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Product Ref: PTH08FR

FR Sweatshirt Navy Hydra Flame Retardant FR Sweater Argon Masws

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Orbit Hydra flame Argon FR AST sweatshirt, navy sweater.

FR and anti static long sleeve T shirt or sweatshirt undergarment.

Comfortable, soft knitted collar, cuffs & waist.

Flame resistant design, typically worn under work clothes.

Manufactured from Inherently Flame Retardant IFR MOD acrylic fabric, 340gsm.

Certified to EN531 (FR) & EN1149 (Antistatic) Standards



  • EN 531 & EN 1149
  • Inset sleeve design
  • MOD acrylic fabric 340gsm
  • Knitted collar, cuffs and waist
  • Fire Retardant
  • Comfortable

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