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Cofra Top Comfort Low Electric Resistant ESD Insoles Quick View
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Cofra punched anatomic footbed made of a soft polyurethane compound with low electric resistance.

Cofra footbed specifically designed and produced with special antistatic stitchings, which makes it highly recommended for ESD certified footwear.

Ideal solution to all ESD footwear.

Cofra Top Comfort ESD provides great shock absorption and comfortable adapts to the foot and its movements.

The higher layer of this footbed is made of breathable antibacterial fabric that prevents odours and absorbs moisture and leaves, keeps your foot always dry.


Cofra Zero OHM PU Anatomic ESD Footbed Quick View
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Cofra PU anatomic footbed with electrical resistance.

Cofra footbed specifically designed and produced with conductive fabric for ESD items.

Ideal solution to all ESD footwear.

Cofra OHM antibacterial covering with runproof and anti-abrasion fabric made of nylon and silver fibre.

Fabric with pure silver closely joined with the surface of a polymer which makes it resistant to high temperatures, granting extra antibacterial power.



MSA V-Gard Protective Cap

Manufactured with a polyethylene shell for superior imapct resistance.

The seld-adjusting crown straps allows a secure and comfortable fit.

Ideal for using on construction sites, chemical, mining.

Conforms to EN397:2012, EN50365:2002 & EN13463-1:2001.



MSA V Gard 520 GV951 Safety Helmet Short Peak Hard Hat With Staz-On Suspension

Strong design, with a Durable impact resistant shell.

Designed with cooling vents, for improved comfort and user hygiene.

Lateral contours making it easy to integrate hearing protection.

The Glaregard surface protects users from reflective glares.

Extended rain trough for around-the-brim protection in hot and/or wet environments.

UV stabilised ABS helmet shell offers good resistance to scratches.

Provides lateral crush protection.

Ideal design for adapting earmuffs, visors or attaching headband of MSA eyewear with goggle adapter.

Vgard 520 Gv951 Blue Short Peak Helmet certified EN 397.



The NightSearcher EX325 is an intrinsically safe, right angled LED flashlight.

EX-325 offering a CREE XP-G LEDs 323 lumen output and it’s ideal for use in the fire or emergency services, utility companies.

It has a high-vis yellow plastic IP54 rating casing.

On high setting it will operate for approximately 6.5 hours using a set of 4 x AA batteries (non rechargeable).

Intrinsically safe LED right angled torch for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas.



The NightSearcher EX-Zoom flashlight offering both - flood and spot beams.

Ideal for use in the fire or emergency services and utility companies.

NightSearcher EX-Zoom has a high-vis yellow plastic casing along with an IP67 rating.

The spot beam will reach over 100 metres and is adjustable from spot to flood beam depending on the application.

It will operate for approximately 6 hours (spot beam) using a set of 4 x AA batteries (non rechargeable).

Features an on/off tail switch on the base.

Ideal for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas.

Comes complete with wrist strap.



Reilaible portable torch with a right angled frame.

Gives strong light outputs whilst maintaining a long life.

Provides 12 hours of light output, ideal for any occassion.

Designed to prevent any water or dust from damaging the bulbs.


Wolf M-10 LED Torch 1 Led Atex Straight Range 2.5M Luminosity 18cd Neck Cord Micro Torch Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Wolf Torch M-10 Led Atex Straight Thermoplastic, Range 2.5M Luminosity

The M-10 Micro has a single white 5mm Nichia LED light source - giving an impressive beam with a two hour duration for a very compact size.

Manufactured from high quality thermoplastic resin.

Designed to have excellent chemical and impact resistance.

Lens is positioned behind lens ring lowering risk of damage.

Lightweight & comes with carry cord.

Category 1 equipment for use in Zones 0, 1 and 2, and Temperature class T5; Compliant with 94/9/EC ATEX.



NightSearcher EX125 Non-Rechargeable flashlight

This EX125 Non-Rechargeable LED flashlight is totally safe in hazardous areas ( Safety Approved).

