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Product Ref: PSP19HD

Honeywell Vistamax VNC21 Non Vent Dual Clear Lenses Goggle 1002759

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UPC: 7312550027592

Honeywell Vistamax VNC21 No-Vent Dual Lenses Goggle 1002759

Honeywell Vistamax VNC21 - high tech stylish google with anti-fog feature.

Goggle can breathe through its unique anti-fog twin lens system and thermal bridge with aluminium condenser.

Honeywell VNC21 Goggle comes with innovative anti-fog twin lens system, and the ability to be worn over prescription spectacles.

Safety Honeywell goggle is ideal for very humid atmospheres.

The rear lens is in polycarbonate for impact resistance while front lens is in acetate for resistance to scratches and chemical products.

Honeywell Vistamax VNC21 No-Vent Goggle 1002759 conforms to: EN166.1.B.3.4.5. safety standards.



  • Sealed Non-Vented.
  • Aluminium Condensers for Exceptional Anti-Mist Performance.
  • Revolutionary breathable 'twin lens' system.
  • Acetate front lens - chemical resistance.
  • Polycarbonate rear lens - impact resistance.
  • Conforms to: EN166.1.B.3.4.5.

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