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Uvex 9972-101 500Ml Cleaning Fluid

Replacement cleaning fluid of 500ml/16fl oz.

For the Uvex lens cleaning station.

Specially designed for anti-fog and scratch lenses.

UVEX 9972-101


Bollé B401 B-Clean Lens Cleaning Tissues

Bollé B401 Cleaning Tissues are dry cleaning tissues intended to clean all varieties of glasses, goggles and visors.

Perfect for use alongside other Bollé cleaning products, the tissues are designed to be suitable for anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses.

Certified by the COLTS laboratory, B-Clean, the new Bollé Safety range of cleaning solutions, guarantees perfect cleaning.

Supplied in dispenser of 200 tissues.



Bolle B200 Spectacles Goggles Glasses Care Anti-fog Cleaning Solution Spray 30ml

The B200 anti-fog cleaning solution from Bolle is alcohol and silicone free.

With 0% alcohol is anti-bacteria, anti-reflective and anti-static.

Certified by COLTS laboratory, this solution can be used on all lens types (except anti-reflective lenses).



Bolle Spray B-Clea

Anti Fogging Spray made by Bolle, is Certified by the COLTS laboratory.

B-Clean, the new Bolle Safety range of cleaning solutions, guarantees perfect cleaning and quality.

This cleaning spray is alcohol and silicone free, the range's water-based formula is suitable for all lenses.



UVEX 9991-000 Lens Cleaning Tissues Wipes

Uvex 9991-000 Lens Cleaning Tissues Replacement.

Replacement cleaning tissues suitable for for Uvex 9990.000 lens cleaning station.

450 sheets per box.

Suitable for all uvex lenses.



Bollé B-Clean B250 Anti-Fog Cleaning Spray

B-Clean by Bollé Safety is a complete and efficient cleaning solutions range.

Alcohol and silicone free, its aqua formula guarantees perfect cleaning and protection for your glasses and goggles.

Weight: 520gB-clean products are certified by COLTS laboratory.



3M 26-6780-00P Safety Glasses Microfibre Pouch

Microfibre holder pouch with drawstring closure

Protection for your safety spectacles

Can be used to clean the lens

Size: 11x19 cm

Supplied in packs of 10 units


Was £29.73

Portwest PA02 Lens Cleaning Station

Lens Cleaning Station provide instant access for all lens cleaning needs.

Purposefully placed cleaning stations will promote proper lens maintenance extending the life of safety eyewear.



Bollé ETUIS Soft Spectacles Case Spring Clip

Flat spring clip case for twin lens and most eyeshields and wraparounds with fold sizes up to 50x60x150mm.

Pinch to open spring clip

Black simulated leather

External size: 20 x 10cm

18cm deep pocket x 9.5cm opening

Weight: 20g

Case material: Polyester


HypaClens E458 Eyewash Station Bracket - Empty Quick View
Hurry – low stock

HypaClens 2x500ml Eyewash Station

The compact design of the eyewash station makes it ideal for any work place with low risks.

Compact eyewash station

Wall mounted Eyewash Station designed to hold 2x500ml HypaClens Eyewash bottles

Integrated mirror allows for self-administration of eyewash

HypaClens Eyewash bottles & wall fixings not included

Kit size: 25 x 30 x 6cm



Portwest PA01 Lens Cleaning Towelettes

Practical solution for the quick care of your safety spectacles and visors, suitable for any kind of lens.

Towelette Dispenser comes completely assembled and ready for use.

Dispenser 5”x 8” holds 100 individually packaged lens cleaning towelettes.


Bollé B-Clean B410 Carton Lens Cleaning Station Safety Eyewear Care Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Bollé B-Clean B410 Carton Lens Cleaning Station Safety Eyewear Care

Carton cleaning station with 250ml lens cleaner +2 x 200 multi-function dry cleaning tissues.

B-Clean by Bollé Safety is a complete and efficient eyewear cleaning station.

Alcohol and silicone free, its aqua formula guarantees perfect cleaning and protection for your glasses and goggles.

B-clean products are certified by COLTS laboratory.

Dimension: H 16.5cm W 29cm D 5cm

Weight: 423g



Bollé B-Clean B400 Lens Cleaning Station Safety Eyewear Care

The Bollé B400 is a metal cleaning station with 500ml lens cleaner B402 and 2×200 dry tissues B401.

It is the perfect solution for having everything you need in 1 place for the maintenance of your safety eyewear.



Uvex 9954-501 Case For Wide-Vision Goggles

Convenient solution to store and carry your safety eyewear.

Suitable for safety glasses and goggles

Includes extra space for replacement lenses


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Eyewear Cleaning Supplies

Choose from our range of high quality cleaning products. These solutions have been designed specifically to cleanse the lenses on Glasses, Goggles and Face Shields returning them to their optimal form.

Our eyewear cleaning supplies remove even the toughest of stains and smudges with ease. The 3M 105 Face Seal Cleaner Pack is the ideal solution with 40 sealed disposable wipes making the entire process quick and clean.

We sell two types of cleaning solutions wipes as mentioned before and sprays. Our lens cleaner sprays are a quick and easy solution but also very successful. The Bolle B200 anti fog kit comes prepped with the spray cleanser and a soft reusable wipe.

Not what you?re looking for ? Then why not have a look at our other protective eyewear.

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