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Kratos Safety FA3030020 Energy Absorbing Webbing Lanyard 1.8 m

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Kratos Safety FA3030020 Fall Arrest Safety Energy Absorbing Webbing Lanyard 1.8m

Webbing Lanyard 1.8 m.

Kratos Safety offers excellent fall prevention solutions at very competitive cost; this lanyard is complete with a fall indicator label: Before each use, inspect your energy absorbing lanyard. If the "NOT OK" sign is visible on the label, this means your equipment has arrested a fall and should not be reused.

Kratos Safety FA3030020 Energy Absorbing Webbing Lanyard conforms to EN355:2002 and tested as per VG11 of PPE Directive 89/686/EEC.



  • Energy Absorber in 44mm Polyester webbing 1.8 m length
  • Reduces the impact of the fall to less than 6kn
  • Loops protected with abrasion resistant tubular material.
  • Should be purchased with 2 x Screwgate Karabiners
  • Weight: 910g

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