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Product Ref: PHH76HD#Pack-10

3M PELTOR Replacement 2-Point Chinstrap GH1 (Pack of 10)

RRP: £21.61

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UPC: 7318640000766

3M GH1 Replacement 2-Point Chinstrap

Replacement 2-point Chinstrap GH1 accessory for PELTOR G2000 and G2001 (G3000 and G22) Safety Helmets

Designed to prevent the helmet from slip of fall, particularly useful when working at heights

It is mounted in an intuitive and easy way.

Consists of a bar and hooks

Adjustable bar allows personalized fit

Weight: 75g

Materials: plastic, textile



  • Replacement 2-point Chinstrap.
  • For PELTOR? G2000 Safety Helmets.
  • For PELTOR? G2001 Safety Helmets.

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