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Product Ref: PSP38HD

Uvex 9174-096 Skylite Grey Safety Glasses Glasses Ultradura Coating Grey Lens

RRP: £12.11

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UPC: 5699388465386

Uvex Skylite Grey Safety Spectacles

Ergonomically designed.

Integrated brow and cheek guards for increased wearer protection.

Good field of vision.

Lens inclination adjustment for the best individual fit.

Spectacles with all-round protection.

Frame with injection moulded soft TPU.

Protects against liquid droplets and splashes, large dust particles.

Flexible, closed-pore soft components of frame adapt to individual face contours.

Easy cleaning process due to separate lens and frame concept.

5-stage side arm length adjustment ensures optimum fit.

Uvex Skylite grey lens safety spectacle manufactured to EN166.

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