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Bostik 2402 2-Component Repair Glue 250ml

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Bostik 2402 2-Component Repair Glue 250ml

Bostik 2402 adhesive is a solvent-borne formulation based on polychloroprene rubber.

It is used in conjunction with Bostikure DŽ curing agent as a two-part, cold curing adhesive system which has a wide range of industrial applications.

It gives strong resilient bonds which exhibit good resistance to water, heat, humidity, etc.

Bostik 2402 glue will bond natural, polychloroprene, nitrile, butyl, Hypalon and polyurethane rubber surfaces, rigid PVC, wood, metal, leather, etc.

It can be used as a heat-resistant adhesive for decorative laminated plastics, and is particularly useful in the construction of inflatable products such as boats, balloons, etc.

Bostik 2402 adhesive is approved, in conjunction with Bostik 9252 Primer, under the UK Ministry of Defence Specification. DTD900/4679A for bonding synthetic rubber de-icer shoes to aircraft propeller blades and for use in the manufacture and repair of aircrew and survival clothing and of inflatable equipment. For these and other appropriate general purpose applications the quality assurance and release document approved by the UK Ministry of Defence is AFS 1179B.

Important: It is not recommended that BOSTIK 2402 ADHESIVE be used on plasticised PVC because of the possibility of plasticiser migration

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