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MSA V Gard Safety Helmet Hard Hat Push-Key Fit Adjuster White

The popular V-Gard features a high density polyethylene [HDPE] shell and a textile suspension.

Conforms to: EN397, EN50362, EN13463-1.



3M PELTOR Replacement G2000 Helmet Chinstrap GH2 Quick View
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3M PELTOR Helmet Chinstrap GH2

Replacement 2-point Chinstrap GH1 accessory for 3M PELTOR G3000 Safety Helmets.



Molded from HDPE this helmet is light, comfortable and extremely tough.

UV stabilized HDPE shell with a high level of mechanical durability.

Comfortable with textile, height adjustable suspension.

Fitted with 30mm accessory slots for face/hearing protection.

Complete with MSA Staz-on insert.

Conforms to EN397.



MSA Staz-On Assembly 10109230

This suspension liner includes headband, nape strap, sweatband and adjustable crown straps.

Designed for easy clip-in to the V Gard hat or cap shell, users can adjust the liner for a secure and comfortable fit.



JSP AJA840 Sweatband For Evo 2 Helmet

Long lasting sweatband, designed to be tough and long lasting.

Compatible with the EVO 2 Helmet.

Absorbent cotton material, prevents perspiration obstructing vision.



AO2 Vented Comfort Plus Hard Hat Safety Helmet

An apex safety helmet manufactured with an absorbent sweatband.

Designed with a ventilation system further improving the users overall comfort.

Fully adjustable making it suitable for any sized head.

AO2 Vented Comfort Plus Safety Helmet conform to EN397 head protectio standard.



Honeywell Sperian CB14 Clearways Browguard with Elasticated Headband

Comes with an elastic headband for a tight secure fit.

Conforms to EN 166 B 3. 1002346 Browguard with elasticated headband.


Scott Safety

Stylish lightweight safety helmet.

Vent system allows air to flow around users head increasing comfort.

30 mm accessory slot.

Compatible with other Protector accessories.

Replaceable sweatband prevents perspiration build up.

Size 50 cm to 66 cm.

Conforms to EN397.



MSA V-Gard GV151 Safety Helmet HDPE Work Hard Hat Staz-On Head Protection

This helmet is light, comfortable and extremely tough.

UV stabilized HDPE shell with a high level of mechanical durability.

Comfortable with textile, height adjustable suspension.

Fitted with 30mm accessory slots for face/hearing protection.

Complete with MSA Staz-on closure.

MSA V-Gard MK2 GV151 Safety Helmet conforms to: EN397: 2012.



Centurion 1125 Classic Unisex Safety Helmet HDPE Six Points Suspension Hard Hat

Approved to EN397 440V a.c - Market leading Classic helmet from Centurion.

1125 Helmets is designed for comfort and assured extra performance.

It comes with a 6-Point Sewn Terylene cradle and brushed nylon sweatband.

Centurion 1125 helmets are made from high density polyethylene shell.

Centurion 1125 Classic Unisex Safety Helmet complies with: ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 Type 1 Class E | EN 397 | Electrical Resistance to 440V a.c. and Temperature to -30C



Beeswift B Brand Industrial Safety Helmet Vented White

Vented White Safety Helmet

This safety helmet combines a head protection and comfort with its hard ABS vented shell and the weel ratchet adjustment system to fit any head shape.

Images is for illustration purposes only. Helmet includes Weel Rachet system.



ERB Safety Omega II HDPE Hard Hat Head Protection Safety Helmet

Molded from high density polyethylene for maximum protection.

Designed to provide a non slip hold, helmet remains in place whilst active.

Chin strap and Standard Style (Slide-Lock): 6-point nylon suspension.

Easy "Quick-Slide" sizing adjusts suspension.

ERB Safety Omega II Safety Helmet conforms to: EN 397:2012+A1:2012 EN 50365 - LD MM standards.


MSA V-Gard 500 Non-Vented Reduced Peak Safety Helmet with Staz-On Harness White Quick View
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MSA V-Gard 500 Non-Vented Safety Helmet with Staz-On Harness White

MSA V-Gard 500 are simple to use and maintain helmet.

Durable shell construction with Glaregard Surface under brim to reduce reflective glare.

MSA helmet 30mm slot provides full compatibility with MSA V-Gard accessories.

Lateral contours for easy integration of hearing protection.

MSA V-Gard provide Class E head protection, are part of the best-selling family of helmets.

Approved and CE marked according to EN 397, EN 13463-1, EN 50365.



Blackrock 7000700 HDPE 6 Point Harness Head Protection Safety Helmet

The Blackrock 7000700 safety helmet is constructed from a HDPE shell.

It includes a 6 point adjustable PE harness, designed for high impact resistance performance.

Internal foam sweatband draws moisture away, chin strap holes for a tight secure fit.

Comes in Standard size - fits a wide range of heads from 55cm - 62cm.

Blackrock 7000700 HDPE Shell 6 Point Safety Helmet conforms to CE EN397 safety standards.



JSP EVO 3 Short Peak Vented Wheel Ratchet Adjustment Yellow Work Safety Helmet

The EVO 3 Comfort Plus helmet combines a super strong shell for superior all day protection in the widest range of environments.

JSP EVO 3 comfort benefits of the new unique Evolution 3D Adjustment harness system.

The EVO 3 packed full of the latest protection technology and features such as the Revolution Wheel Ratchet which can be adjusted using one hand.

Tough HDPE shell proved for EN397 safety standard and meets the EN 50365 Class 0 10KV standard.

A 6-point terylene cradle harness system offers unrivalled comfort.

