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Alpha Adhesives S758 Multi Purpose Contact Adhesive 1 L

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Alpha Adhesives S758 Multi Purpose Contact Adhesive 1 L

Alpha S758 has been developed as a multi-purpose adhesive. S758 forms strong, permanent contact bonds between the following materials rigid PVC sheet, polyurethane foams of the polyester and polyether types, supported PVC leather cloth, leather, polyester glass fibre, rubber sheet and extrusions all of which may be bonded to each other or to hardboard, chipboard, wood, painted or unpainted metal.

Rigid laminated plastics such as Formica, Ware rite, Melamine, etc may also be fixed with these adhesives. S758 is well established in the automotive and coach building industries as a multi-purpose body trim adhesive. Typical body trim and coach building operations to which S.758 is suited include door and fascia trim, roof headlining, parcel racks and glove compartments.

S758 has also proved its versatility in the shop-fitting and bar-fitting trades and in the boat building, furniture and footwear industries, where it is widely used as a multipurpose adhesive.

Multi-purpose contact adhesive

Excellent bond strength

Short open time

Easy to use

Alpha S758 is suitable for the following applications:

Laminate materials (e.g. Formica, Warerite, Melamine) to wood

Polyurethane foams or mineral wool panels to plasterboard

Painted or unpainted metals to most surfaces

General purpose adhesive for wood, rubber, most plastics, fabrics, cork, linoleum and rigid PVC

Colour: Amber

Base: Polychloroprene rubber

Consistency: Liquid

Specific Gravity (20C): 0.878

Heat Resistance: up to 70C

Content: 1Litre

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