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3M QX2000 Comfort Safety Glasses

The 3M QX series of eyewear has been designed for a wide variety of applications.

The range comprises of three different platforms, each platform including a variety of lens colour options that protect against different optical hazards.

All the products in the QX range offer protection against UV light.

3M QX2000 Comfort Safety Glasses complies to EN166 safety standards.



Bolle Boa Safety Spectacle

Boa - lightweight safety spectacles from Bolle with optically perfect 8 base curve technology lenses.

Feature a non-slip temple and bridge for long-term wear.

The unique polarized coating eliminates glare, it helps improves colour perception and depth also helps reduces eye strain.

The organic polycarbonate lens is ultra-resistant to impact.



Uvex 9197.078 Skyper SX2 Safety Glasses Brown Lens Spectacles

The Uvex Skyper 9197 are extremely lightweight, with excellent field of vision and exceptional adaptability.

Individually adjustable side arms - 5 different side arm positions and precise lens inclination.

They give maximum UV protection, are CE approved to EN166, EN170, EN 172 standards.

It has scratch-resistant and anti-fog lenses.

Sporty design with contoured lens.

Fits all facial shapes including those with narrower faces.

Contoured lens shape for higher cheekbones and narrower faces.



Uvex Skylite Grey Safety Spectacles

Ergonomically designed Ultradura Coating grey lens Safety Glasses.

Integrated brow and cheek guards for increased wearer protection.

Protects against liquid droplets and splashes, large dust particles.

Flexible, closed-pore soft components of frame adapt to individual face contours.

Easy cleaning process due to separate lens and frame concept.

5-stage side arm length adjustment ensures optimum fit.

Uvex Skylite grey lens safety spectacle manufactured to EN166 protection standards.


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Bollé 504 GM Unisex Safety Glasses Smoke Lens Workplace Protection Quick View
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Bollé 504 GM Unisex Safety Glasses Smoke Lens

Lightweight safety spectacles with side guards.

Classical design.

Upper protection.

Crystal smoke propionate frame.

Close fitting side shields.

UV protection.

Polycarbonate lens.

Weight: 36g.

Conform to: EN 166 - F.



Uvex I-VO Safety Spectacles 9160

Combines hard and soft components for maximum wearer comfort.

Soft components around the sensitive parts of the face (ears, forehead and nose)

Fully adjustable side arms enables the wearer to achieve an individual fit.

Safety Spectacles 9160 features Anti scratch and anti mist permanent coating on both sides



3M Tora Classic Line Safety Glasses Polycarbonate

The 3M Tora 71501-00001M Protective Glasses with 3D base curved lens offer outstanding peripheral vision and optimal lateral side protection (Optical Class 1).

Max comfort improved by contained weight to only 22 g.

Supplied with adjustable and detachable neck cord for security and convenience.



CAT Torque Safety Glasses are constructed with lightweight plastic frames with a foam lining for dust free comfort whilst wearing.

The temples and straps can be changed in case they're damaged whilst working.

The lenses are 99% UV absorptant, with an anti-fog and anti-scratch finish.

Conforms to EN 166 Safety Standards.



Bolle Silium Spectacles

Bolle Silium Safety Spectacles feature a high contour, close fitting and made with dual lens.

This gives excellent eye protection with superior optical quality and distortion-free viewing.

For extra comfort the tip grips give improved fit.

The unique polycarbonate wraparound anti-scratch lens is grade F impact.

Optical class 1, giving 100% UV protection.



Uvex Skyper Safety Spectacles

Extremely lightweight with outstanding field of vision, lens inclination and temple length adjustment.

Frosted side shields aid glare protection, maximum UV protection with an optical class 1 lens.

The modern, fashionable design of the uvex Skpyer safety spectacle makes it ideal for everyday wear in the industrial workplace.

These safety glasses have highly innovative technology: the core component is the duo-spherical lens.



Uvex Skyper SX2 Safety Spectacles 9197

Extremely lightweight. The Skyper has an outstanding field of vision, lens inclination and temple length adjustment.

Frosted side shields aid glare protection. They have maximum UV protection with an optical class 1 lens.

The modern, fashionable design of the uvex Skpyer safety spectacle makes it ideal for everyday wear in the industrial workplace.

The core component is the duo-spherical lens, which offers a wide field of vision.

It is extremely scratch-resistant on the outside and permanently anti-fog on the inside: thanks to uvex's unique supravision lens coating technology.



Optramax DuoPlus Eye Protection Safety Glasses Work Sport Spectacles

Protects eyes from fast particle movement and strong sunlight.

Fashionable design can be worn on and off site.

Strong durable blue frame matches colour of lens.

Optramax DuoPlus GV143 Safety Glasses conforms to EN166.



The universal fit Class 1 crystal clear optical lens glasses are scratch resistant and recommended for continuous wear.

It comes in Clear and Smoke style.

Cat frames are ergonomically designed to flex-fit your facial shape and can be individually adjusted.

Cat safety glasses are engineered to the core for total comfort.

Meets or exceeds ANSI Z87.1 standards.



Wenaas Optramax 3844 Safety Spectacle Anti-Mist Anti-Static Amber Lens

Superb lightweight design, close fitting wrap around style, featuring straight temple arms with integral grip pads for a secure fit.

Browless frame provides an excellent field of vision.

Anti-mist, abrasion with resistant coating, anti-u.v and anti-static properties.

