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Tranemo 5726 88 FR Arc Flash Flame Retardant Hi Vis Trousers Workpants

The Tranemo 5726 88 Arc Flash protection trousers with contrast stitching and Hi-Vis reflective stripes for visibility.

Variety of secure storage pockets including hip pockets, two side pockets and a cargo pocket with flaps.

5726 88 trousers from Tranemo including kneepad pockets for knee protection and users comfort at work.

Yellow/Navy work trousers has been designed for the wearers comfort.

Tranemo 5726 88 trousers approves for IEC 61482-2 CL. 2. and is CE Certified for ARC protection to Class 1 and 11.9 cal/cm2.

Tranemo 5726 88 Arc Flash Protection Trousers conforms to: EN ISO 11612 A1+A2 B1 C1 E3 F1, IEC 61482-2 CL.1*, EN 1149-5, EN ISO 11611 CL.1 A1+A2



Wenaas Drivers Style Mens FR Trousers Cotton Antistatic Flame Retardant Workwear

Protective and comfortable Wenaas FR Industry Drivers Style Trousers are made from 350gsm weight Cotton and antistatic fibre fabric.

They offer excellent FR capabilities and Conforms to EN ISO 11612, and EN ISO 11611 for use whilst welding.

These Wenaas FR Industry Cotton trousers feature side pockets and rear pockets with flap closures, additional compartments for pens, mobile phones or tools.

The Wenaas FR Industry 23807-155 trousers also have kneepad pockets for those who require additional protection on the knees.

Wenaas FR Industry Cotton Drivers Style Trousers 350G 23807-155 conforms to: EN ISO 11612 A1 A2 B1 C1; EN ISO 11611 cl. 1; EN 1149-5 and EN 61482-1-2 cl. 1.

Made from 99% cotton/1% antistatic fibre, 350gsm fabric.


Was £41.89

Wenaas Offshore Daletec 350gsm Antistatic Trouser are designed specifically for offshore industrial work.

Trouser has been manufactured with 99% cotton, 1% antistatic fiber fabric.

The Daletec fabric is inherently FR - so unlike other flame retardant products, these trousers will retain their protective qualities for longer.

These antistatic Offshore trousers will protect against heat, flames and electric arcs.

Secure a sturdy zip fly fastening and waistband features handy belt loop.

The Wenaas Offshore Daletec 350gsm Antistatic Trouser comes with two front pockets, two more at the rear which are secured with flaps.

Excellent Wenaas Offshore trousers come with kneepad pockets, and both legs feature Hi-Vis reflective bands.

Material: 99% cotton, 1% antistatic fiber, 350 g/m2

Standard (EN) EN ISO 11612 A1 A2 B1 C1, EN 1149-5, EN 61482-1-2 cl. 1


Was £34.24

Snickers Antiflame™ FR Work Trousers with Knee Pad Pockets

Snickers Antiflame™ trousers with fixed pockets. Provides reliable protection, a comfortable fit and practical, mobile support.

Durable and reliable, satisfies EN standard 531. Features front crossover pockets for easy access with either hand and a tool holder with Velcro fasteners for tool pouches or hammer holders. Includes two folding ruler pockets with bellows and outer compartments and kneepad pockets.

Two Velcro tool fasteners for Snickers Flexi®Pocket tool pouches

Crossover front pockets for easy access with either hand

Bar tacks on both sides of all openings for maximum durability

Top-loading kneepad pockets with flaps

Large back pockets, the right one with a protective flap, the left one is open for easy access

Leg pocket with outer compartment and flap

Folding ruler pocket with bellows and external compartment, loose at the bottom edge for greater freedom of movement

Fabric: 75% Proban­treated Cotton/25% Polyester 365g/m²

Machine washable 40ºC

Conform to: EN 531, EN 470 and EN 533



Strong flexible microflex bib & brace trousers with elasticated shoulder straps, high frequency welded seams and adjustable press studs on ankles.

Microflex PolyUrethane coated - meaning is is soft, silent, stretchable.

High frequency welded seams.

Elasticated shoulder straps with buckles.

Press stud adjustment at ankles.

Materials: 50% Polyamide 50% Polyurethane 170 gsm

Conforms to: EN11416 (Flame resistant), EN1149 (Antistatic protection), EN343 (wet protection)



Lyngsoe FR-LR52 Flame Retardant Anti-Static Hi Vis Trousers

Microflex FR with stretch technology.

Flame retardant rain trousers with elastic waist.

High-Frequency welded seams.

Press stud adjustments by the ankles.

Material: 50% Polyamide, 50% Polyurethane, 170 g/m².

