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Cofra New Sheffield S3 Safety Boot

Rugged safety boot combines top rated safety standards with a comfortable, breathable lining, plus a cut resistant upper for an astonishing protection.

Water repellent leather upper with cut protection.

Padded collar and tongue for more comfortable and firm fit.

Breathable SANY-DRY® lining, antibacterial, it absorbs and releases moisture, abrasion resistant.

Rubber bump cap toe and heel reinforcement for extra protection and duration.

Steel toe cap protection tested to 200 joules impact and Steel midsole penetration resistant to 1,100 Newton.

Footbed with metatarsal support made of soft PU, full piece, antistatic, anatomic, removable, covered with cloth. The soft gel insert in the metatarsal area guarantees stability and comfort even on uneven surfaces.

Dual Density PU/Nitrile rubber sole: exceptional abrasion resistance and ideal for environments where oils and solvents are used. Heat resistant to 300C contact.

Cofra New Sheffield S3 Safety Boot conforms to: EN20345 S3 HRO CR SRC safety standards.

Conclusion: The Sheffield is particularly suited for use by glassworks, car industry & aluminium works - as the metatarsal area is covered with Kevlar - lightweight cut resistant protection. Inner Cut resistant Protection with SAWTECH



Jolly 9055/GA Firefighter & Chainsaw Waterproof Boots GORE-TEX

Jolly chain saw boot composed of cut resistant, light weight, ankle protection, high visiblity and heat insulation.

GoreTex waterproof & breathable. Excellent for various climate conditions and for outdoor activities.

Lightweight and comfortable

Ankle protection and abrasion-resistant rubber overcap

Good stability both for walking and running

Total opening zipper easy and fast to clean

High quality materials for a long lasting boot

High visibility PPE thanks to the red reflecting insert

Padded rear flexors for an increased fitting comfort

Rear leather pull-on loop

Extremely comfortable for long-day usage (breathability is 400% better than EN20345 5.4.6 standard requirement)

The heat insulation (sandbath test) is 30% higher than EN15090 6.3.1 standard requirements

Excellent grip on uneven grounds (the outsole is 40% more durable than EN20345 5.8.3 standard requirement)

The sole bonding strength is 90% higher than EN20345 standard requirements

The energy absorption in the heel area is 90% higher than EN20345 6.2.4 standard requirements

Outsole resistant to fuel oil

Lining: GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort footwear, excellent for various climate conditions and for outdoor activities

Conforms to: EN 15090 (firefighter footwear):2006 F2A HI, CI AN - SRC and EN ISO 17249:2004 Class 2 Category III PPE (chainsaw boots) and EN20345


Was £168.10

Respirex Hazmax Biological Hazard Safety Wellington

A chemically protective anti-static boot with an integral steel toe cap and steel midsole

Green Hazmax chemically resistant compound shaft certified to EN 13832-3, NFPA 1991

Enhanced protection with a 200 Joule Epoxy coated Steel toe cap.

Seamless construction with a kick off lug and added shin protection.

Moisture-absorbing insole - reduces odour(removable and machine washable).

Knitted nylon lining for superior comfort.

Certifeid Chemical resistant to EN 943-1 (Chemical protective clothing).

Slip resistant vulcanised rubber sole to SATRA TM144 EN13287

Unique sole pattern avoids clogging and catching on rungs when climbing ladders


Was £67.63
Blackrock 84302 Lightweight Super Grip Nitrile Gloves Gauntlets Quick View
Best Seller

Blackrock 84302 Lightweight Super Grip Nitrile Gloves Gauntlets

Super grip gloves from Blackrock , with both fingers and palm nitrile coated.

Excellent grip, but enhanced abrasion & cut resistance. Featuring a knitted back for breathability.

These gloves are approved to EN420 & EN388 and have a mechanical hazard rating of

Disclaimer: please note the images shown are for illustration purposes only; the colours / design may be subject to changes by the manufacturer.



Wenaas Odin 6-6950 Public Gloves

Wenaas Public glove - white with blue grip dots.

Knitted nylon gloves with PVC dots for good grip.

Mechanical work, packing, maintenance, and distribution.

Abrasion and Cut resistance, Tear resistance and Puncture resistance.

Wenaas Odin 6-6950 Public Gloves conforms to: EN420, EN388:2003 (i.e. Abrasion. Cut resistance. Tear resistance. Puncture resistance)



Skytec Sky47 Ninja Total + Plus Glove

Provides maximum safety against cuts, Cut resistance level 5.

