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The Levo PW11 is a hybrid of safety spectacles and goggles. This concept offers the comfort of a safety spectacle with the fit and seal of a goggle. Interchangeable foam seal gives added brow and cheek protection. The spectacle can be interchanged with a head adjustable strap or soft rubber templates. Excellent ventilation through indirect vents in the foam attachment which aids in preventing misting and fogging.



Bolle Polycarbonate Faceshield Visor for Blast Goggles

Unbeatable comfort and essential modular design.

With this screen accessory the Blast Goggle can be used as a face shield with protection guaranteed.

Chemical protection against liquid droplets or splashes.

Medium energy impact, resists a 6 mm, 0.86 g ball at 120 m/s.

Mechanical risk- High speed particles at extreme temperatures.

Bolle Polycarbonate Visor for Blast Goggles conforms to: EN166 3 BT.



Uvex 9301 Ultravision Clear Lens Eye Protection AntiScratch Safety Goggles

Comfortable, ergonomically designed full vision safety goggle with unrestricted side visibility provided by 180 degrees panorama lens.

Clear lens optically corrected to avoid distorted view.

Profiled to allow use of respirators.

Unisex size, fits over most prescription glasses.

Uvex Ultravision 9301.105 Safety Goggles conforms to: EN166 class 1 standard.


Polycarbonate body and lens safety goggles offering protection against high-speed particles up-to 120 m/s (270 mph). These anti-mist goggles comply with the requirements of optical class 1. EN 166 1.B.3.4.



Bolle Blast Safety Goggles Anti-scratch, Anti-fog and Anti-static Eye Protection

The Bolle Blast safety goggles feature a liquid overflow chute.

With the option to fit with a respiratory half mask or visor.

The "Blast" goggles easily fits over prescription spectacles and one-piece lens gives excellent all-round vision.

Like most spectacles made by Bolle it comes with adjustable straps, anti-scratch, anti-fog and anti-static.

Bolle Blast Safety Goggles conform to: EN166 1B3459 CE standards.



3M Fahrenheit 71360-00015 Clear Acetate Lens Non-vented Safety Goggles

Soft PVC crystal frame goggles with a wide support area all around the face to enhance comfort.

Nylon elastic strap which is easily adjustable thanks to a buckle system and to a pivoting strap attachment mechanism.

3M Fahrenheit 71360-00001 Aerodynamic shape with cylindrical lens for 180° of distortion free vision.

The non-vented version also provides protection against gas and fumes.

Model fits well with prescription glasses.

Anti-Scratch coating for increased durability.



JSP Filterspec Pro Goggle Mask Combo FMP2V

The unique Patent Pending FilterSpec® Pro effortlessly combines both eye & respiratory protection.

The 5.5 base one piece polycarbonate lenses offers optimal coverage and class 1 optics whilst ergonomically shaped soft goggle housing provides excellent levels of comfort and unbeatable levels of protection.

Anti-Scratch coating as standard. FMP2 filtration giving 94% efficiency.

FilterSpec® out exceeds EN1827 for breathing resistance by more than HALF and performs over 3% above the standard for filtration efficiency.

Includes white holder, 3 filters and spectacle with Clear HC & Anti-Mist Lens.

Stylish goggle design providing impact protection.

Fully adjustable dual wide fitting elastic harness for optimum fit & comfort.

5.5 base, one-piece lens offers optimal coverage.

Anti-Mist Coating on Lens as standard.

Anti-Scratch Coating on Lens as standard.

Conforms to AS/NZS 1337.1

Conforms to: EN166 1.B.T 3.4.N


Was £22.74

The design of these Uvex Ultrasonic 9302 safety goggles has evolved from the sporty, aerodynamic shape of ski goggles.

These are a Wide-vision, panoramic goggle.

The indirect ventilation gives excellent wearer comfort.

These Ultrasonic 9302 goggles use Uvex Supravision lens coating technology: an anti-fog coating on the inside, and scratch resistant on the outside.

These are able to be worn over most prescription glasses.

They have a high quality, fully adjustable head strap, offering a pressure-free fit.

The combination of hard and soft components adapt to the wearer's face, creating a soft, effective seal around the eyes.

Uvex Codes: 9302245 for the Orange goggle and 9302285 for the Grey/Black goggle.

Certified to EN 116 (moving particle protection) and EN 170 (UV filter protection) and EN 172 (Sunglare protection).

NB we also have the Welding version of this Ultrasonic goggle available: 9302 247.



Arvello CPG50 Protective Goggles

Soft vinyl frame around the goggles to ensure wearability and optimal adherence to facial shape.

Tough polycarbonate clear UV resistant lens.

Top and side perforations allow optimum air flow.

Direct ventilation through the frame.

Strong, Flexible, Compact lightweight construction.

Can be worn with prescription spectacles.

Arvello CPG50 Protective Goggles Conform to: EN166 1B standards.



Bolle Cobra Goggle

The Cobra Goggles from Bolle are ultra-purpose, One Size spectacles without visual interference.

Offering 180° panoramic visual field and perfect optical quality.

These Cobra glasses have an adjustable strap with interchangeable foam for added versatility and comfort.

They have a non-slip nose bridge and are anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-static.



Bolle Attack ATPSI Safety Goggles Polycarbonate Anti-Fog Anti-Scratch Clear Lens

The Attack goggle offers the comfort and protection with ultimate fit.

