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Product Ref: PEM59HD

Centurion Aegean S42V Ear Muffs Helmet Mounted SNR=30dB

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UPC: 5055323766855

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Centurion Aegean S42V Helmet Kit Hearing Protection SNR30dB Ear Muffs Defenders

Clip on Ear Defenders kit to be attached to the Centurion Vision helmet.

Fully adjustable action ensures excellent fit for all head sizes.

Can be parked in stand-by position ready for use or swivelled on helmet.

High-comfort ergonomic cushions for long-term comfort.

No exposed metal parts.

Cup: ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene).

Foam: Moulded closed cell foam.

Cushion: Foam filled PVC.

Attenuation: SNR = 30dB, H = 34dB, M = 27dB, L = 20dB.

Centurion Aegean S42V Helmet Mounted Ear Muffs conform to: EN 352-3:2002.



  • Excellent fit for all head sizes.
  • Stand-by position.
  • Ergonomic Foam filled PVC cushions.
  • ABS Cup.

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