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3M 8822 FFP2 Valved Respiratory Mask (10 Pack)

The 3M 8822 P2 Valved dust/mist respirator offers protection when exposed to fine respirable dusts, fibres and water/oil mists.

The mask decreases heat build up with it's 3M cool flow valve, making it suitable for working in humid and hot conditions.

This lightweight respirator mask can comfortably fit a great variety of facial shapes and sizes.

The twin straps are made of natural rubber and materials used in the mask includes a steel nose clip and polyurethane nose foam.

Conforms to EN149:2001 safety standard.



3M Nuisance Odour Respirator Mask 9914 (10 Pack)

The 3M Respirator 9914 provides lightweight, comfortable, effective and hygienic respiratory protection against mist, dust and nuisance level organic vapor.

Durable collapse resistant inner shell and good fit over a wide range of face sizes.

Comfortable, lightweight, with Convex shape, nose clip and twin-strap design.

Respirator 9914 includes Cool Flow Valve and Conforms to FFP1 protection level.

3M 9914 Nuisance Odour Respirator Mask conforms to EN149:2001 Safety Standard.


3M 9913 Nuisance Odour Respirator FFP1 Mask Quick View
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3M 9913 Nuisance Odour Respirator FFP1 Mask

The 3M 9913 nuisance odour dust mask is designed to offer relief from the irritation of low levels of specific gases and vapours.

This breathing mask offers relief from nuisance levels of organic vapours.

Respiratory protection against low levels of fine dusts and mists.

Yellow colour coded straps denote FFP1 protection level.

3M 9913 Nuisance Odour Respirator FFP1 Mask conforms to: EN 149:2001 Safety Standard.

3M 9913


Moldex 2405 Disposable FFP2 Dust Mask Valved Moulded Protective Respirator

This Moldex FFP2 Disposable Face Mask is designed to protect users against toxic fumes, dust and water, as well as aerosols and oil-based mists.

FFP2 Level Mask provides 10 times more protection of the WEL (Workplace Exposure Limit).

100% PVC free products and packaging – so they are better for your health as well as the environment.

Moldex ActivForm® technology automatically fits the mask to your face with no manual adjustments required assuring you of a safe and secure fit.

Produced with Moldex DuraMesh® material for a durable, strong structure that lasts.

Adjustable straps allow you to put the mask on and take off quickly and easily.

Special Ventax®-Valve reduces heat and moisture instead the mask for increased comfort.

Moldex 2405 ActivForm® Dust Mask conforms to: EN 149:2001+A1:2009.



Cofra Health Mask M031 Reusable Cloth Mask Pack of 25

A filtering mask conceived to help the end user to limit the spread of aerosols that could be vehicle of viruses and bacteria.

The external layer made of water repellent recycled polypropylene OEKO-TEX® protects the end user from the saliva droplets expelled during expiratory activities or present in the air, whereas the internal layer made of cotton, in contact with the face, provides pleasant comfort.

The mask is equipped with elastics around the head, providing a good adherence to the face. The mask is neither a PPE, nor a medical device but it is intended for people abiding to all instructions about safe distance and all necessary precautionary rules imposed by COVID-19 emergency.

Semi-facial mask

One size

Hand washable up to 40°C

Exterior 100% water repellent polyester

Inside 100% cotton

OEKO-TEX standard 100

Supplied in boxes of 25 masks



Honeywell 2111 FFP1 Flat-Fold Single Shift Respirator Disposable Dust Masks

Flat-fold respirator packed in an individual sealed bag, providing easy storage and prevent contamination before use.

Wide field of vision thanks to its cut-out shape.

Preformed and coloured nosebridge to perfectly adjust the mask.

Large inner volume for enhanced breathing comfort.

Very soft internal lining for optimum comfort and fluid-resistant outer shell offering protection from liquid splashes.

For exceptional comfort and fit - Ultra-soft and hypoallergenic Willtech nose seal with absorptive properties.

Lightweight respirator with welded strap avoiding irritation at the fastening point.

Environment friendly - No Latex, no Silicone and no PVC.

Honeywell 1031591 Comfort FFP1 Flat-Fold Dust Mask conforms to FFP1 EN149.2001 standards.

Pack of 20 Masks


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Disposable Masks | FFP3 Masks


Disposable face masks and FFP1 Masks, FFP2 Masks, FFP3 Masks

Face masks are particulate filters, where the mask protects your from inhaling undesireable particles or gases.

Disposable face masks are also referred to as Nuisance masks (if there is no certification), or Dust Masks (when offering the lower levels of filter protection).

3M is the undisputed UK market leader for Disposable Face Masks.

But Alpha Solway are arguably the innovators in developing better fitting face masks.

(Alpha Solway has even developed a special, SMALLER face mask design specifically to fit snugly to a smaller face, the Alpha S, which is unique and complies to EN149, FFP3 standard.

Valved face masks allow you to breathe more easily, but are slightly more expensive than the unvalved masks.

Alpha Solway has developed their Alphamesh range along with an extra wide interior flange. The result is that the Alphamesh holds the shape of the face mask to ensure it fits keenly, but comfortably around your face.

For the best value (especially within generic styles of disposable masks), check out the Blackrock range of disposable face masks. These are generally unvalved and fold flat masks - for carrying convenience.

All our disposable face masks comply with the EN ISO 149 standard.

Thereafter, whether you choose FFP1 or FFP2 or FFP3 protection depends on your own risk analysis and preferences.

Disposable Face Masks Buyer Guide:-

When choosing a dust mask, consider:

  • Have you got a snug fitting mask? Particulate or Filter Masks with an adjustable nosepiece such as the 3M 9925 FFP2 valved mask, offer a tighter/better fit.
  • Disposable masks with Foam Face Seals will be more comfortable and a little more effective.
  • Disposable Masks with an Exhalation Valve makes breathing easier.
  • For highly toxic particles (such as asbestos), choose a reusable (non-disposable) respiratory mask with sealing gaskets.

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