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Product Ref: PEP73HD

3M E.A.R. Classic Foam Earplugs SNR=28dB (Polybag) PR-01-004 Box OF 200 Pairs

RRP: £54.90

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UPC: 5015415107034

3M Classic Foam Earplugs (Polybag - 200 Pairs) PR-01-004

Soft energy absorbing polymer foam ear plug which provide excellent hearing protection and all-day comfort. 200 pairs.

The 3M E-A-R Classic Earplugs are made from a soft energy absorbing polymer foam which provides excellent hearing protection and all day comfort.

Proprietary soft energy absorbing polymer foam, exposed cell surface texture resists movement and helps maintain effective seal.

Ideal for use where noise is a problem, either in work or leisure activities, excellent sound attenuation characteristics: SNR=28dB, H=30dB, M=24dB, L=22dB.



  • Firm material with slow recovery time helps achieve good fit
  • Special cylindrical shape that fits most ear canals
  • Shape that provides reliable seal
  • Low equilibrium pressure helps reduce pressure in ear canal
  • Increased comfort and wearability

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