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Jodal PE Visitor Disposable Coat Unisex With Poppers

This disposable coat is ideal to contain contamination and promote hygiene.

At the same time protects the wearer from splashes.



Overshoes Disposable Red 16" CPE Polyethylene

Our Red Overshoes are a simple and effective solution to your hygiene needs.

Manufactured from Compressed PolyEthylene (CPE) material.

With an elasticated ankle opening - making them a secure fit. One size fits all

Heatsealed seams, improves the durability of the products.

Textured sole exterior - for better grip on surfaces.

Pack contains 1000 pairs (2000 units).



The Portwest ST60 Coverall is disposable and offers excellent all over protection from chemicals, dusts and biological agents.

It has taped seams, is low linting and is breathable to keep the user cool as well as being extremely comfortable.

Conforms to EN14605, EN 13034, EN 13982-1, EN1149-5, EN 14126 and EN 1073-2 safety standards.

Sold in boxes of 50 units.

Made using BizTex Microporous.



DuPont Tyvek PL30NP Single Use Laboratory Pharma Disposable Lab Coat

DuPont Tyvek Disposable Coat with collar, available in white colour.

Coat with no pockets, 5 press stud closures and not tunnelled elasticated cuffs. Stitched internal seams.

DuPont Tyvek is permeable to both water and air vapour, repels water-based liquids and aerosols.

It is excellent barrier against fine particles and fibres.

Applications include: chemical protection, pharmaceutical handling, general maintenance, spray painting, amongst many others.

Materials: High density Polyethylene flash spun 41 g/m.

DuPont Tyvek Disposable Coat conforms to: EN ISO 1149-5.



DuPont Coverall Disposable Proshield Dupont

The DuPont Disposable Blue Proshield Dupont Type 5/6 Coverall is made from a non-woven, lightweight and soft polypropylene fabric.

The fabric has great stretch and its breathability reduces heat stress for comfort during prolonged use, it's increasing your productivity.

Coverall includes Hood, nylon zipper with flap, elasticised waist, cuffs and ankles.

DuPont Coverall Disposable Proshield conforms to: Category III, Types 5 and 6, EN ISO 1149-5


Click Once PDVC Unisex Disposable Polypropylene Lab Food Visitor Coat Quick View
Best Seller

White Non-Woven Polypropylene Disposable Coat

Non-woven polypropylene disposable coats, ideal for visitors.

Click Once White Polypropylene Disposable Coat comforms to EN340 safety standard.


Click Once PDVC White Polypropylene Disposable Coat (Pack of 20) Quick View
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White Non-Woven Polypropylene Disposable Coat

Non-woven polypropylene disposable coats, ideal for visitors.

Click Once White Polypropylene Disposable Coat comforms to EN340 safety standard.

Pack of 20 Disposable Coats.


Portwest ST38 BizTex SMS Coverall with Collar White (Pack of 50) Quick View
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The Portwest ST38 Disposable Coverall is anti static with an elasticated waist, cuffs and ankles for a secure and comfortable fit

It allows for ease of movement when worn.

It has a collar and a sealable zip storm flap as well as having a close fit and tear resistant properties.

Conforms to EN ISO 12982 TYPE 5, EN 13034 TYPE 6 and EN 1149-5 safety standards.

Pack of 50

Made using BizTex SMS.



SuperTouch PE 16200 White Disposable Over sleeves (2000 Pack)

Manufactured from polyethylene, allowing it to be lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Offers simple but effective protection from splashes and particles.

Ideal for food handling and wet work tasks such as cleaning.

Elasticated wrist and elbow areas for an improved secure fit.


Alpha Solway

Alpha Solway Alphachem X300 Chemical EVOH multi-layer Orange Coverall

Designed for the petrochemical and hazardous waste industry.

Manufactured with EVOH multi-layer technology for the most demanding chemical hazard applications.

Suitable for heavier duty use in the industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical, biological, nuclear, food manufacturing and utilities sectors.

Alphachem Coverall Chemical Orange Alphachem X300 conforms to: EN ISO 13982-1, EN1073-2, EN1149-5:2008, EN13034, EN14126 & EN14605 Safety Standards.


Alpha Solway

Alpha Solway Alphachem X100 Disposable Coverall Green

Alpha Solway Alphachem X100 is light and durable, cost effective disposable HDPE chemical protective garment.

Chemical resistance in Type 3 / 4.



Dupont Tyvek Ps32La Armlets Over sleeves Single Sleeve

Provides additional protection against potentially hazardous liquids.