Designed with Elasticated wrist bands to provide a secure and comfortable fit.

The crinkled finish design further improves the grip provided by the glove.

Anatomically design that proves to be flexible and comfortable.

Resistance Grades( Abrasion : 3, Cut : 5, Tear : 4, Puncture : 3).

Skytec Sky47 Ninja Total + Plus Glove conforms to EN388 standards.


Was £16.15

Wenaas 6912 Protector-5 Nitrile Coated Cut 5 Abrasion Resistant Work Gloves

Suitable for work where protection from abrasion, liquid and cut resistance is required but good grip is also necessary.

Nitrile coated high level cut glove, Micro-foam coating offers excellent grip in oily conditions.

Nitrile dipped palm and fingers for fluid and abrasion protection, high Level 5 cut resistance.

Seamless design with Nitrile dipped palm and fingers - Excellent grip in oily conditions.

Wenaas Protector Cut Level 5 resistance Gloves 6-6912 conforms to: EN420:2003, CE Category 2, EN388:2003 standards.


Was £4.97

Wenaas Odin 6-6614 Cut Master Plus glove

The CutMaster + is a really Dexterous glove, with the highest resistance to cuts and punctures.

Cut Level 5 Protection, with excellent wet grip - thanks to the micro nitrile-foam coating.

Wenaas are the Norwegian Safety Experts. We don't believe you'll find a better priced Cut 5 glove, certainly not with the Wenaas brand.

Wenaas Odin 6-6614 Cut Master Plus glove compliant to EN 420 & EN 388

Conclusion: This is a brilliantly dexterous Cut 5 protection glove, affording the highest level of certified CUT protection.



Wenaas 6-6611 CutMaster+ Dyneema Hand Safety Cut 4 Resistant Work Gloves

CutMaster +Dyneema is a glove, with the high resistance to cuts and punctures.

Cut Level 4 Protection, with excellent wet grip - thanks to the micro nitrile-foam coating.

Wenaas are the Norwegian Safety Experts.

We don't believe you'll find a better priced Cut 4 glove, certainly not with the Wenaas brand.

Wenaas Odin 6-6611 Cut Master Plus glove compliant to EN 420 and EN 388 standards.

Conclusion: This is a brilliantly dexterous Cut 4 protection glove, affording the highest level of certified CUT protection.


Was £3.38

Polyco Dyflex 8820 Dyneema Cut Resistant PU Palm Hand Protection Work Gloves

This lightweight glove with Dyneema offers excellent resistance to cut, abrasion and tear.

The seamless construction provides an excellent level of comfort.

The open back style allows superb breathability.

The glove has been designed to be tight fitting to give dexterity for the most tactile of operations.

Elasticated knit wrist for a snug fit.

Elasticated knitted wrist provides a secure fit, keeps hands free from dust and debris.

Grey-White colour is ideal for electronic and mechanical assembly tasks where cut resistance is required.

Polyco Dyflex 8824 Dyneema Gloves conforms to: EN 420 Cat. II, EN388:2003 safety gloves standards.



Polyco Reflex K Plus Kevlar Cut 3 Resistant Latex Coated Grip Work Gloves

Reflex® K Plus is a knitted para-aramid liner with a crinkle latex palm coating.

Kevlar provides protection against cuts, slashes and abrasion.

Cut resistant para-aramid lining provides protection from cuts and sharp objects.

The crinkle latex palm coating as well as providing excellent tear and puncture resistance.

Heavy duty performance provided by durable latex coating.

Elasticated knit wrist, makes it very comfortable especially in prolonged use.

Ideal in both wet and dry conditions for safe and secure handling.

Seamless knitted Kevlar liner is extremely comfortable.

The latex coating is very flexible minimising hand fatigue in prolonged use.

The protective properties of the Reflex® T Plus make it perfect for use in industries where safe handling and good cut protection is needed.

Polyco Reflex TPlus General Purpose Glove conforms to: EN 388 standards.


Was £8.26
Showa Gloves

SKYTEC Ninja Knight gloves - maximum EN388 mechanical protection of 4-5-4-4, excellent wet and dry grip.

Tear and abrasion resistance safety glove made with High Performance Polyethylene and Glass, which is good cut resistance barrier.

The glove retains flexibility despite its high protection levels, anatomically designed for comfort and perfect fit.

Elasticated wrist provides a secure and more comfortable fit.