Wenaas Optramax 3844 Safety Spectacle conforms to: EN 166 - 1F.



A lightweight safety spectacle, weighing just 25g, with a wraparound 9 base curve polycarbonate lens.

The slim stylish temples have been co-injection moulded with soft rubber to increase grip and provide excellent comfort levels.

All lenses are Optical Class 1 and block 99.9% of ultraviolet radiation.

UVA, UVB and UVC protection. Conforms to EN166.1.F.N.

Tested to resist the impact of a 6mm () steel ball fired at 100mph (160kph) at the lens.



Uvex Pheos 9192 Wraparound Safety Glasses

Safety glasses with wrap-around styled anti-fog, anti-scratch lens and panoramic field of vision.

100% Metal-Free.

Compliant with EN 166 (and tinted version compliant with EN170, EN172 standards).

Available in clear, grey, and amber lens.


Uvex X-Trend 9177-281 Safety Spectacle Warparound Polycarbonate Grey Lens Quick View
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Uvex X-Trend 9177-281 Safety Spectacle Warparound Polycarbonate Grey Lens

The Uvex X-Trend 9177 features a lightweight wrap around style.

It has straight arms with extra ventilation, no metal parts, and a 20% larger lens for extra protection.

Conforms to EN166 Safety Standards.


Uvex 9169-081 Super OTG Grey Sunglare Safety Glasses Glasses Grey Lens EN166 Quick View
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Uvex 9169-081 Super OTG Grey Sunglare Safety Over Spectacles

Uvex x-stream technology – side arms graduate from hard to soft material – grips the head for a secure non slip fit Soft ear pieces.

Soft, strong, and impact resistant! The Uvex 9169-081 has UV filtered polycarbonate grey lenses which can be worn over prescription spectacles.


Hingeless side arms with extremely flexible soft ear pieces

Suitable for use over most prescription spectacles

Unrestricted peripheral vision

Maximum wearer comfort

100% metal free

Ideal for:

Light and precision engineering


Assembly and maintenance







Blackrock One-Piece Curved Safety Glasses

These one piece curved style spectacles come in 3 different colours, clear for everyday use, smoke for reduced sun glare, and in yellow to enhance visibility in dimly lit conditions.

Using anti-scratch polycarbonate lens, these are approved to EN166.



Honeywell Millennia 1005981 Sport Wrap around sports frame Glasses.

General use and protection against impact (45m/s).

Perfect safety glasses for mechanic work: grinding, turning, milling.

Sensitive Tension Design and Parallel Vision Control give you a balanced fit and a greater visual comfort.

One piece polycarbonate abrasion resistant lens offer 99.9% UV protection up to 380nm.

Honeywell Millennia 1005981 Wrap around Glasses conforms to EN166, EN170 Optical Class 1, Impact Ratings F standards.



Bolle Viper Safety Spectacles

Bolle Viper Safety Spectacles comes with adjustable temples.

Ultra modern and ultra lightweight spectacules from Bole.

The Bolle Viper wraparound design provides an ultra close fitting with panoramic vision, leaving you not just protected, but looking good.

Fitted with an optical class 1 polycarbonate lens, anti-mist & anti-scratch. With adjustable side arms and integral side shields.



Bolle Sporty Safety Spectacles Rush+

The Rush+ features an ultra sporty design with its co-injected and ultra-flexible temples.

It is 100% customisable - giving you a closer fit & better protection.

Permanent coating on both sides of the lens.

Complies to EN166 safety standards.


Ultra light safety spectacle with hinged side arms. High-flexible frame made of high-tech polymers. Extra slim wrap-around supravision performance lens.



Bolle Axis Safety Spectacles

Safety spectacles from Bolle, with plastic wrap-around frame and integrated side shields.

Very comfortable unique soft adjustable nose pads.

The Bolle Axis Safety Glasses feature a high contour (10.5 base curve) anti-scratch and anti-mist dual-lens.

Superior optical quality and 180 degrees of distortionless viewing.

The Axis provides outstanding co-injected temples for improved fit and comfortside.

Safety spectacles with shield protection due to its wrap around fit.



Bolle Contour Safety Spectacles

Great glasses from Bolle with real comfort over long periods, combine good design and conforming to requisite levels of protection.

TPE nose bridge and temple grips and incredibly lightweight (21g).

Comfort and protection, market-leading levels of fit.

Integrated side shields with an excellent panoramic field of vision.

Suitable for outdoor and indoor work, lightweight, sports style frame.


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Safety Glasses


Here you can find the highest quality safety glasses for great prices, some are even on sale. Here at North Sea Workwear we only sell the finest of products from the best brands such as JSP, 3M, Honeywell, Wenaas, Caterpillar, Uvex, Bolle and Blackrock.

Manufactured with strong, durable frames that can easily endure fall damages and impact. The lenses used are designed specifically to withstand scratches the SF401AF-EU Glasses are a good example of this.


Many of these safety glasses like the Caterpillar Torque has a lens that is also anti-fog maintain the users clear vision.

Perfect for providing protection against the sun, and prevents particles from damaging eyes. A lot of these safety glasses are impact resistant and have been thoroughly tested.

Here is a list of Additional Features that can be found in our Safety Glasses:

  1. UVA, UVB and UVC Protected
  2. Lightweight
  3. Adjustable
  4. Durable
  5. Rubber

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