Upper-arm in blue-coloured thread for identification purposes.

Manufactured from high density polyethylene providing a combination of comfort and protection.

Tyvek garments and accessories are composed of flash spun high density polyethylene, providing an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort.

Tyvek is permeable to both air and water vapour, yet repels water-based liquids and aerosols.

It offers an excellent barrier against fine particles and fibres (down to 1 micron in size), is ultra-low-linting and antistatically treated.

DuPont Tyvek sleeve, model PS32LA conforms to Antistatic treatment EN 1149-5, PPE Category I.



Polyethylene Hygiene Yellow Colour Disposable Overshoes

Our disposable yellow overshoes are made of polyethylene (PE).

Ideally suited for food industry, hygiene or clean room applications

Designed with an elasticated ankle, reinforcing security. One size fits all.

Easy to put on over any type of footwear.

Anti-Slip exterior sole - to help prevent any falls.

Supplied in box of 2000 units (1000 pairs). 16" standard size.



Jodal PH155 Roll of 200 Disposable Aprons Blue 40" x 26" for Food Janitorial Hygiene

These disposable polythene aprons on a roll are convenient and easy to use offering bacteria and fluid penetration resistance.

With a halter neck and waist ties, slips quickly over your garments to provide maximum protection from spills and splashes in a wide range of applications.

These aprons are supplied on rolls for maximum convenience and minimised space.

Disclaimer: please note the images shown are for illustration purposes only; the colours / design may be subject to changes by the manufacturer.



The Portwest ST40 Disposable Coverall offers all over protection with a generous fit so it can be comfortably worn over regular clothing.

It is tough and strong making it perfect for multiple jobs and working environments.

It has an elasticated waist, hood, cuffs and ankles, a two way zip fastening system and a sealable front flap.

Conforms to EN13034 (TYPE 6), EN13982-1 (TYPE 5), EN1149-1 and EN14126 safety standards.

Sold in boxes of 50 units.



The Portwest ST41 BizTex Microporous Coverall provides protection against both liquids and particles.

It is lightweight, and breathable ensuring that the wearer remains comfortable and protected.

This coverall also includes a show cover with slip resistant soles to provide extra safety in the workplace.

Sold in boxes of 50 units.

Complies with EN13034 (Type 6) EN13982-1 EN1149-1 EN14126 safety standards.

Made using BizTex Microporous.



The Portwest Microcool ST50 Disposable Coverall offers excellent all over protection with a chemical barrier and lint free properties.

It has a breathable comfort panel to keep the user cool and is extremely comfortable so can be worn for long periods of time.

It has a combination of two fabrics starting at the hood and continuing down the back to the knees.

This product conforms to EN 13034, EN ISO 13982-1, EN 1073-2 and EN 1149-5 safety standards.

Sold in boxes of 50 units.

Made using BizTex PP/PE and SMS.



The Portwest ST80 white Biztex disposable overall is flame resistant (FR) and anti static.

It is ideal for use in multiple working environments and conditions.

The coverall is breathable and very comfortable to wear over exsiting clothing for long periods of time.

These FR overalls are resistant to dust and splashes, giving Type 5/6 protection. Made using SMS material and is disposable.

Conforms to EN 13034, EN 13982-1, EN 1149-5 and EN 14116 safety standards.

Sold in boxes of 50 units.



This Portwest coverall is lightweight and made with breathable materials so that is can be comfortably worn over regular clothing.

It can help to protect and keep the user clean.

This disposable product keeps the user keeps cool and the generous fit provides excellent comfort.

It offers protection from non-hazardous grime, dirt and dust.

Sold in boxes of 120 units.

Made from 100% Polypropylene.



The Portwest ST20 is a disposable Biztex jacket and trouser combination,

It is constructed from Biztex Micro material which provides excellent protection whilst ensuring the wearer remains fresh and comfortable.

This is ideal for providing liquid and particulate protection, in a variety of workplaces.

The jacket features a zip front and elasticated cuffs, while the trousers include an elasticated waist with bound seams.

Complies to EN13034 (Type 6 PB).

Made using BizTex microporous fabric .



The Portwest ST35 Biztex Coverall is made from Biztex SMS material which is highly breathable, strong and tough

Provides optimum protection and comfort to the wearer.

This coverall includes a knitted cuffs, elastic waist and ankles to ensure a comfortable fit and freedom of movement.

The material of this coverall also has a low-linting/anti-static treatment.

Sold in boxes of 50 units.