Size: L

Lyngsoe FR-LR52 Flame Retardant Hi Vis Trousers conforms to: EN343 2003 +A1:2007, EN471 2003 +A1:2007, EN ISO 14116:2008 INDEX 1, EN1149-5:2008, EN1149-3:2004.



Lyngsoe Flame Retardant & Anti-Static Trousers FR-LR41-05

Lyngsoe Rainwear Microflex Flame Retardant Trousers.

Elasticated waist, High-Frequency welded seams, press stud adjustments by the ankles.



Great protection Work Pant from bulwark with flame resistant properties.

EXCEL FR® fabric with great freedom of movement.

Interlined waistband with two slack style front pockets.

Bulwark trousers comes with two set-in hip pockets and left hip pocket with button closure.

PEW2 is suitable for Light Soil Wash and Industrial Wash.

Made from 9 oz. (305 g/m²) Twill 100% Cotton and Conforms to Arc rating ATPV 10.6 calories/sq cm


Was £38.22

Wenaas Sofileta Kansas Nomex Comfort FR Royal Blue Work Trousers 20057-0-45

These are INHERENTLY flame resistant Nomex work trousers.

Comfortable work trousers comes with Back pockets.

On the right Leg Cargo pocket with Velcro closure flap.

Wenaas Sofileta Kansas Trousers 20057-0-45 are made using 93% Nomex III, 5% Kevlar, 2% Antistatic carbon metal P140 fabric.

Wenaas Kansas Nomex FR Work Trousers certified to EN 531 A, B1, C1; EN 11612 A1, B1, C1 and EN 1149-3 Safety Standards.


Was £99

Flame Retardant Nomex multi-function work trousers from Tranemo.

Multi pocket trousers with large front pockets and mobile phone pocket.

Black 5450-84-03 work trousers with Kneepad pockets, protecting your legs at any situation.

Extra durable FR multi function work trousers with contrast stitching and Tool pockets.

Nomex material trousers comply with FR EN standards: EN ISO 11612.

Colour: Black. Size: 36 inch.


Was £94.91
Orbit International

Orbit Hydra Flame Resistant Iridium Combat Trouser

Orbit Hydra Flame Iridium Trousers are made from Modacrylic fibre 310 gsm.

Zip and button fastening system provides an excellent, secure fit.

Includes handy knee pad pockets, which makes these trousers very versatile.

Excellent trousers ideal for working with welding equipment or in high spark areas.

Orbit Hydra Flame Resistant Iridium Combat Trouser conforms to EN 470, EN 531 & EN 1149 safety standards.


Orbit International

Orbit Hellas Red Flame Retardant Trousers

The Orbit Hellas Flame Retardant trousers are made from genuine fabric.

FR trousers provide flame retardant action to ensure extra protection in case of fire.

Tough, strong and durable, these trousers include swing pockets, zip and button fastening system.

Fabric: 100% FR Treated Cotton 320g/m².

Orbit Hellas Red FR Trousers conform to: EN ISO 11612: 2008 (A1, B1, C1,) EN ISO 11611: 2007 Class 1 A1 EN 1149-5: 2008 safety standards.


Was £19.64
Sioen Ekofisk 5806 Men FR Rain Trousers Flame Retardant and Anti-static Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Sioen Ekofisk 5806 Men FR Rain Trousers Flame Retardant and Anti-static

Multi-norm workpants will keep you dry and comfortable, offer resistance to flames and give extra safety thanks to the reflective FR strips.

Leg narrowing below by touch and close fastening.

Fabric: 100% polyester fabric with 100% FR PU coating 250 g/m².

Sioen Ekofisk 5806 Men FR Rain Trousers conforms to:

  • EN 531 : 1995 / A B2 C1
  • EN ISO 14116 : 2008; Outer : Index 1/12H/40; Inner : Index 3/25H/40
  • EN 1149-5 : 2008
  • EN 13034 : 2005 Type PB (6)
  • EN 343 : 2003 + A1 : 2007 / Class 3-3.

  • PTR04FR

    Beeswift CFRT Flame Retardant Navy Trousers Quick View
    Hurry – low stock

    Beeswift CFRT Flame Retardant Navy Trousers

    Manufactured from 100% cotton for superior user comfort.

    Button waistband faseting system with a brass zipper for imporved product security.

    Designed with belt loops if, for additional and improved fit & security.

    Conforms to EN531 & EN470 Safety Standards.



    JSP ANW060-230-008 Carrier & 20cm Visor Kit for EVO Safety Helmet

    Full-face visor and carrier for use with JSP EVO helmet range.


    Was £56.15

    Lyngsoe ARC-LR4059 Waterproof Flame-Retardant High-Visibility Bib&Brace

    Microflex FR waterproof and windproof bib trousers.

