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Product Ref: PVI01HD

MSA 10115863 Visor Contoured Clear Polycarbonate for V-Gard Helmet

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UPC: 641817026113

MSA 10115863 Visor Contoured Polycarbonate for V-Gard Helmet

MSA polycarbonate visor offers reliable protection against impact, chemical splash and UltraViolet radiation.

The perfect solution for general and basic applications and can be worn with helmet-mounted ear muffs.

Designed for use with V-Gard Frames and V-Gard Headgear.

The sides are contoured towards face for a closer fit and improved resistance to impact and splash hazards.

Can be worn with helmet-mounted ear muffs.

Superior UV protection.

Dimensions: 9.5"x17"x.04".

Conforms to: EN166:2001 & EN1731-2006.

Protects casualty and first aider during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

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