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Horizon Slick Switch Electrical Contacts Lubricant Aerosol 400ml

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Horizon Slick Switch Electrical Contacts Lubricant Aerosol 400ml

Developed for the electricity supply industry, Slick Switch is a weather resistant grease for lubricating overhead line switch bearings and other equipment where long term performance is required.

Mineral, chain and release oils traditionally used for this task have poor long term water resistance and are easily washed away by rain within a few months of application, leaving the switch stiff and difficult to operate.

Slick Switch, however, uses a combination of polyalphaolefin (PAO) and aluminium complex grease which produces an excellent long term, weather resistant lubricant.

The product has been field tested and has shown that four years after application the lubricant is still in place and the overhead line switch still operates smoothly.

Slick Switch is available as an aerosol spray lubricant which quickly turns into a tacky grease.

The lubricant contains a red dye which allows the user to apply it effectively and aids visual monitoring of application after maintenance.

The aerosol spray can be applied from ground level using a spray can holder and insulated operating rods reducing the need for a shutdown or use of vehicle where access and land damage are issues.

Use on any application which requires a long term weather resistant lubricant

Excellent insulating properties, breakdown voltage in excess of 30kV per 2.5cm

Dropping point of 260C - will not run off in hot weather

Content: 400ml

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