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Product Ref: LSB30ZIP

Lyon LBS30ZIP Rope Bag Weatherproof Red 30 Litre Capacity


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Lyon LBS30ZIP Rope Bag Red 30 Litre

Lyon Rope Bags are used throughout the world by cavers, explorers, rescue teams and access specialists who recognise and rely upon their quality and longevity.

These bags are hand made using specially selected materials and include reinforcements in critical wear and load bearing areas.

The bases are double skinned and include a padded insert to maintain form and provide cushioning between the contents and the ground.

Lyon Rope Bags are fitted with two adjustable shoulder straps, a single side handle and a draw cord top closure with fitted cord lock.

Adjustable shoulder straps

Reinforced single side handle

Draw cord closure with cord lock

Reinforced base

Blue or Black standard colour options

Capacity: 30L/25kg/120m

Height: 56cm

Base: 26cm

Straps: 2

Rope capacities are maximum and based on new 10.5mm low stretched rope, packed carefully

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