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Product Ref: PDM98HD

Alpha Solway Alphamesh 8020CV FFP2 Welders Mask

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UPC: 5060414980041

Alpha Solway Alphamesh 8020CV FFP2 Welders Mask

The Alphamesh 8000 SERIES has been developed to improve the comfort of disposable respirators whilst maintaining an excellent face fit.

Alphamesh shell - supports the filter media, maintains shape and prevents collapse onto the face.

Utilising the latest filter technology - promotes low breathing resistance.

Wide, continuous loop head strap - effectively distributes the tension to avoid any 'tight spots'.

Low profile valve - aids field of vision and reduces heat and moisture build up within the respirator.

Compatible with a wide range of other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Completely metal free - suitable for food industry applications.

Approved to EN149:2001+A1:2009 - incorporating the requirements of the 120mg loading test.



  • Nose clip free
  • Fully adjustable and clipped head strap
  • Full inner face seal on FFP2 NR Charcoal
  • Supplied in pack of 10 units

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