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Product Ref: PBL01FI

HypaGuard Foil Thermal Blanket 210x130cm

RRP: £13.19

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UPC: 5037331002774

HypaGuard Foil Thermal Blanket 210x130cm

HypaGuard Foil Blankets are a vital part of any first aid kit, as they can help not only to protect but even save lives when people are potentially hypothermic.

These first aid foil blankets help to reflect over 90% of all radiated body heat and are ideal in survival, emergency and first aid situations, or just for people suffering from shock.

The blankets are individually wrapped and fold from the size of 210x130cm when opened to the compact size of 10x6cm.

They are not just for first aid situations though, as they can just as well be used for anything from sporting events to outdoor concerts and gigs.

Cost effective insulation for accident victims

Ideal for those in shock or for wrapping around casualties with hypothermia

Radiant heat reflectance over 90%

Unfolded size: 210x130cm

Folded to a compact 10x6cm



  • Size unfolded: 210x130cm
  • Pocket-size when folded
  • Water-proof
  • Wind-proof
  • Reflects over 90% of body heat even when wet

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