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Safety Glasses, Safety Goggles and Face Shields.

Every day our eyes are exposed to dangers and risks. The work environment can be very insidious for your eye safety. Thousands of people are blinded each year from work-related eye injuries. According to the HSE, nearly three out of five workers are injured while failing to wear eye and face protection.

Are you wearing the proper safety eyewear at work?

We are fully aware of the importance of suitable safety eyewear: Our suppliers of safety glasses, safety goggles and overspectacles are the most reliable on the market: We stock leading brands such as:

Bolle eyewear with their range of advanced designs, such as the Bolle Contour safety glasses or the Bolle Blast safety goggles.

3M eye protection.

Honeywell safety glasses and safety goggles.

Uvex- the original UV protection eywear manufacturer.

Face Protection:-

We also sell an extensive range of face shields, polycarbonate visors and acetate visors, (along with the requisite browguards and chingaurds).

Every single piece of eye protection that we sell is certified to the EN 166 standard - the highest safety standards.

Take a look at the Bolle Axis safety glasses or the new Uvex Ultrasonic safety goggles and the ultra-comfortable Honeywell Adaptec safety specs - designed to adapt to the shape of your head.

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