Treated with Actifresh to kill bacteria and promote freshness.

Maximum En388 Protection For All Mechanical Hazards



Matrix C3 is a seamless cut resistant liner with a PU palm coating.

Offers outstanding fit and dexterity as well as Cut Level 3 protection.

The glove is high abrasion , tear resistant and cut resistant.

The seamless shell made from yarn with Lycra is designed to be close fitting giving the user superior dexterity.

The polyurethane palm coating offers excellent grip which performs well in both wet and dry conditions.



Niroflex Fm Plus Chain Mail Elbow Length Cut Resistant Butcher Glove Stainless Steel 19cm Cuff

Manufactured from a Stainless steel mesh. Provides superior cut and puncture resistance.

Remains comfortable Whilst providing superior protection.

Extended strap on gauntlet for additional protection

The hygienic Wrist strap used is colour coded and non-fading.

Ambidextrous making these gloves easier to put on.

Stainless Steel Cut & Puncture Resistant Safety Chainmail Glove conforms to EN1082, EN412 & EN388 2.5.4.X.

Coloured plastic supports to the sizes coding.

Price refers to the single glove.



Polyco Dyflex Air PU Coated Work Gloves Cut Resistant Hand Protection

Cut Resistant Level 3

Ultra-lightweight seamless 18 gauge knitted liner with Dyneema® Diamond Technology and polyurethane palm coating.

Polyco Dyflex Air Work Gloves delivering optimal grip, long duration and cut resistance on the palm, sides and fingers.

Dyneema® yarn offers superior cut resistance for a lightweight work glove.

Thin polyurethane coating in combination with the special fibre delivers EN388 level 3 abrasion performance for extended glove life.

Close fitting and dextrous design allows for precision handling.

Polyco Dyflex Air Cut Resistant Work Gloves conforms to: EN 388 standards.


Was £8.67

Polyco Matrix CUT 5 glove

The Matrix green PU cut resistant gloves have a fantastic CUT 5 Level Protection, EN388 4544.

NB DUE TO VARIATIONS IN MANUFACTURING, SOME SIZES ARE MARKED 4543, AND OTHER SIZES ARE 4544 - ie the puncture protection may be 4 out of 4 or only 3 out of 4. We unfortunately have no control over this.

They are a flexible, high grip, high dexterity work glove.

Suitable for various industries and working environments.

The Matrix Green PU Gloves are suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions in mainly dry, clean or dirty conditions.

Made to repel oil and grease.



Marigold Puretough P3000 Cut 3 Resistant Nitrile-PU Coated Wet Grip Work Gloves

Superb tactile handling glove.

Non slip grip along with Water and oil repellent coating.

Made from high performance and high visible fibres, using Techcor® Knitting Technology.

Sensitive grey water based mix synthetic compound palm fit coating.

Water and oil repellent treatment on both liner and coating.

Ideal for use in all mechanical handling applications.

Suitable for use in medium level thermal hazards.

Level 3 cut Resistant standard.

Marigold Puretough P3000 11-423 Glov approved to: BS EN 388:2003 and EN 407:2004. safety standards.


Was £7.95
Dirty Rigger

Dirty Rigger Full Finger Rigger Gloves Protector

Full Finger Rigger Gloves DTY-PROTECV2 from Dirty Rigger feature rounded, seem-free finger tips, which making them a truly tough and comfortable.

These gloves offers outstanding durability thanks to an Armortex covering on the fingers and palm.

Designed for the hardest of workers, boasting high density,moulded rubber finger protection bands.

Motion-flexible knuckle protection and powerful hand defense.

Dirty Rigger Full Finger Rigger Gloves conforms to: EN388 safety standards.


Was £25.71

Ansell 97-210 ActivArmr Impact Protection Waterproof Work Rigger Gloves

Ansell 97-210 Work Gloves have been thoroughly tested, guaranteeing the best-in-class abrasion, cut, and impact protection, both for the back of the hand and for the fingers.

Grip patches positioned on grip pressure points ensure exceptional wet, dry and oily grip.

The water resistant design prevents any entry of liquid, ensuring maximum comfort in the toughest working conditions.

Ansell ACTIVARMR 97-210 Impact Barrier Gloves compliant with EN 388 standard.


Ringers Gloves

Ringers Gloves - R-24 Heavy Duty Gloves

When your hands are your stock and trade, it just makes sense to invest in them.

