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Product Ref: PGL208GL-2XL

Roots RO50500 On Impact Rigger Gloves Keprotec Palm Size 2XL


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Roots RO50500 On Impact Rigger Gloves Keprotec Palm Size 2XL

The ROOTS On Impact Rigger gloves protects your hands through ergonomic impact protection while maintaining perfect mobility.

Can be used in activities where hand injuries are the result of entrapments.

The knitted gloves are made with Spandex on the outside.

The palm of the gloves is made of Keprotec® by Schoeller® Switzerland.

This high-tech fabric meets the highest requirements in terms of tear resistance, durability and protection. It is famous for motorcycle gloves for its protection level, antislip properties and dexterity.

Keprotec® technology for increased protection.

Reinforced thumb crotch providing more durability.

Provides high levels of dexterity, comfort and flexibility.

Perfect wearing comfort due to extremely lightweight material.

Five fingered Spandex with black neoprene cuff for protection

Synthetic leather is extra durable and lightweight

Additional green rubber pads protect the thumbs, knuckles and

back of the fingers.

Size: 2XL

Conform to: EN 420:2003 + A1:2009 Cat. II EN 388:2016 3X22DP

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