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JSP ABR000-00N-500 Safety Bump Cap - Black And Hi-Vis

This hard cap has reflective piping for extra visibility, excellent ventilation, removable protective liner so the outer cap is fully washable.

It also has a unique adjuster for quick fitting, sweat band, and stylish low profile design.

Conforms to EN812, and comes in black & hi-vis orange.



Lightweight Bump Cap fabric - waterproof, breathable and high levels of ventilation reduces heat stress and improves wearer comfort.

High visibility cap with 360 degree reflective band.

Traditional look and appeal, unique full shell design.

Scott Safety Bump Cap is designed to maximise comfort and keeps workers visible and dry.

Flexible shell design, manufactured from durable ABS plastic.

Semi-elastic size adjustment improves the security of the cap on the head.


Scott Safety

Scott Safety HC22 First Base Unisex Bump Cap Shock & Sun Protection ABS Shell

Designed to maximize comfort and user appeal.

Scott Safety First Base, safety baseball cap is the result of over five years product development.

Safety with Style - designed to provide the wearer with bump protection.

Its a bump cap that people will want to wear.

The First Base cap protects the wearer from the sun as well as the occasional bump or scrape.

Closed cell soft foam pad, with wide and absorbent terry towelling sweatband.

Size adjustment allows one size to fit most people.

Patented flexible shell design, manufactured from durable ABS plastic.

Lightweight internal moulded/padded shell with foam insert for extra comfort.

Enhanced ventilation reduces heat stress and improves comfort.

Unique semi-elastic size adjustment improves the security of the cap on the head.

Scott Safety Hc22 Bump Cap certified to EN 812 standard.



Beeswift BBSBC Unisex Bump Cap Head Impact Protection Baseball Hat

This safety baseball cap is designed with a reinforced insert protecting against minor bumps.

The stylish design makes it suitable to wear during work and free time.

Crown ventilation system lowers the build up of heat improving user comfort.

Beeswift BBSBC Bump Baseball Cap conforms to EN812 - 2012 Safety Standards.

Adjustable Velcro strap.



Arvello Bump Cap White Polyethylene Head Protection Hard Hat

When head protection is desired but not required, Bump Caps reduce exposure to lacerations and abrasions caused by minor bumps to the head.

Bump Caps are appropriate ONLY for work situations which do not require CE compliant head protection.



Both comfortable and fashionable the cool cap is the perfect cap.

Fitted over an ABS liner, providing light head protection.

Ideal for applications where you may encounter minor bumps or scrapes to the head.

Sleek three panel design with enhanced ventilation.


JSP Martcare Baseball Bump Cap Head Protection EN 812 Green Quick View
Hurry – low stock

JSP Martcare White Bump Cap

Lightweight and comfortable design.

Easily adjusted to suit the users needs.

Sporty protective bump cap designed as a safeguard against accidental bumping or scraping of the head.

Low dome profile allowing it to be worn with other safety protection items.

Inner HDPE liner with foam cushioning for protection and comfort.

Designed to be compatible with other accessories, low dome profile.

JSP Martcare White Bump Cap conforms to EN812 standard.



JSP Martcare Standard Baseball Bump Cap Head Protection ABG000-002-100

The JSP safety bump cap features a low dome profile allowing it to be worn with other safety protection items such as ear plugs, spectacles, goggles and respiratory masks.

JSP ABG000-002-100 Standard Martcare Navy Bump Cap conforms to EN 812 head protection standard.



Centurion S18 2000 Cotton ABS Shell Head Protection Red Bump Cap

The Centurion Baseball Bump Cap S18 provides lightweight head protection, fashionable, comfortable piece of workwear.

The look of the Baseball Bump Cap is more acceptable for employees to wear, compared to the plastic cap.

A stylish cotton baseball cap with ABS protective shell ensure that the CAP 2000 fits comfortably and securely.

The added features of this Centurion Baseball Bump Cap S18 model include a high level of ventilation, to supply increased airflow.

The Bump Cap peak is also moulded to enable you to shape it to your personal preference.

We have provided a rear Velcro strap for easy user adjustment.

Centurion S18 CAP 2000 Baseball Bump Cap conforms to EN 812:2012 safety head protection standards.


JSP Bumpguard II Bump Cap Scalp Protection Blue Quick View
Hurry – low stock

JSP Bumpguard II Bump Cap Scalp Protection Blue

General use as a means of avoiding bumps or scrapes to the Head

Constructed in Tough High Density Polyethylene has Full Slip Adjustment.

Fully washable

4 point suspension Harness

Conforms to: EN 812



Proforce Navy Blue Sports Bump Cap

Proforce Navy Blue Sports Bump Cap protects the head from bumps and scrapes.

Suitable for use by plumbers, on-site visitors, home use and DIY.

More comfort with vented design to keep the head cool during wear.

High quality cotton cap with velcro adjustment and Internal ABS removable shell.



Centurion AirPro S38HVO Standard Peak Baseball Bump Cap

Centurion AirPro S38HVO bump cap are designed for maximum breathability and increased coolness.

Water-resistant materials and Teflon coated cap cover.

Non removable perforated side pads provide up to 40% more shock absorbency compared to a standard ABS liner.

Centurion AirPro S38HVO Standard Peak Baseball Bump Cap conforms to: EN 812: 2012 and High visibility colours meet the material specification of EN 471.


Portwest PW59 Safety Bump Cap Baseball-style bump cap with ventilation ports for maximum breathability. Metallic ring holes on the side, hook and loop adjustable size.


Portwest PW69 Vent Cool Safety Bump Cap Sport look bump cap, with large mesh panel on the top, allowing maximum airflow. Reflective stripes for enhanced safety and style. Hook and loop adjustable size


Portwest PW79 Hi Vis Safety Bump Cap Contemporary design for this bump cap in Hi-Visibility colours. Provides great ventilation thanks to its mesh panel on the back together with the ventilation holes on the internal shell.



JSP ABA010-000-200 Bourton Bump Cap Yellow

Lightweight polyethylene shell combines head protection and wearer's comfort.

Polyethylene harnessed Bourton™ is ideal for use in the food processing industry, being very easy to clean.

JSP ABA010-000-200 Bourton Bump Cap conforms to EN812 Industrial Safety Bump Caps standard.


Portwest PW89 Short Peak Safety Bump Cap Without reducing the level of performance and protection, the short peak of this bump cap gives the benefit of lighter wear and better visibility.



Portwest PS59 AirTech Vented Bump Cap

Practical bump cap that will protect your head from minor impacts and scratches without affecting the comfort as it is lightweight, vented and the size can be easily adjusted.


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Bump Caps

Safety Bump Caps

In this category you can find a wide range of our safety Bump Caps. We only supply the best products from the best brands such as : Centurion, JSP and Scott Safety.

These bump caps have been designed to provide a light amount of protection to the user. With state of the art design techniques provides maximum comfort. These bump caps are designed for to provide light protection to the users head during low risk activities and tasks. The JSP ABR000-00N-500 Bump Cap is a prime example of the safety bump caps we have to offer. This cap is designed with a reflective strips on either side of the cap, along with a reinforced removable shell protecting the user from light damage.

Our bump caps are very comfortable making them ideal for all day wear, the Scott Safety Base Bump Cap Hc23Hy much like the rest of the bump caps is designed with ventilation in mind. With a side mesh providing enhanced ventilation.

Safety Standards met by our Bump Caps:

Helmets: EN812.

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