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Product Ref: PIS01AS

Blackrock Heat Thermal Foil Insoles, One Size Fits All

RRP: £13.55

1 - items


6 to 20 items


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51+ items


UPC: 5019200195497

Blackrock Aluminium Foil Insulated Insert Cut-To-Fit Heat Thermal Insoles

Developed to work in conjunction with your body.

Engineered to give you the ultimate in heat insulation.

Developed to work in conjunction with your body.

A 4mm insulating layer of felt is backed by premium 1mm foam layer coated with thick aluminium foil.

Aluminium Foil reflecting cold air back out to the footwear to keep feet warmer for longer period.

One size fits all - cut to the required size using the handy cutting guide and place the foil side downwards with the felt next to your feet.

1 Pair.



  • Aluminium foil backed insoles reflects cold air away from feet.
  • Thick foam layer gives thermal insulation.
  • Felt covering for added comfort.
  • One size fits all - trim for different sizes.

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