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Westchester 86710 Rugged Rigger Impact Protection Work Gloves

A US original Dorsal-Impact glove. The Westchester Rugged Rigger has 4-way stretch spandex on the back of hand.

The West Chester 86710 has a synthetic leather palm with reinforced silicone pattern, TRP knuckle, finger and back of hand protection.

It has an extended Kevlar® reinforced thumb saddle, Synthetic leather forchettes, oil resistant palm with silicone pattern for grip, ID tag on cuff to protect investment, neoprene cuff with spandex for added comfort.

Conforms to EN 388 Safety Standard.


Was £20.36
Ringers Gloves

High levels of grip obtained through the Tefloc grid system.

Provides user with exceptional grip in any condition.

Impact protection for the back of the users hands.

Level 2 Cut and Puncture Protection.

CE4232 Approved, EN388, EN420.


Ringers Gloves

Ringers Gloves KevLoc Impact and Puncture Resistant Hi Vis Work Gloves

Specialized protection for working the wellhead or processes downstream.

Uniquely designed for Oil and Gas operations, with the famous fit & flexibility.

TPR Impact Protection on Top of Hand and Full Length of Fingers.

High-performance protective gloves for Fire & Rescue, Law Enforcement, and Mechanics of all kinds.

Ringers Gloves Roughneck KevLoc Puncture Resistance Gloves conforms to: EN 388 safety gloves standards.


Was £38.56
Ringers Gloves

Ringers Gloves - R-24 Heavy Duty Gloves

When your hands are your stock and trade, it just makes sense to invest in them.

Stick your hands in these Ringers Men's High Visibility 247 Puncture-Resistant Tacky Grip Work Gloves, and start keeping your hands safe.

TPR impact protection on top of hand and full length of fingers.

Extended neoprene cuff with TPR wrist bone impact protection.

Full dorsal 3mm impact absorbing foam layer.

Ringers Gloves - R-24 Heavy Duty Gloves complies to EN388 and EN420 standards.


  • 30% Synthetic Leather
  • 28% Spandex
  • 19% Rubber
  • 13% Bemberg
  • 1% Kevlar
  • PGL24GL

    Was £20.76

    Polyco HexArmor GGT5 Gator Grip 4020 CUT & Impact Protection Work Gloves

    HexArmor GGT5 Gator Grip 4020X Gloves are manufactured to provide cut, puncture, and impact protection.

    These gloves are designed to protect the major injury points - finger pinching, severe cuts, abrasions, and crush injuries.

    Excellent grip capabilities designed to cope with wet, grease and similar situations.

    Gator Grip Technology® prevents formation of oil film and displaces oil, allowing maximum contact with tools and other surfaces in saturated conditions Puncture protection from wickers, burrs and cable wire.

    Full Impact Exoskeleton™ with high performance IR-X smash guards provides greater impact protection.

    It also includes high visibility colours for increased safety.

    Made with SuperFabric brand material which gives the highest cut resistance protection, SuperFabric brand material specially developed for the oil and gas industry.

    Polyco HexArmor GGT5 Grip 4020 Impact Protection Glove conforms to: EN388 Cut Level 5.

    Disclaimer: please note the images shown are for illustration purposes only; the colours / design may be subject to changes by the manufacturer.


    Was £49.99

    Ironclad KONG Original Impact Gloves

    The original Impact glove brand, giving over 70% impact protection.

    3-D Thermoplastic Rubber Ribs designed to absorb and dissipate impacts to the back of the hand.

    Foam rubber patting placed between fabric layers provides added protection and flexibility.

    3-D Thermoplastic Rubber Finger Ribs provide extra protection while offering flexibility.

    The original oil and gas industry glove. Co-developed by the Oil and Gas Industry Safety Committee representing ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Halliburton and many other respected industry leaders.

    Impregnated PVC dots adhere to the palm of the glove to enhance overall grip.

    Raised PVC dots extend the life of the glove by absorbing wear away from the palm fabric.

    I.D tag for employee name.

    Neoprene Cuff provides added wrist and forearm protection.

    Bright orange colouring and yellow ribs helps to track hand placement.

    A second layer of long wearing Teflon coated synthetic leather material in the palm.

    Reinforced cross stitching to reduce friction caused by multiple layers of fabric rubbing together.

    Exclusive Palm Material - 25% more abrasion resistant than normal synthetic leather.

    KONG® Metacarpal Protection - 80% impact absorption.

    KONG® Knuckle Protection - 90% impact absorption.

    KONG® Patent Pending Finger Protection - 76.4% impact absorption offers sidewall and complete fingertip protection.

    100% Machine Washable: Hang dry.

    BEST USES: Oil & Gas Drilling, Extraction & Refining, Fracking, Tool Pushing, Mining, Demolition, Heavy Construction, Rigging.