Rated at Atex zone 0 they are widely used by the emergency services.

The EX125 flashlight is ideal for using in mining, gas and petrochemical industries.



  • ATEX

  • Ex: II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4
  • IECEx

  • Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
  • Reach

  • Approved
  • RoHS

  • Approved
  • CE

  • Approved
  • NS-DR-EX125


    Petzl Pixa 3 ATEX Waterproof Dual Beam E78CHB Work or Camping Led Head Torch

    The PIXA 3 pro headlamp is a durable hazardous environment headlamp designed to survive the rough and tumble of industrial life.

    It offers a range of lighting modes to suit all work situations.

    The PIXA 3 has three lighting ranges - a short distance beam which lights 15m for 12 hours, a mixed-beam (designed for movement) which lights 30m for six hours, and a long area beam which lights up to 55m away for three hours.

    The constant light technology from Petzl ensures you get an even beam of light throughout the battery's life and throughout the lamp's life.

    Once full power can no longer be supported, reserve power mode is activated, lighting 15m for at least 10 hours.

    The PIXA 3 Headlamp is the most advanced and versatile of the range.

    Petzl Pixa 3 headlamp may be removed from their backing plates and inserted directly into the Petzl VERTEX and ALVEO series helmets.

    Complies to ATEX: CE0080, Ex II 3 GD, Ex nAnL IIB T4, HAZLOC: Class I Groups C & D div II, Class II Group G div II safety standards.

    Operating temperature code T4.



    The NightSearcher ATEX EX-HT80 Head torch is widely used by the emergency services.

    EX-HT80 is ideal for use in mining, gas and petrochemical industries.

    This safe Zone 0 LED headlamp features a high powered CREE XP-G2 LED and delivers great performance.

    High output LED head torch delivering 180 lumens with a beam distance of 100 metres.

    Powered by 3x AAA Cell batteries can provide up to 14 hours run-time.

    This NightSearcher LED head lamp is light yet resistant to impacts and drops up to 1m.

    Easily twist on/off bezel switch even while wearing fire gloves.



    NightSearcher EX-HT220 Zone 0-1-2 Atex Head Torch

    The NightSearcher EX-HT220 is an intrinsically safe head torch.

    It has a high-vis yellow plastic casing along with an IP67 rating.

    The beam distance is 100 metre beam on high (High 220lm) mode and 70 metre beam on low (Low 100lm) mode.

    Can be switched on and off easily even when wearing gloves.

    NightSearcher EX-HT220 is ideal for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas, impact resistant and waterproof - up to 1 metre.

    Safe head torch will operate for approximately 2.5 hours using a set of 3 x AAA batteries (non rechargeable).

    Ideal Waterproof head torch for use in mining, emergency services and gas industries.


    Petzl Pixa 2 Led Dual Beam E78Bhb 2 Work Camping Hands Free Head Torch Quick View
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    Petzl Pixa 2 Led Head Torch Dual Beam Hands Free Lamp 80 lumens ATEX

    The PIXA is a tough, durable and all-around range of three headlamps.

    ATEX approved for use in Zone 2 (gas) and Zone 22 (dust) surroundings.

    The constant lighting technology of these headtorches ensures the headlamp wil keep it's light on even when the batteries are drained.

    The PIXA headlamp can be worn on the head, mounted on the helmet, or located on the ground depending on the need.

    Complies with CE0080, HAZLOC standard: Class I Div 2 Groups C & D, Class II Div 2 Group G safety standards.



    Peli HeadsUp LED Lite 2690 Flashlight

    Peli's 2690Z0 HeadsUp Lite has 60 lumens of LED light, 10 hours of battery burn time and weighs in at just 117 grams (4.1 ounces).

    It is the brightest, most efficient, compact and lightest headlamp in its class.

    The rotary bezel switch is simple to use, even if wearing bulky gloves.

    The HeadsUp Lite is made of impact and chemical resistant ABS.

