IFR coverall This is inherently FR, lightweight and antistatic.

Nomex 150 gm IFR coverall: This 150gm royal blue nomex aramid coverall is as light as the shirt on your back - yet still gives the full Fr proteciton you need.

Nomex can also be made electric arc resistant, such as the Twin layered Nomex FR AST electric arc protection coverall - used by utilities and electrical bodies.

This is a truly exceptional, highly technical, layered, FR and antistatic (AST) and electric arc coverall, with Nordic style hi vis tape.

Nomex flash hood or balaclava ensures that you get permanent Inherent FR protection - and is used by fire fighters, racing car drivers and operatiors int eh North Sea.

Our range of Nomex IFR clothing includes Nomex lab coats, Nomex IFR trousers regular royal blue 220gm IFR work trousers - as well as hi vis, IFR outdoor overtrousers.

NB We do offer other alternatives to Nomex. These are Inherently FR garments offering similar protection, but made with aramids such as Kermel or Protex 350gm IFR coveralls or the Portwest Araflame IFRcoverall etc ie not made with Nomex by Dupont: eg the 170gmRoots Coverall

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