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Product Ref: PNI01PC

3M Individual Noise Indicator NI-100 with Rechargeable Battery

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UPC: 5054480789813

3M Individual Noise Monitor NI 100.

Conserve your hearing: use this small device to alert you when noise levels around you exceed 85dB.

Using the 3M Noise indicator, you'll always know when you need to wear ear defenders to protect your hearing.

The Noise indicator has a rechargeable battery. It gives you 200 hours of peace of mind!

Once the 200 hours have expired, you can also buy a recharger cable - to connect via a USB port. See USB cable for sale elsewhere on this site.

It is discrete, neat and effective: it also has a light indicator to warn the user when the noise level is hazardous.

Charging: A mini-USB cable plugs into bottom port of device. A mini-USB cable 3M Noise Indicator USB Cable NI-CHG sold separately.



  • Easy to use: just clip the Noise Indicator to a shirt or jacket
  • To turn on, press and hold button until double green/red light flashes
  • Rechargeable battery - operates for up to 200 hours between charges
  • Battery life: Approximately 2 years of charging cycles
  • CE Approved
  • Weight: only 17 grams!

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