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The Portwest ST60 Coverall is disposable and offers excellent all over protection from chemicals, dusts and biological agents.

It has taped seams, is low linting and is breathable to keep the user cool as well as being extremely comfortable.

Conforms to EN14605, EN 13034, EN 13982-1, EN1149-5, EN 14126 and EN 1073-2 safety standards.

Sold in boxes of 50 units.

Made using BizTex Microporous.


DuPont Tyvek Classic Plus With Socks Disposbale Coverall White Cha6 Quick View
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DuPont Tyvek Classic Plus With Socks Disposbale Coverall

This DuPont Tyvek Classic Plus suit offers protection against solid cytostatic agents and against particulate radioactive contamination.

It is a barrier against solid biological contaminated particles of risk group 1 and 2.

The durability of Tyvek and maximum protection to critical applications such as Pcb, biotech, printing industries, medical device and pharmaceutical.

Using this coverall where traditional launderable garments may not suitable.

Low lining fabric properties combined with inside seams.

Socks attached to the ankle for wearing inside safety boots/shoes with additional knee length boot flap to ensure high level of protection.



SuperTouch PE 16200 White Disposable Over Sleeves Case of 2000

Manufactured from polyethylene, allowing it to be lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Offers simple but effective protection from splashes and particles.

Ideal for food handling and wet work tasks such as cleaning.

Elasticated wrist and elbow areas for an improved secure fit.


Alpha Solway
Alpha Solway Alphachem X300 Coverall Chemical EVOH multi-layer Orange Quick View
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Alpha Solway Alphachem X300 Chemical EVOH multi-layer Orange Coverall

Designed for the petrochemical and hazardous waste industry.

Manufactured with EVOH multi-layer technology for the most demanding chemical hazard applications.

Suitable for heavier duty use in the industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical, biological, nuclear, food manufacturing and utilities sectors.

Alphachem Coverall Chemical Orange Alphachem X300 conforms to: EN ISO 13982-1, EN1073-2, EN1149-5:2008, EN13034, EN14126 & EN14605 Safety Standards.



Dupont Tyvek Ps32La Armlets Over sleeves Single Sleeve

Provides additional protection against potentially hazardous liquids.

Upper-arm in blue-coloured thread for identification purposes.

Manufactured from high density polyethylene providing a combination of comfort and protection.

Tyvek garments and accessories are composed of flash spun high density polyethylene, providing an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort.

Tyvek is permeable to both air and water vapour, yet repels water-based liquids and aerosols.

It offers an excellent barrier against fine particles and fibres (down to 1 micron in size), is ultra-low-linting and antistatically treated.

DuPont Tyvek sleeve, model PS32LA conforms to Antistatic treatment EN 1149-5, PPE Category I.



Jodal PH155 Roll of 200 Disposable Aprons Blue 40" x 26" for Food Janitorial Hygiene

These disposable polythene aprons on a roll are convenient and easy to use offering bacteria and fluid penetration resistance.

With a halter neck and waist ties, slips quickly over your garments to provide maximum protection from spills and splashes in a wide range of applications.

These aprons are supplied on rolls for maximum convenience and minimised space.

Disclaimer: please note the images shown are for illustration purposes only; the colours / design may be subject to changes by the manufacturer.



The Portwest ST60 Coverall is disposable and offers excellent all over protection from chemicals, dusts and biological agents.

It has taped seams, is low linting and is breathable to keep the user cool as well as being extremely comfortable.

Conforms to EN14605, EN 13034, EN 13982-1, EN1149-5, EN 14126 and EN 1073-2 safety standards.

Sold in boxes of 50 units.

Made using BizTex Microporous.



The Portwest ST41 BizTex Microporous Coverall provides protection against both liquids and particles.

It is lightweight, and breathable ensuring that the wearer remains comfortable and protected.

This coverall also includes a show cover with slip resistant soles to provide extra safety in the workplace.

Sold in boxes of 50 units.

Complies with EN13034 (Type 6) EN13982-1 EN1149-1 EN14126 safety standards.

Made using BizTex Microporous.



The Portwest ST35 Biztex Coverall is made from Biztex SMS material which is highly breathable, strong and tough

Provides optimum protection and comfort to the wearer.

This coverall includes a knitted cuffs, elastic waist and ankles to ensure a comfortable fit and freedom of movement.

The material of this coverall also has a low-linting/anti-static treatment.

Sold in boxes of 50 units.

Complies to EN 13982-1 (Type 5) EN 13034 (Type 6) EN1149-5 safety standards.


DuPont Tychem

DuPont Tychem F Hooded Coverall CHA5.

Available in grey for discretionary needs, includes elasticated face, waist, wrists and ankles.

Thumb loops prevent sleeves from riding up.

Elasticated hood and self-adhesive chin flap for an excellent fit around a full face respirator.

Zipper with self-adhesive double zip flap offering high level of protection and liquid barrier.

Stitched and overtaped seams offering equal barrier as Tychem fabric.

Elasticated on arm and leg closures ensure good fit and closure at critical points.

Elasticated waist for optimum fit to body.

Stretch rubber thumb loop attached to the end of the sleeve.

Tychem Coverall Made from a lightweight and durable fabric (<500g per garment).

Excellent chemical permeation protection, helping to protect personnel against numerous toxic industrial organic chemicals, highly concentrated inorganic chemicals (even under pressure), particulates, biohazards and certain chemical warfare agents.

Material: Non-woven fabric + polymeric coating + barrier film + polymeric coating. Substrate in Tyvek® with laminated film, 120g/m2.

DuPont Tychem F Hooded Coverall conforms to: Category III, Type 3-B, 4-B, 5-B and 6-B EN ISO 1149-5 EN 1073-2 EN 14126.


