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Product Ref: PGL55GL

Ansell Barrier 02-100 5-layer Laminated Chemical Resistance Inner Gloves

RRP: £14.29

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Ansell Barrier 02-100 Chemical and Biological Hazard Hand Protection Inner Gloves

ANSELL Barrier 02-100 glove features proprietary seam-fusion technology, which provides a secure seal against a broad range of chemicals.

Hand-specific and Wing-thumb design provides greater dexterity - reduces hand fatigue.

Proprietary seam-fusion technology provides a secure seal against chemicals.

Wing-thumb, hand-specific design provides greater dexterity and reduced hand fatigue.

Comfortable to wear, even for extended periods.

Can be worn as a liner under heavier gloves, even for extended periods.

ANSELL Barrier 02-100 Laminated Chemical Resistance Glove conforms to: Cat. III EN374-3:2003 ABC safety standards.



  • COATING MATERIAL: HPPE Laminated Film.
  • LENGTH: 15"-16".
  • LINER COLOR: White.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Level - 1.
  • Cut Resistance: Level - 1.
  • THICKNESS: 0,70 μm.
  • 100% inspected.
  • Each glove is individually air-pressure tested.

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