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Product Ref: PRB08GL

Ansell Kevlar 43-216 Leather Heavy-duty Workguard Welders 16" Glove

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Ansell Kevlar 43-216 Workguard Welders 16" Glove

Heavy-duty special purpose glove offering high levels of molten splash resistance.

Ideal for many different applications requiring thermal protection, it also provides superior durability.

With a soft inner jersey palm lining and a cotton denim cuff is comfortable to wear.

Made of tough-wearing leather, Good protection from cuts, punctures and abrasions.

Seams are made in Kevlar® and are reinforced by pieces of cowhide.

Designed for excellent durability and wear, construction provides superior mechanical protection.

Ansell Kevlar 43-216 Workguard Welders 16" Glove conforms to EN407 413X4X EN388 EN 12477 Type A Category III safety standards.



  • Molten Splash Resistant.
  • Heat Protection.
  • Comfortable inner lining.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Ideal for welding.
  • Conforms to EN388.
  • Conforms to EN407.
  • Safety Grades:

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