    It's water resistant - for use in all weather types.

    It features an adjustable and comfortable cloth strap, as well as a heavy duty rubber helmet strap.

    ATEX approved.



    MSA V-Gard 930 Integrated Over-Spectacles Vented Helmet

    The MSA V-Gard 930 - modern helmet with a low-profile and integrated eye protection.

    Vented industrial hard hat with 6-point Fas-Trac III ratchet suspension with premium washable and replaceable sweatband.

    Integrated over spectacles with intelligent adjustment and innovative rubber seal to ensure gap free eye protection on the face, ideal solution where top impact hazards to the head, UV and particles hazards to the eyes exist.

    Made of ABS for strength and lateral crushing protection, modern, dynamic with sports styled shell.

    Integrated over spectacles fit over most corrective lenses by sliding the suspension, and offer premium anti-fog and anti-scratch properties.

    The MSA V-Gard 930 Vented Protective Helmet with Integrated Over Spectacles suitable for use in ATEX areas and certified according to DIN EN 397 (Industrial Protective Helmet), ELECTROSTATIC-INERIS Certificate to EN 13463-1: 2001 for safe use in ATEX areas, and DIN EN 166 (Personal Eye Protection).


    MSA 463944 V-Gard Safety Helmet HDPE Shell Staz-On Suspension Yellow The MSA V-Gard hard hat, with its distinctive trademark “V” design, is a world recognized brand known for comfort, quality, and durability.


    Wolf TR-30+ ATEX LED Torch Right Angle Waterproof Flashlight Quick View
    Hurry – low stock

    Wolf TR-30+ ATEX LED Torch Right Angle Body Waterproof Pocket Ligth Flashlight

    The Wolf TR30 angle torch is a reliable, simple and cost effective portable light.

    The Wolf TR30 Angle Torch is available with a right-angle body style and cell LED.

    CE marked to the ATEX directive and IECEx certified for safe use in Zones 1 and 2 potentially explosive gas, vapour and mist atmosphere.

    High power 'fitted for life' LED for outstanding light output, no bulb replacement required.

    The compact torch design has a high-grip ergonomic form with easy single-handed switching, even with gloved hands.


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    Workwear | PPE | Safety Clothing | atex

    Workwear that is designed right, should fit as easily as weekend wear!

    Your workwear should facilitate your work, yet still protect you discretely.

    Your workwear should look Smart. You want to feel great about yourself when you zip up.

    Call it "safety clothing" or "workwear" or "Personal Protective Equipment" (PPE) - we supply it ALL! We have 70+ years of workwear experience.

    Our range of workwear trousers includes the best styles from Caterpillar workwear, Dickies work trousers, Snickers workwear, and Tranemo.

    Our range of boilersuits and coveralls is truly vast: we have over 40,000 FR coveralls in stock! We have a wide selection of regular polycotton overalls from leading brands such as Dickies and Portwest.

    We have womens workwear, as well as over 100 styles of ladies safety footwear.

    Did we mention that we have 500+ styles of safety boots, safety shoes and safety wellies, safety trainers in stock now, for same day despatch?

    Our PPE is certified to the relevant EN norms. We have info on PPE regulations in our blog.

    We are committed to supplying the best branded safety and protective workwear: We are the Official distributors for 100+ leading workwear brands - such as Ansell, Bulwark, Caterpillar, Dickies, Wenaas etc.

    We strive to keep our prices so highly competitive that you don't need to look elsewhere.

    Workwear Express: Need your workwear in a hurry? - We are totally committed to delivering protective workwear to your doorstep quickly. We sell from stock. We have a vast £4m of safety equipment at any one time. So, 99.5% of our orders are despatched same day.

    Typically, you get your safety workwear within just 24 hours!

    Workwear Embroidery? - We can put any logo on any workwear garment: we have our own heat seal and embroidery machines, all inhouse: for speed and accuracy.

    Remember: when you spend £70 or more, UK shipping is absolutely FREE.

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