    Ironclad KONG Original Oil & Gas Industry Impact Hi-Vis Gloves Conforms to EN388 Safety Standards.



    Impacto Dryrigger Oil, Water, Impact & Abrasion Resistant Glove

    Impacto Dryrigger oil & Water Resistant Glove help prevent hairline fractures, injuries, bruising and pinched fingers.

    Made to protect the hand and fingers from impact and abrasion, and designed to ensure excellent dexterity, fit and comfort.

    This is the ultimate hand protection for workers in the oil and gas industry.

    Insulated Lining protects when working in low temperatures.

    Heavy duty TPR padded across the knuckles.

    Heavy duty TPR on back of fingers, thumb & back of the hand protects against bruises & bumps.

    Durable patches in the webbing area assure long wear made with 100% KEVLAR®.

    Impacto Dryrigger Oil & Water Resistant Glove conforms to EN388:2003 and EN420:2004 Safety Standards.



    Globus Torque Impact Flex Glove

    Manufactured from a durable synthetic leather material.

    Designed with hard TPR protection zones on fingers, thumbs and back of hand areas for impact protection.

    The palm area of the glove is textured for extended grip.

    High performing base that was designed with user comfort in mind.

    The palm area is resistant to oils and water.

    Conforms to EN388:2003 Safety Standard.



    Roots RO8005 Impact Protection Cut Resistant Level-5 Nitrile Coating Work Gloves

    Quite often the impact gloves on the market are unfit for the demanding line of work; for this reason Roots developed a product that also provides protection against oils and chemicals and offers a level 5 blade cut resistance.

    The glove have a full hand nitrile coating.

    The impact protection guards are in the inside of the gloves.

    Overall they achieve a remarkable level of comfort and dexterity.

    Roots RO8005 Men Impact Protection Gloves conform to: EN 388 protection standards.


    Was £32.87

    Polyco 4021 HexArmor GGT5 Cut and Impact Resistance Mud Hi-vis Orange Glove

    The 4021X GGT5 Mud is the most complete glove for the oil and gas industry.

    Mud Grip synthetic leather palm with PVC dots grips well with light/medium oil based muds.

    Puncture protection against abrasive surfaces.

    Full impact Exoskeleton with very high performance IR-X smash guards provides greater impact protection.

    Durable TP-X palm uses the highest level abrasion resistance while maintaining an oil resistant grip.

    Breathable SlipFit cuff with pull tab and name tag.

    High vis colour scheme increases visual awareness in low light areas.

    Polyco 4021 HexArmor GGT5 Mud Glove Hi-vis Orange complies to EN 420:2003 & EN 388:2003 safety standards.


    Ringers Gloves
    Ringers R-065 Hi Vis Cut 5 Resistant TPR Nitrile Impact Protection Gloves, Size - XL Quick View
    Hurry – low stock

    Ringers R-065 Tpr Green/Orange Impact Protection Glove

    TPR impact protection on top of the hand and full length of fingers.

    Hi Vis colour scheme makes them stand out more improving user safety & product identification.

    Soft nitrile foam dip with a sandy finish for additional grip and comfort.

    Durable yet breathable knit shell, lowers build up of sweat and odours.

    Ringers R-065 Tpr Green/Orange Impact Protection Glove conforms to EN388 & EN420 Safety Standard

    Cut Resistant Level 5 Gloves



    Wenaas Cut Resistant Impact Hand Protection High Grip Cut5 Hi Vis Work Glove

    The Extreme Impact Protection glove with Maximum cut resistance (Cut 5).

    PU/Silicone grip in palm giving exceptional cut protection and oil and fluid resistance while keeping flexibility and good grip.

    Premium quality microfibre, oil & fluid resistant spandex on the back of the hand.

    Cut Level 5 Protection.

    Materials: Microfibre for comfort & longevity, Keprotec Schoeller (Kevlar cut resistance), Neoprene and Spandex, TPR injection, EVA.

    Wenaas eXtreme 6-6363 Impact Glove conforms to: EN420:2003, CE Category 2, EN388:2003 standards.

    Conclusion: Barely anybody knows about it: that you can get a glove with level 5 Cut protection, as well as proper dorsal Impact protection: A Wenaas Innovation, being gradually discovered across the North Sea Oil Rigs.


    Was £20.99
    Ringers Gloves
    Ringer Super Hero R-169 Yellow\Orange Glove Cut 5 Quick View
    Hurry – low stock

    Ringer Super Hero R-169 Yellow/Orange Glove

    TPR impact protection on top of the hand providing maximum protection to knuckles and fingers.

    Seamless index finger design, providing additional protection in vulnerable zones.

