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Product Ref: M270100

LA-CO Regular Flux Soldering Paste 125g

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LA-CO Regular Flux Soldering Paste 125g

LA-CO Regular Flux is a water-soluble flux that meets industry standard ASTM B813.

With NSF and UPC approvals, this all-weather flux is the ultimate flux for all copper soldering.

Water soluble for faster rinsing from pipe lines - safe for all potable water.

Super detergent action cleans as it solders.

Safe for use on plumbing and gas services - will not progressively pin-hole pipes.

pH-Neutral, non-toxic, lead-free formula.

Joints can be fitted and soldered in one hit.

Not harmful to hands.

Saves time.

Contains no zinc chloride.

Use with all lead-free and common soft solders.

For use on copper, brass, galvanised iron, lead, zinc, tin, silver, nickel, mild steel, terne plate, and malleable iron - not for use on Stainless steel or aluminium.

Supplied in tubs of 125g with applicator brush in the lid

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