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Product Ref: PEM92HD

3M Hygiene Kit HYX3 For PELTOR X3 Series Ear Muff Sealing Rings and Mufflers Replacement, Pack of 10

RRP: £105.00

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UPC: 5030566223112

3M Hygiene Kit HYX3 For PELTOR X3 Ear Muff

Mufflers Replacement and Sealing Rings for PELTOR X3 Ear Muff

HYX3 Hygiene Kit contains replacement sealing rings and muffler pads.

Hygiene Kit for the 3M Peltor X3 Ear Muffs can be replaced in a few easy steps for quick and easy installation.

Avoid wearing uncomfortable earmuffs, it is good practice to inspect and maintain your ear defenders at least twice a year.

Pack of 10.



  • Pack contains 2 x foam inserts and 2 x sealing rings.
  • Ensures good function and hygiene.
  • Extends the life of earmuffs.
  • Kit for X3 Series Ear Muffs.

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