    Elasticated wrist band for improved product security and comfort.

    Manufactured from high quality synthetic leather.

    With a hook and loop fastening System.

    Conforms to EN388 Safety Standard

    Cut Resistant Level 5 Gloves



    Impacto 502-20 Vibration & Abrasion Fingerless Anti-Impact Glove

    Manufactured from a Nylon material that offers improved breathability & comfort.

    Reinforced padding can be found in the palm and thumb areas.

    The fingerless design allows the user to maintain dexterity & accuracy.

    The Grain leather used improves the durability of the product. It also protects against abrasion.

    Conforms to EN 388:2003 Mechanical Risks, EN 420:2003 General Requirements.



    Ansell 97-321 ActivArmr Mad Grip Impact Glove Hand Protection Hi Vis Work Gloves

    Ansell 97-321 Mad Grip Impact Glove offers great back-of-the-hand protection.

    The soft and comfortable thermoplastic rubber coating absorbs all impact, protecting the back of the hand.

    Highly dexterous and flexible, is maintained due to this unique compound and structure of the glove.

    Advanced tread system for superior grip

    Seamless cushioning on palm to prevent blistering and hand fatigue

    MadGrip Injection Technology allows for reinforcement in high use areas of the glove for extended durability and comfort.

    Ideal for General material handling.

    Ansell 97-321 ActivArmr Mad Grip Impact Glove complies to EN388 safety standards.



    Portwest A290 Oak Chainsaw Glove

    Designed to offer maximum protection and comfort whilst performing chainsaw tasks.

    Protective material in the left glove only to EN381-7 Class 0, 16m/s.

    Portwest A290 Oak Chainsaw glove conforms to: EN 420, EN 388 ( and chainsaw Protective material in the left glove only conforms to EN381-7 Class 0, 16m/s.

    Elasticated knitted wrist offer comfortable fit and prevent sawdust and dirt access the glove.

    Made using 60% Cow full grain Leather, 25% Polyester, 10% Polyethylene and 5% Elastic.

    CE certified.

    Low linting construction for minimal contamination.



    Ansell 97-973 Projex Impact Protection Ergonomic Hand Safety Work Gloves

    Designed with knuckle protection that provides superior impact protection.

    Manufactured with reinforced ergonomic palm and thumb areas improving comfort.

    Strategically placed back of hand and specific knuckle protection provides superior impact protection whilst maintaining dexterity to the user.

    Reflective knuckle band with rubberised logo provides greater visibility and protection.

    Terry cloth thumb delivers sweat management for high exertion tasks.

    Reinforced ergonomic palm and thumb protection provides improved impact and comfort when handling materials.

    Materials: Neoprene reflective band, Polyester, Spandex, Synthetic leather, Terry cloth liner.

    Ansell 97-973 Projex Black/Grey Impact Glove conforms to EN388 Category II Safety Standard.



    Roots On Impact RO50300 Impact Protection Rigger Glove Waterproof

    These Roots Rigger Impact Protection Glove offers ergonomic design and excellent comfort.

    Roots Waterproof safety gloves offers superb impact protection, while a perfect mobility is preserved.

    Can be used when working with hand injuries.

    Perfect wearing comfort due to extremely light weight material.

    Offers maximum protection due to highest quality materials and technology.

    The various components are processed to a fabric construction which ensures extreme rub-proofing, tear resistance and perfect heat-friction resistance.

    Schoeller-Keprotec® palm: is made using only the highest quality materials, contains Kevlar®, an Aramide fiber which can be 5 times stronger than steel.

    Conforms to European standards: EN420 and EN388 safety glove standard.



    Impacto 501-00 Fingerless Anti-Impact Glove Liner

    The Impacto 501-00 Fingerless Anti-Impact Glove Liner is made from four-way stretch polycotton.

    There is impact and shock absorbing Visco-elastic polymer "VEP" padding in the palm.

    Recommended to be worn under work glove.

    Provides protection from impact and vibration.

    Protects Palm Visco-elastic polymer padding.

    Open finger gloves provides full dexterity.

    Fingerless style leaves fi ngers open for tactile feedback and mobility.

    Great for protection from electric, manual and power tools in applications including construction, assembly, manufacturing, maintenance and warehousing.

    Impacto 501-00 Fingerless Anti-Impact Glove conformance with Norms: EN 420:2003+A1:2009 and EN 388:2003 standards.



    Impacto TS226 Thermo Wrap Wrist Support Brace Compression Carpal Tunnel

    Prevents wrist strain injuries whilst carrying out manual tasks.

    Designed with a natural heat therapy system that prevents and treats injuries.

    Reinforced design with lining that wicks away moisture that prevents skin irritation.

    Durable nylon construction ensures a long product life.



