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Moldex 9000 Medium Full Face Mask Series 9002

Manufactured with a unique over-moulded lens, providing a clear un obstructed field of vision.

Lighter than most other full face respirators, improving the users all day comfort.

Built with fewer parts, making it easier to maintain.

Provides exceptional protection against gasses, vapour, and fine particles.


3M Versaflo M-406 Respiratory Protective Helmet With Visor Quick View
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3M Versaflo M-406 Respiratory Protective Helmet with Coated Visor

An air-supplied helmet that provides respiratory, eye, face and head protection when suitably connected to an AS/NZS1716 compliant air supply system.

Fully-adjustable suspension that includes textile straps for optimal fit and weight distribution.

Multiple size adjustment options - allows for a comfortable fit.

Air deflector - allows users to direct the airflow down or into the face for increased control and comfort.

Visor design - combines excellent peripheral and downward vision with good optical clarity.

Coated polycarbonate visor - provides added chemical and scratch resistance and high impact protection.

3M Versaflo M-406 Respiratory Protective Helmet With Visor conforms to (when connected to air supply system): EN 12941, EN 397, EN 14594., EN 166 safety standards.



3M 7907 Silicone 3M Bayonet System Full Face Respirator

Full face respirator from 3M, with a large lens offering a wide field of vision.

Double face sealing gasket ensures a good fit for different face sizes.

The soft, pliable hypo-allergenic material keeps the wearer comfortable, while filters and an air supply can be easily managed.

This is a low maintenance, lightweight & well balanced respirator.

Speech diaphragm improves communication.

3M 7907 Silicone Full Face Respirator conforms to EN 136 Class 2 for protection during more aggressive tasks.


Scott Safety
Scott Safety Promask Negative Pressure Full Face Mask Size M-L Quick View
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Scott Safety Promask Negative Pressure Full Face Mask Size M-L

Scott’s Promask, a multi-function full face mask provides unrivalled comfort and protection against a wide variety of respiratory hazards.

Promask utilises a T-profile face-seal design, which provides a highly efficient seal with minimal pressure on the face. Computer designed air path channels provide exceptionally low airflow resistance, reducing fatigue even for long periods of use.

Promask incorporates a wide panoramic visor to maximise the field of vision and a front mounted speech diaphragm for easy communication with colleagues.

The special inner mask reduces CO2-content (< 0.5%) within the mask to a minimum, thereby decreasing user fatigue.

The design prevents the visor from misting by directing the airflow across the visor.

The positioning of the filter reduces the likelihood of neck strain and permits good downward visibility

Connector tread: 40mm

Weight: 530g

Size: M-L

Conforms to: EN 136 EN 12942 TM3

Filter cartridges to be purchased separately


Scott Safety

Scott Safety FlowHood 2 Headtop With Shrunk Breathing Hose

The Scott Safety Flowhood 2 series protective hoods are very lightweight, and offer maximum protection, as stated for the class TH3.

The Scott Flowhood-2 hood is designed to be connected to the Scott Autoflow and Scott Proflow filtering devices.

It is a lightweight full hood designed for work where no impact protection is required.

They are made from resistive and durable PU-coated nylon material and are mainly used for applications without impact risks.

It has a flexible visor made of chemically resistant acetate.

They can be used even with of beards and spectacles.

Equipped with an easy-to-use drawstring around the neck

Meets the standard EN12941 - Respiratory protective equipment


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Full Face Masks & Respirators


Reusable Full Face Masks - Respiratory Protective Equipment

Where there is a risk of contamination to your eyes you should use a full face respirator with visor.

The full face mask not only filters the air, but also prevents dust and other airborne particles from affecting your eyes.

3M is a world leading brand in the supply of Reusable Respiratory Protection: the 3m 6000 series reusable respirator has 2 valves and an exhalation point.

Sundstrom are the Swedish innovators in the full face masks. The Sundstrom SR200 face mask allows you a wide, deep full vision, while allowing you breathe comfortably. (This can also be conencted to an airfed respiratory system).

We also supply emergency escape hoods - the MSA S-Cape Hood allows you full respiratory support as you flee a gas risk. This is a handy S Cape Hood to have in a plant where there's risk of poisoning from smoke, especially carbon monoxide.

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