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Product Ref: PVI93HD

MSA 10115856 V-Gard Propionate Visor for Chemical and Splash Protection

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UPC: 641817026045

MSA 10115856 Designed for use with V-Gard Frames and V-Gard Headgear.

Provides superior chemical splash resistance and provide impact protection.

Ideal for those applications where chemical splash hazards exist.

Visor offer increased impact protection, molded for superior optical quality.

All versions can be used in Food Processes, Painting, Grinding and Sanding.

Conforms to: EN166:2001 & EN1731-2006 - CE2247_140827 safety standards.



  • Conforms to: EN166 and EN1731.
  • Provide impact protection.
  • Chemical splash hazards protection.
  • Colour: Clear.

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