    Elasticated shoulder straps with buckles, press stud adjustments by the ankles.

    Waterproof Bib&Brace trousers with high frequency welded seams.

    Waterproof and Flame-Retardant fabric: 50% Polyester, 50% Polyurethane, 170 g/m².

    Lyngsoe ARC-LR4059 Waterproof Flame-Retardant High-Visibility trouser conform to: EN 61482-1-2 Box Test class 1 4ka; EN ISO 14116 index 3; IEC 61482-2-2009, class 1, EBT50 21.1 cal/cm2.

    Disclaimer: please note that, due to individual display settings, actual colours may vary slightly from what appears online.


    Was £56.37

    Alsico Molten Metal Protection Wool Men Foundry Trousers

    Professional foundry trousers that provide high levels of protection against contact with molten metals.

    Alsico Molten Metal Protection Wool Foundry Trousers conform to: EN ISO 11612: 2015 A1, B2, C2, D3, E3, F1 safety standards.


    Was £106.15
    Sioen 6133 Brisbane Men Flame Retardant Hi Vis Bib & Brace Waterproof Trousers, Size - M Quick View
    Hurry – low stock

    Sioen 6133 Brisbane Yellow Hi Vis Multi Norm Bib and Brace

    High Visibility work Bib & Brace with fixed Flame Retardant cotton lining.

    Waterproof and breathable, windproof Bib & Brace trouser with a high tear resistance.

    Extra comfort with covered zip opening on leg cuffs and adjustable braces with buckles.

    Sio-Start 250gsm Fire retardant and Antistatic fabric: 100% polyester with 100% FR PU coating.

    Sioen 6133 Brisbane Bib & Brace conforms to:

  • EN471 2:2 High Vis.
  • EN343 Class 3:3 Waterproof.
  • EN1149-5 Anti static.
  • EN13034: PB[6] Chemical resistance.
  • EN531: A B1 C1 Fire retardant.
  • EN533: Index 3 Fire retardant.
  • PBB05HV-M


    Tranemo 6020 Metal Free Work Trousers Flame Retardant Hi Vis Bands

    Non-metal and Inherent Flame Retardant trousers in a light fabric with a comfortable feel and good tear resistance.

    The Tera TX NON-METAL Flame Retardant range has been developed in collaboration with industries that require garments that are metal-free and Antistatic.

    The non-metal range eliminates the risk of creating sparks in an ATEX environment and also removes the conductive risk associated with metal components.

    In addition, they help prevent the transfer of heat from the outside to the inside of the garment in the event of an electric arc accident and there is no risk that any metal accessories can fall off the garment in sensitive environments.

    Cargo pocket with flap

    Mobile phone pocket

    Hidden keyring holder and tool strap.

    Front pockets.

    Ruler pocket.

    Hip pockets with flaps.

    Shaped knees with adjustable inside kneepad pockets.

    Reflective stripes on legs.

    Fabric: Tranemo Skinsafe Tera TX, 260 g/m²,

    Machine washable 60ºC

    Conform to: EN ISO 11612: A1+A2 B1 C1 E1 F1, IEC 61482-2: CL.1, EN 1149-5, *EN ISO 11611: CL.1 A1+A2, EN 13034: type PB[6] IEC 61482-2: Class 1 - ARC RATING: 9,5 cal/cm²



    Portwest BZ30 BizWeld Flame Resistant Work Trousers

    Flame Resistant welders’ trousers offer maximum protection and comfort to the wearer.

    Generous fit design to allow ease of movement and maximum wearer’s comfort.

    Versatile and suitable for embroidery and customization, is an excellent choice for corporate uniforms.

    Portwest BZ30 BizWeld FR Work Trousers fabric: 100% Bizweld Cotton - 330 g/m².

    Conforms to: EN ISO 11612 (A1+A2, B1, C1, E1, F1) EN ISO 11611 Class 1 (A1+A2).

    Available in size Large only.


    Was £31.48
    Tranemo 5823 81 FR Trousers Windbreaker Navy/Yellow Size 32 Quick View
    Hurry – low stock

    Tranemo 5823 81 FR Trousers Windbreaker Navy/Yellow Size 32

    Inherent Flame Retardant Hi-Vis trousers with windproof jersey lining.

    Side pockets.

    Back pockets with pocket flaps.

    Cargo pocket with flap, concealed keyring holder and first aid pocket.

    Ruler pocket and concealed knife button with loop.

    Shaped knees with adjustable inside kneepad pockets.

    Contrast stitching.

    These trousers have a sewn in lining, size will fit smaller.