DuPont Tychem

DuPont Tychem C Hooded Coverall CHA5

Available in bright yellow for high visibility, includes elasticated face, waist, wrists and ankles.

Thumb loops prevent sleeves from riding up.

Tychem Coverall Made from a lightweight and durable fabric (<450g per garment).

Polymeric barrier coating is offering a good permeation barrier protection against a wide range of biological hazards and inorganic chemicals (even under pressure).



Portwest ST36 Men Hi Vis Single Shift Coverall Chemical Protection

This SMS coverall features Hi-Vis reflective tape for enhanced visibility at night or in dim lighting conditions.

This trilaminate constructed fabric offers a high tensile strength and toughness.

It provides a fluid and particulate barrier to protect the worker without hindering mobility and comfort.



3M Protective Chemical Protective Coverall 4520

Type 5/6 coverall made from 43gsm SMMMS lightweight and breathable material - Spunbond, which acts as the smooth strength and splash protection, while the Meltblown layers provide an intricate multilayered web of microfibres that filter out dry particulates. Material designed to offer protection against hazardous dusts and limited liquid splashes and sprays, effective release of body heat and moisture and reduced heat stress.

Three panel hood, two-way zip and storm flap with elasticated back and ankles to reduce the risk of skin exposure.

3M Protective Coverall 4520 can be used for protection against dirt, splashes and toxic dusts and nuclear particles.

Soft knitted cuffs for secure comfortable arm placement and a 2-way zip, waist and ankles ensure easy removal.

It meets a variety of standards for chemical protective clothing including EN 1149 Antistatic protection, EN 1073-2 Nuclear particulate resistance, EN ISO 13688, Type 6 Liquid Splash EN 13034 and Type 5 Dust EN ISO 13982-1.



DuPont Tychem® C2 Chemical Resistant Coverall

Combining high mechanical strength and protection against a range of inorganic chemicals and biological hazards.

Tychem® C2 Coveralls feature a coated Tyvek® fabric with higher mechanical strength to provide barrier protection against numerous concentrated inorganic chemicals and biological hazards

Protective seams are stitched and over-taped with barrier-tape to provide barrier performance equal to that of the fabric

Double zipper and double flaps permit limited re-use if not contaminated

Designed to provide a comfortable fit, ease of movement and protection in most working environments

Hooded coverall with elasticated face, wrists, waist and ankles for an optimal fit

Double cuff system for good glove compatibility (recommended that cuffs are taped to gloves for a tight seal)

Antistatic properties; interior of garment is treated to help meet EN1149-1 requirements

Tychem® C2 is used for splash or pressurised splash protection in a variety of demanding industrial environments, including pulp and paper manufacturing, shutdowns, chemical processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing

Weight: 116 g/m˛

Certifications: Type 3-B/4-B/5-B/6-B, EN 1149-5, EN 1073-2, EN 14126, Cat. III.



DuPont Tyvek Classic 500 Xpert Model CHF5 Coverall with Hood White Size M

Tyvek Classic 500 Xpert disposable overall provides high barrier against many inorganic chemicals in low concentration and particles larger than 1µm.

This is achieved with over-taped seams throughout the garment.

Wearers feel comfortable in these garments, as they are extremely lightweight and have a comfortable fabric touch.

Elasticated hood

Self-adhesive chin flap for tight fit around respirator

Zipper made of TYVEK with self-adhesive flap

Elastic cuffs, ankles and waist

Thumb loops

Antistatic treatment

Conforms to: Cat III Type 4, 4B, 5 & 6 EN14126 4B EN1149-1 EN1073-2

Available in size M only

D13395307 ? MED

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Disposable Overalls


Disposable overalls have an elasticised hood, wrist and ankles to offer complete protection against dirt or grime.

Perfect for wearing over clothes to keep them clean and save on laundry costs.

These disposable coveralls will protect your clothing in a range of environments.

European Standards for Disposable PPE

The garments for chemical protection belong to the category III defined by 89/686/cee directive. This category groups together the PPE which is intended for the protection against serious or irreversible risks. Standards have been developed at a European scale concerning test methods and performance levels applicable to PPE for each of the characteristics of physical and chemical protection tested:

  • EN465: Garments for chemical protection, such as the Honeywell Spacel 2000 disposable suit.
  • EN369: Garments for chemical protection
  • EN468: Garments for chemical protection
  • EN374 Gloves for micro - organisms protection and gloves for chemical protection such as the Honeywell Winter Pro PVC glove which gives chemical protection to EN 374:2
  • Furthermore, projects of European standards have been established and 6 types of garments have been defined by the CEN/TC162 for chemical protection garments:

    TYPE 1 Tight to gases

    TYPE 2 Tight to gases, non tight joint

    TYPE 3 Tight to liquids, such as the Alpha Solway reusable or disposable Type 3 suits.

    TYPE 4 Tight to aerosols, such as the 3M disposable and Alpha Solway, Sioen reusable Type 4 suits.

    TYPE 5 Tight to particles, such as the 3M, Portwest and Tyvek Type 5 disposable suits.

    TYPE 6 Tightness limited to splashes and particles, such as the Type 5/type 6 3M and Tyvek disposable suits

    The types are determined by submitting the whole garment to tests. Type tests include:

  • Test for seams resistance
  • Test for internal leak (only type 1)
  • Test for internal pressure (only type 1)
  • Performance test into practice
  • Test for movement easiness in 7 stages
  • Test for squirt (type 3) according to EN463
  • Test for aerosols (type 4) according to EN468
  • Test for particles (type 5) according to CEN/TC162/WG3/G3/N81
  • Test limited for aerosols (type 6) according to EN463.

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