PH neutral, dermatologically tested Egyptian cotton core with porous PU coating for maximum sweat absorption Chamlon Sweatband.


Was £11.8

The EVO3 safety helmet was designed with both performance and comfort in mind.

Strong yet lightweight thanks to its HDPE material, it features a 6 Point harness, Sweatband, 3D Precision fitting, One Touch slip ratchet adjustment, and universal slots for Surefit safety visors and ear defenders.

Conforms to EN397 & ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 Type 1



Centurion Vulcan S22 Fibreglass 500C Radiant Heat Resistant Safety Helmet

The Centurion S22 Vulcan fiberglass safety helmet made using materials resistant to radiant temperatures of up to 500 C.

Vulcan fiberglass safety helmet is designed and offers safety and comfort in high-temperature environments for use in industries with a risk from high levels of radiant heat.

Constructed of an advanced fiberglass material, which is light weight and offers high impact-resistance.

The S22 offers safety and comfort in high-temperature environments.

The quality, 6-point cradle and headband ensure that the helmet remain stable, comfortable and secure.


Scott Safety
Scott Safety Protector Style HC300 Non-Vented Safety Helmet With Sweatband Quick View
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Scott Protector Style HC300 Yellow safety helmet

Stylish and comfortable Hard Hat, lightweight just 310 g.

Manufactured from high-density polyethylene.

The Protector HC300 helmet has an eight point polyethylene head gear comes with a sweat band.

Very well balanced helmet, maximising both comfort and protection for the wearer, design also provides a rain gutter, making it well suited for heavy engineering and construction applications in exposed environments.



MSA Ga3130400000-Ba000 F2 Extreme Fire Helmet

The F2 X-Trem helmet is a multi purposed safety helmet suitable for various applications.

Ideal for firefighters, providing protection against fires especially forest fires.

Manufactured with a strong, ventilated shell for extra user comfort.

Secure fit provided by the ratchet adjustment system. Improved security is gained via the internal chin strap.

On both sides of the helmet users can attach their attachments (Earmuffs, Visors etc).

Conforms to EN 397 & EN12492 Safety Standards.


Was £194.99

B-Brand Helmet Visor Earmuffs Chinguard Brushcutter Chainsaw Forestry Safety Kit

This combo helmet has a comfy 6-point suspension harness with fully adjustable slip-ratchet headband.

Wire mesh visor protects against flying debris such as saw dust or chips.

The hard wearing helmet gives the user protection from falling objects such as tree branches and other falling hazards.

Suitable for forestry, strimming, agricultural and chainsaw use where there is a high risk of facial injury.

Ear defenders protect against chainsaw noise or other load noises from machinery nearby.

A top class product that will give many days of vital protection.

The beeswift combination forestry set includes:

1 x Safety Helmet.

1 x Set of Clip-on Ear Defenders. (SNR 23)

1 x Chin Strap.

1 x Mesh Face Shield with Mount.

Chainsaw Brush Cutter Forestry Helmet Combination with Mesh Guard and Earmuffs conforms to EN397, EN352-3, EN166, EN1731 safety standards.



Unique combination of safety, styling, and comfort.

Ventilated to provide a comfortable environment for the user.

Compatible with protective hearing gear and spectacles.

Added ribs for strength without fatigue.

Universal slots accepts 25mm and 30mm.

Long lasting, with a replaceable Terry Towel Sweatband.

Conforms to : EN397.



Short peak, light, comfortable and compact Portwest Helmet.

PS54 Endurance Plus ABS shell Helmet for maximum wearer comfort.

Easy to adjust even while wearing gloves.

Conforms to: EN 397 (+50C/-30C; MM; LD; 440VAC ) EN 50365 Class:0



Portwest PS53 Height Endurance Safety Helmet was designed to be used for working at heights.

Comfortable, Light and compact with a short peak.

6 points textile comfort harness, ABS shell, wheel ratchet adjustment (size 56-63 cm).

Maximum wearer comfort, better visibility, less cumbersome.

Sweat band and 4 points chinstrap and soft rubber chin protector included.

Conform to: EN 50365 Class:0 ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 TYPE I (Class E - LT) EN 397 (-30C/+50C )



JSP Mark 2 Invincible Yellow Helmet AHB010-000-200

Strong, Durable helmet perfect for use in any condition.

Adjustable slip ratchet headband.

Also compatible with face shield accessories.

JSP Mark 2 Invincible Yellow Helmet AHB010 conforms to EN 397, ANSI Z89 safety standard.



Portwest PV60 Peak View Safety Helmet Vented With Ratchet Adjustment

The Peak View Ratchet Hard Hat is a Portwest exclusive design and patented model.

The translucent shell and see through peak and sides allow the wearer to look upwards without the need to tilt the head.


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Safety Helmets

In this category you can find a wide range of our safety helmets. We only supply the best products from the best brands such as : 3M, Honeywell, JSP and MSA.

These helmets have been designed to provide the maximum amount of protection to the user. With state of the art design techniques maximum head safety is achieved. The MSA V-GARD helmet is a good example. This impact resistant helmet is manufactured with a high density polyethylene shell for superior protection. Developed with a easy to use Staz-on adjustment system, making the helmet suitable for all head sizes.

Many of our helmets are compatible with the users different attachments such as earmuffs, googles, head torches and visors. The 3M Peltor Safety Helmet like many others is designed compartments for accessories. Allows the user to attach other accessories developed by 3M.

Safety Standards met by our Helmets:

Helmets: EN397, EN50362 and EN13463-1.

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