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Delta PlusDelta Plus

Product Ref: PHH360HD

Delta Plus Diamond V Safety Helmet Baseball Cap Shaped Red


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UPC: 3295249139582

ABS safety helmet with innovative “baseball cap” shape to improve vision when looking up.

Also tested for front back wearing, to reduce encumbrance.

Polyamide cradle: 3 textile straps with 8 fixing points.

Foam sweatband.

Innovative button adjustment “colour to colour” for head size 53 to 63 cm.

2 possible positions of the headband (top/low) for a better comfort.

Electrical insulation up to 1 000 V.A.C. or 1 500 V.D.C.

Conforms to: EN397:2012 + A1:2012 Protective helmets for industry

MM Molten metal spray

LD Lateral deformation

-30°C +50°C Very low temperature - -30°C / +50°C

440 VAC Electric insulation

Electrically insulating helmets for use on low voltage installations

EN50365:2002 Electrically insulating helmets for use on low voltage installations

CLASS 0 Electrically insulating helmets - Class 0



  • Button for easy adjustment.
  • Fluorescent colours and silver band for high visibility.
  • Also tested for front-to-back wear for improved vision.
  • Very curved visor for higher vertical vision.
  • Foam sweat band.
  • 1000v electrical insulation.
  • Metal melding projections resistance.
  • To EN397 protective standard.

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