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Kratos SafetyKratos Safety

Product Ref: PHA129FA

Kratos Safety FA1010600 Rescue Strap and 2 Attachment Points Full Body Harness


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UPC: 5411805176602

Kratos Safety FA1010600 Body Harness 2 Attachment Points with Rescue Strap

Body harness with 1 dorsal D-Ring, 1 sternal attachment and a rescue extension strap.

Can be used by a user with a maximum weight of 140 kg.

Shoulder and thigh-straps differentiated by a dual colour scheme.

Ideally positioned sit-strap for extended comfort.

Attachment Elements: 1 sternal attachment D-Ring and a dorsal attachment D-Ring for fall arrest.

Other attachment points: extension rescue strap with top D-ring

Adjustable shoulder and thigh-straps

Material: polyester straps, steel buckles

Kratos Safety FA1010600 Rescue Strap with 2 Attachment Points Body Harness conforms to: EN361:2002, EN1497:1996.



  • 2 Attachment Points
  • 5 adjustment buckles
  • Weight: 1.44kg
  • Conforms to: EN361, EN1497

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