Stick your hands in these Ringers Men's High Visibility 247 Puncture-Resistant Tacky Grip Work Gloves, and start keeping your hands safe.

TPR impact protection on top of hand and full length of fingers.

Extended neoprene cuff with TPR wrist bone impact protection.

Full dorsal 3mm impact absorbing foam layer.

Ringers Gloves - R-24 Heavy Duty Gloves complies to EN388 and EN420 standards.


  • 30% Synthetic Leather
  • 28% Spandex
  • 19% Rubber
  • 13% Bemberg
  • 1% Kevlar
  • PGL24GL

    Was £20.76

    Polyco HexArmor GGT5 Gator Grip 4020 CUT & Impact Protection Work Gloves

    HexArmor GGT5 Gator Grip 4020X Gloves are manufactured to provide cut, puncture, and impact protection.

    These gloves are designed to protect the major injury points - finger pinching, severe cuts, abrasions, and crush injuries.

    Excellent grip capabilities designed to cope with wet, grease and similar situations.

    Gator Grip Technology® prevents formation of oil film and displaces oil, allowing maximum contact with tools and other surfaces in saturated conditions Puncture protection from wickers, burrs and cable wire.

    Full Impact Exoskeleton™ with high performance IR-X smash guards provides greater impact protection.

    It also includes high visibility colours for increased safety.

    Made with SuperFabric brand material which gives the highest cut resistance protection, SuperFabric brand material specially developed for the oil and gas industry.

    Polyco HexArmor GGT5 Grip 4020 Impact Protection Glove conforms to: EN388 Cut Level 5.

    Disclaimer: please note the images shown are for illustration purposes only; the colours / design may be subject to changes by the manufacturer.


    Was £49.99

    Polyco Grip It Oil C5 GIOK Cut 5 Resistant Hi Vis Hand Protection Work Gloves

    Lightweight Safety Glove in florescent yellow and green with twin layers nitrile coating provides extraordinary oily grip and top level cut resistance.

    Double coating: The first layer, which is a full coating, is soft and resilient allowing for excellent dexterity and great freedom of movement. The second layer, which is a palm coating, not only increases resistance to oils but has been engineered to provide maximum grip.

    Comfort: The contoured design together with the soft seamless knitted liner and resilient nitrile coating ensures ultimate comfort with minimal hand fatigue in prolonged use.

    Polyco Grip It Oil C5 Men Cut 5 Resistant Work Gloves conforms to: EN 388 safety gloves standards.



    Showa KV660 Kevlar Oil Resistant Gauntlet

    Fully coated gloves with extra coating across the hand.

    The rough finish on the surface improves the user overall grip.

    Impermeable construction making these gloves ideal when working with liquids.

    The surface of the glove is textured providing tactile feel and improved grip.

    Manufactured with an extended forearm providing extended protection.

    Conforms to EN388:2003, EN374-2-2003, & EN374-3.



    ATG MaxiFlex Cut 3 Cut Resistant Nitrile Foam Glove 34-8743

    ATG MaxiFlex Cut Glove is a 25cm long, engineered seamless knit glove with premium nitrile coated foam grip on the palm and fingers.

    A highly flexible glove like the very popular MaxiFlex Ultimate, but with additional cut resistance.

    The new MaxiFlex Cut 34-8743 from ATG: you get protection and comfort with Cut 3 resistance.

    The MaxiFlex® Cut is a super thin (just 0.75mm thick!) cut glove, so is very flexible, dexterous, and most important, comfortable.

    ATG 34-8743 MaxiFlex Cut Protection Gloves complies to EN388 and EN420 safety standards.



    Ansell HyFlex 11-500 Cut & Heat Resistant Kevlar Nitrile Coated Work Gloves

    The Ansell 11-500 gloves provide an almost ‘second skin' closeness, helping to reduce the risk of snags and cuts.

    This closeness gives the ability to handle sharp parts with confidence, increasing productivity and safety.

    The nitrile-coated palm helps enhance your grip in damp or oily conditions and have good abrasion resistance.

    These gloves are both silicone-free and natural rubber latex-free for worker and product protection.

    It is designed for dry or slightly oily applications where workers need light cut protection, and in some cases, isolation from heat or flying molten metal debris.

    Offering optimal comfort and a sure grip, the HyFlex 11-500 glove is the versatile choice for optimal productivity and safety.

    Ansell HyFlex Cut2 Resistant Glove 11-500 conforms to: 407 X1XXXX EN388 Category III standards.


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