The unique “comfort zone” cushions the frame of the goggle against the face.

Ventilation, Cristal PVC sealed frame.

These Attack goggles have an adjustable headband, Panoramic vision and feature an optical class 1 anti-scratch/anti-fog polycarbonate lens.

The Bolle Attack goggle provides excellent protection against impact, chemicals, dust and molten metal.


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Polycarbonate body and lens safety goggles offering protection against high-speed particles up-to 120 m/s (270 mph). These anti-mist goggles comply with the requirements of optical class 1. EN 166 1.B.3.4.


Stanley Barracade Unisex Safety Goggles Clear Lens

Compact and lightweight safety eyewear, feature a comfortable rubber frame that incorporate the ventilation system and adjustable elastic strap.


Centurion S20WRF Spectrum Vented Safety Helmet with Integrated Goggles Hard Hat - White Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Centurion S20WRF Spectrum Vented Safety Helmet with Integrated Goggles

Professional hard hat with Over Spectacles providing grade B medium energy impact protection.

6 point sewn, durable and hardwearing Terylene Webbing Cradle.

Helmet approved to: EN 397: 1000V ac LD, MM, -40°C and EN 50365.

Over Spectacles approved to: EN 166: 1 B T, EN 170 2C-1,2.



Uvex Pheos CX2 Sonic Safety Goggles Polycarbonate Clear Lens

With its compact, lightweight design, the uvex pheos cx2 sonic is a welcome companion for any job.

These functional wide-vision goggles offer impressive comfort and, thanks to uvex supravision coating technology, provide a clear field of vision even in extreme climates.

Uvex i-gonomics product where comfort and ergonomics are priorities

Uvex’s most lightweight goggles with only 34 grams

Soft component connected directly with the lens

Include Uvex Supravision extreme coating: extremely scratch-resistant exterior, permanently anti-fog interior

Very soft, light textile headband for secure and comfortable fit

Polycarbonate lens, clear

High mechanical strength b (120 m/s)

Designation 3 (liquids), 4 (coarse dust) and t (extreme temperatures)

Reliable UV 400 protection

Certified to EN 166 (personal eye protection) and EN 170 (UV filters)

Labelling: W 166 3 4 BT CE – 2C-1,2 W 1 BT KN CE



Honeywell Vistamax VNC21 No-Vent Dual Lenses Goggle 1002759

Honeywell Vistamax VNC21 - high tech stylish google with anti-fog feature.

Goggle can breathe through its unique anti-fog twin lens system and thermal bridge with aluminium condenser.

Honeywell VNC21 Goggle comes with innovative anti-fog twin lens system, and the ability to be worn over prescription spectacles.

Safety Honeywell goggle is ideal for very humid atmospheres.

The rear lens is in polycarbonate for impact resistance while front lens is in acetate for resistance to scratches and chemical products.

Honeywell Vistamax VNC21 No-Vent Goggle 1002759 conforms to: EN166.1.B.3.4.5. safety standards.



Honeywell 1006192 V-MAXX Polycarbonate Safety Goggle

The Honeywell V-Maxx safety goggle not only offers superior eye protection and attractive styling, but also helps protect your budget.

They are OTG (over-the-glasses) compatible, allowing the user to wear thesegoggles over most prescription eyewear.

The strap attachment system provides easier use with hard hats.

Honeywell 1006192 V-MAXX Polycarbonate Safety Goggle complies to EN166, EN175 safety standards.



DeWALT Concealer Safety Goggles Clear Lens

Modern design and innovative solution for the protection of your eyes with no compromises in comfort and style.

The DeWalt concealer goggles have a soft rubber nose piece and a hand grip pattern on the temple.

Dual injected rubber seal improving the security and fit of the goggles.

Built-in ventilation channel lowering the build-up of odour & heat and improving user comfort.

Designed with a head strap clip attachment that is very easy to setup and use.

High level protection from dust and debris

Scratch resistant polycarbonate lens.

The lens is also Anti Fog treated, maintaining a clear field of vision.

99.9% UVA & UVB Protection.

Conform to: EN 166 3.4B. Optical Class 1


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Safety Goggles


Choose from our wide range of high quality safety goggles. We sell only the best safety goggles manufactured by the best brands like bolle, Honeywell, JSP and Uvex.

Our goggles are designed with strong frames to ensure a long lasting product life. The Uvex Ultrasonic 9302 is a prime example of this with its strong , durable frame. This wide vision goggle like many of our other goggles has an anti-fog / anti-scratch protective lens.

These safety goggles protect the user from many different hazards. The Bolle Blast BLAPSI is designed to shield the eyes from chemical liquid droplets, high speed particles and molten metal droplets. This specific safety goggle comes with a visor attachment making it a full face protective mask.

Safety goggles are ideal for many tasks that the user may come in contact with tiny particles such as sand blasting, carpentry, woodwork, engineering, metalwork, chemistry, gardening and many more.

We also sell specialised goggles like the Uvex 9350 . These goggles were designed for welding purposes. Designed with a tinted adjustable lens to shield the users eyes from bright sparks during welding.

Our safety goggles are approved to the highest safety standards which include EN166, EN169, EN170 and EN172.

Not what you?re looking for ? Then why not have a look at our other protective eyewear.

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