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Microlin CooperMicrolin Cooper

Product Ref: PCU01PC

Microlin Cooper Premier Cuff Cut Resistant Sleeve 45cm/18?

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Microlin Cooper Premier Cuff Cut Resistant Sleeve 45cm/18

A cut level 4 sleeve to protect arms and the palm of the hand.

Seamless lining and light in weight to avoid irritation.

Excellent cut and abrasion resistance.

Manufactured with Tsunooga thread.

High degree of comfort and dexterity

Sleeves should be thoroughly inspected before being worn to ensure no damage is present.

Sleeves should not be left in a contaminated condition if they will be re-used, in which cleaning is recommended.

Sleeves may be washed after removal a with mild detergent solution at a temperature not exceeding 40C and allowed to dry naturally.

Conforms to: EN388 444X Cat. II

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