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Product Ref: IKGBGKIT6

IKAR IKGBGKIT6 Harness, Lanyard, Block & Bag Kit - For use on sites


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IKAR IKGBGKIT6 Fall Arrest Harness, Lanyard, Block & Bag Kit

Fall Arrest Harness, Lanyard, Block & Bag Kit from IKAR Created for Site Use.


Fall Arrest Harness:

  • Two point (front and rear D rings) fall arrest safety harness.
  • 45mm polyester webbing with plated steel fittings.
  • Quick connect buckles on leg loops and chest strap.
  • Shoulder adjustment via sprung-loaded floating buckles.
  • Adjustment on leg loops and chest strap.


Energy Absorbing Lanyard:

  • 2m webbing energy absorbing fall arrest lanyard.
  • 25mm polyester webbing.
  • Tear webbing energy absorbing pack.
  • Steel screwgate karabiners on both ends.


Mini Fall Arrest Block:

  • Car seat belt style construction Fall arrest block.
  • With a webbing lifeline and external tear web energy absorber.
  • Complete with screwgate karabiner on attachment point.
  • Aluminium double action hook on the end of the lifeline.


Anchorage Sling:

  • 1m webbing anchorage sling with wear sleeve conforms to EN795 and EN354 safety standards.
  • 28mm polyester webbing, Sewn round sling, With heavy duty tubular wear sleeve.


IKAR IKGBGKIT6 Fall Arrest Harness Kit Bag - Durable rucksack with adjustable straps and multi pockets for carrying and storing.


Fall arrest Safety Harness conforms to EN361, fall arrest lanyard conforms to EN355, screwgate karabiners to EN362, Fall arrest block conforms to EN360 and Aluminium double action hook conforms to EN362 safety standard.



  • Two point fall arrest safety harness.
  • Front and rear D rings.
  • Energy Absorbing Lanyard.
  • Mini Fall Arrest Block.
  • Anchorage Sling.
  • Harness Kit Bag.
  • Approx Weight: 4.2 Kg.

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