    Fabric: Tera TX, 260 g/m² - lining: PU-coated jersey, Cantex Jersey IR, 210 g/m²

    Machine washable 60ºC

    Conform to: EN ISO 11612: A1+A2 B1 C1 F1, IEC 61482-2: CL.2, EN 1149-5, EN 13034: TYPE PB[6], EN ISO 20471: CL.1

    ARC RATING: 21,4 cal/cm²

    Available in size W 32’’ regular leg only



    Mascot Bex 06679-135 Flame Retardant PyroPro Trousers

    Anti-static, acid-resistant and flame-retardant PyroPro® work trousers from Mascot.

    Durable triple stitched seams on leg and crotch extend product life.

    Protects from electric arcs and occasional welding arcs.

    Adjustable kneepad pockets with flap and top access so kneepads can be optimally placed on the knee.

    Seams face downwards so sparks can not get lodged in them.

    Mascot Bex 06679-135 FR Work Trousers Material: 87% cotton/12% polyamide/1% carbon fibre, 320 g/m².

    Certified to EN ISO 11612 (A1, B1, C1, E1), EN ISO 14116 (index 3/50×75°C), EN 1149-3 and EN 1149-5, EN 61482-1-2 (Class 1) tested in accordance with IEC 61482-1-1 (ATPV - 18 cal/cm²), EN ISO 11611 (Class 1 A1) and EN 13034 (Type 6).


    Was £80.23

    Alsico MM1 Molten Metal Protection FR Work Trousers

    Professional welder trousers that provide hi levels of protection against contact with molten metals.

    FR Work Trousers fabric: 100% Treated Wool 660 g/m².

    Alsico MM1 Men FR Work Trousers conform to: EN ISO 11612: 2015 A1, B2, C2, D3, E3, F1 Workwear Standards.



    Wenaas Thermal Quilted Pants Cold Insulated Trousers

    Thermal quilted Wenaas trousers with elasticated waist and knitted ankle cuffs.

    Lightweight, high quality pants is comfortable and very warm with stretchy hem of pants.

    They have a tighter fitting leg and banded cuffs for better cold protection.

    This is good for field work, thermal underwear, outdoor activity and uniforms.

    Wenaas Thermal Quilted Pants Material: 68% Modacrylic and 32% Nylon.

    Available in size Large only.


    Was £39.38

    Root RO12260 Men Arc Flash Trouser Flame Retardant Navy Size 34

    This trousers offer an excellent level of protection against arc flash. The lightweight material is extremely flexible and comfortable to work in.

    Easily adjustable elasticated waistband for the wearers comfort and a secure fit

    Variety of secure storage pockets including two hip pockets, two cargo pockets, back pocket


    Fabric: 80% Cotton 19% Polyester 1% Carbon –320 g/m²

    Machine washable 40°C

    Conform to: IEC 61482-2 ATPV 10.2 cal/cm² Class 1 EN 1149-5 EN ISO 11612 A1 B1 C2 D0 E3 F1 EN ISO 11611 A1 – Class 2 EN 13034 Type 6

    Available in size 34 only


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    Flame Retardant Trousers

    North Sea Workwear - Leading Suppliers of Fire / Flame Retardant Trousers in the UK

    Your safety matters to us at North Sea Workwear. We want our garments to protect you from heat, skin burns and naked flame risks in your workplace. Our range of over 20 different styles of anti-flame or flame resistant (FR) trousers comes from the best brands, including Lyngsoe (waterproofs), Mascot (cotton FR), Portwest (Bizweld), Snickers, Tranemo (great fit and quality) and Wenaas. They all comply with the relevant EN ISO 11612 (FR standard); some also have the EN 11611 (welding standard) or EN1149 (antistatic standard).

    Buyers Guide: When you are considering what you need, consider

    1) Do you need foul weather protection?: waterproof trousers or overtrousers will keep you dry when exposed to the elements. The Portwest Bizflame trousers keeps you dry and gives FR,antistatic and chemical protection

    2) Do you need hi vis trousers? The Sioen Greeley hi vis overtrousers keep you visible and dry.

    3) Do you need chest protection? eg dungarees or bib and brace Fr garments, such as the Roots FR hi vis dungarees trousers.

    4) Do you want Inherently FR trousers? - ie trousers that are permanently FR? (most garments are FR treated cotton - which igives you FR protection for about 50 washes - which is usually the life of the garment). We offer modacrylic FR trousers which are permanently or inherently flame retardant - no matter how many washes. Eg the Portwest Modaflame trousers in navy and yellow two tone.

    Because we stock quality brands this helps ensure that you are protected should disaster strike in your workplace. We also offer FR coveralls or separate FR jackets and pants to suit your needs. Call us today or visit our Offshore workwear section of this site to see more of our range of fire retardant clothing.

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