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Bollé RXPACK All-Inclusive Prescription Safety Glasses Pack


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UPC: 3660740008574

Bollé RXPACK All-Inclusive Prescription Safety Glasses Pack

The ideal solution for a personalised pair of safety prescription spectacles: purchase a RXPACK, take it to your local optician, choose your frame, your optician will take all the necessary measurements and complete the prescription details and send the form to Bollé Safety. Bollé Safety will manufacture your new glasses to EN166F K&N and return the completed spectacles to your optician who will contact you and arrange final fitting and checking.

The all-inclusive price includes any standard prescription frame, lenses, all powers up to +/-8 and opticians dispensing fee.

Single vision of varifocal lenses with any power up to +/-8.

Polycarbonate lenses with Bollé safety unique platinum double sided anti-scratch and anti-fog coating.

Choice of seventeen different frame styles.

Your spectacles will be tested and approved to EN166/170 1F K&N

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