Complies to EN 13982-1 (Type 5) EN 13034 (Type 6) EN1149-5 safety standards.


Polypropylene Disposable Coveralls GD4 White, Red or Blue Quick View
Best Seller

Polypropylene Disposable Coveralls GD4 in Blue or White

A disposable coverall for when you need to protect your clothes from dirt, grime, dust.

Made of lightweight white, polypropylene, breathable fabric, elasticated cuffs and hood, front zip closure.

Each disposable coverall comes complete with a collared neckline, a zip front closure, elastic wrists, and elastic ankles.

They're ideal for many situations where a dry particulate barrier and repellency are needed.

For use in non hazardous environments, protection against dust and grime.



3M 4545 Disposable Protective Coverall Hooded Type 5/6

The Coverall 4545 is made of a high quality laminated material.

It provides barrier protection against hazardous dusts, light liquid splashes and certain biological contaminants.

Knit cuffs provide a soft wrist closure (not elastic closures) for increased comfort.

Reinforcement gusset between the legs, it's increase durability during bending and squatting.

Two-way zip closure with salable storm flap.

Disposable Protective Coverall 4545 made with anti-static coating on both sides which helps to reduce static build-up and prevent the risk of static discharge.

3M Disposable Protective Coverall 4545 Type 5/6 Standards: EN 14126 - Infective Agents (Biohazard), EN 1149-5 - Electrostatic Properties, EN 1073-2 Particulate Radioactive Contamination, EN 13034:2005+A1:2009 Type 6 Liquid Splash, CE Category III, EN ISO 13982-1:2004 Type 5 Hazardous Dusts.



3M Disposable Protective Coverall 4540+ Hooded Type 5/6

The 4540+ protective coverall from 3M is disposable breathable suit made of a high quality laminated material.

Comes with a breathable blue back panel for improved air circulation.

The 4540+ coverall helps provide barrier protection against hazardous dusts and light liquid splashes.

Anti-static and low linting.

3M Disposable Protective Coverall 4540+ standards: EN 1149-5 - Electrostatic Properties, EN 1073-2 Particulate Radioactive Contamination, EN 13034:2005+A1:2009 Type 6 Liquid Splash, CE Category III, EN ISO 13982-1:2004 Type 5 Hazardous Dusts.



SuperTouch 17401 Disposable White Non Woven Coverall

Non woven elasticated coverall provides superior comfort and a secure fit.

Ideal for jobs that require head to toe protection with a protective hood.

This disposable coverall provides superior protection for the users clothes.


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Disposable Overalls


Disposable overalls have an elasticised hood, wrist and ankles to offer complete protection against dirt or grime.

Perfect for wearing over clothes to keep them clean and save on laundry costs.

These disposable coveralls will protect your clothing in a range of environments.

European Standards for Disposable PPE

The garments for chemical protection belong to the category III defined by 89/686/cee directive. This category groups together the PPE which is intended for the protection against serious or irreversible risks. Standards have been developed at a European scale concerning test methods and performance levels applicable to PPE for each of the characteristics of physical and chemical protection tested:

  • EN465: Garments for chemical protection, such as the Honeywell Spacel 2000 disposable suit.
  • EN369: Garments for chemical protection
  • EN468: Garments for chemical protection
  • EN374 Gloves for micro - organisms protection and gloves for chemical protection such as the Honeywell Winter Pro PVC glove which gives chemical protection to EN 374:2
  • Furthermore, projects of European standards have been established and 6 types of garments have been defined by the CEN/TC162 for chemical protection garments:

    TYPE 1 Tight to gases

    TYPE 2 Tight to gases, non tight joint

    TYPE 3 Tight to liquids, such as the Alpha Solway reusable or disposable Type 3 suits.

    TYPE 4 Tight to aerosols, such as the 3M disposable and Alpha Solway, Sioen reusable Type 4 suits.

    TYPE 5 Tight to particles, such as the 3M, Portwest and Tyvek Type 5 disposable suits.

    TYPE 6 Tightness limited to splashes and particles, such as the Type 5/type 6 3M and Tyvek disposable suits

    The types are determined by submitting the whole garment to tests. Type tests include:

  • Test for seams resistance
  • Test for internal leak (only type 1)
  • Test for internal pressure (only type 1)
  • Performance test into practice
  • Test for movement easiness in 7 stages
  • Test for squirt (type 3) according to EN463
  • Test for aerosols (type 4) according to EN468
  • Test for particles (type 5) according to CEN/TC162/WG3/G3/N81
  • Test limited for aerosols (type 6) according to EN463.

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