    Polyco Impact Multi-Task L Mtl Glove

    Manufactured from a nylon mesh liner with a leather palm designed for impact protection.

    Back of hand and finger areas reinforced with impact resistant rubber.

    Reinforced thumb and forefinger areas for improved protection.

    The adjustable Velcro wrist strap ensures a secure fit.

    Polyco Impact Multi-Task L Glove conforms to EN388 Safety Standard.


    Was £32.78

    Ansell 97-975 Projex Series Heavy Duty Impact Gloves

    Ansell 97-975 are the perfect glove for general purpose tasks.

    It includes full back-of-hand protection, Ansell's Comfort Wrist Technology

    abrasion resistant palm for added durability, reinforced thumb crotch for extended wear

    Reflective knuckle protection and Terry cloth for draws away sweat.

    Neoprene slip wrist stops debris entering the glove.

    Ideal glove for using with heavy materials or hand tools

    Complies to EN388 safety standards.



    Polyco HexArmor Rig Lizard Impact Cut & Puncture Protection Work Gloves

    Durable TP-X® palm has the highest-level abrasion resistance while maintaining oil-resistant grip.

    Synthetic palm with unique stitching pattern offers comfort and dexterity.

    Full Impact Exoskeleton™ with high-performance IR-X® smash guards offers greater impact protection.

    Additional IR-X® guard between thumb and index finger gives secure common pinch and catch points.

    Reinforced index finger and thumb crotch lengthens glove life.

    Exterior seams implement a double stitched core-spun thread, adds further durability and longevity.

    SlipFit® cuff adds comfort and convenience.

    Hi-vis colour scheme increases visual awareness in low light areas.

    Polyco HEX2021 HexArmor Rig Lizard Impact & Puncture Protection Glove conform to standard: EN 388 safety standards.


    Was £35.15

    Polyco Multi-Task E Impact Protection Nitrile Palm Coating Work Gloves

    Designed with thermoplastic rubber protection on the back of the hand and fingers.

    The rubbers used lowers impact injury, and has been constructed for total flexibility.

    Nitrile Reinforced thumb and forefinger areas for added protection.

    Manufactured with a Velcro wrist strap to provide a secure fit.

    Multi-Task E gloves are flexible with a nitrile palm coating featuring thermoplastic protection inserts on the hand and finger areas.

    Users are safe guarded from any impact injuries due to the added protection which does not restrict any movement allowing you added freedom.

    Polyco Impact Multi-Task E Glove conform to: EN 388 Safety Standards.



    Mechanix Machine Washable M-Pact MP2-55 Covert Glove

    The Impact-absorbing thermal plastic rubber is sonic welded to the glove and delivers excellent flexible protection

    Impact injury and skin abrasion resistant.

    The unique design of the Impact Guard frees your index finger for smooth trigger guard entry and mobility.

    The two layer internal fingertip construction reinforces the thumb and index finger for improved abrasion protection.

    The embossed fingertip pattern improves feel and overall dexterity.

    High-impact XRD padding in the palm absorbs impact and vibration.

    Machine washable.


    Was £26.99
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    Impact Gloves | Impact protection

    Impact Gloves for Impact protection

    Of course we all value our fingers and hands:So why did it take the glove experts so long to invent Impact protection for hands?

    Who knows? - but the oil sector pioneered the take up of impact gloves to protect hand injuries from pinches, hits and bruising.

    They dropped the standard rigger gloves in a heartbeat,and insisted on proper anti impact gloves. ("impact resistant gloves or "anti-impact gloves" are just synonyms for what people refer to as "impact gloves").

    The US Ironclad gloves developed the Kong Gloves for impact protection. (Ironclad gloves)and West Chester (West Chester Rugged Rigger 86710). These 2 brands may have been the original impact glove manufacturers; but they were soon followed by better impact gloves from Ringers (better grip, dexterity and wrist protection).

    See for example: the Ringers Roughneck Tefloc or the Ringers R-24 - some of the finest impact gloves by Ringers.

    Mechanix gloves evolved from being the finest gloves used by Nascar mechanics, to producing nimble, dexterous Mechanix impact gloves such as the covert M-Pact impact resistant gloves.

    Wenaas of Norway arrived with the Wenaas Offshore Impact glove and the Wenaas Waterproof Winter (thermal insulation) and the brilliant Wenaas Mechanic (dexterous) and the Wenaas Extreme (Cut 5 protection impact glove!).

    Impacto - the anti vibration gloves, now also offer Shock Absorption on the palm and with Dorsal Impact Protection on the back of your hand and fingers, on their Impacto DryRigger glove.

    The recent launch of the Ansell Mad grip impact glove shows where innovation is going. This bright orange impact-reducing glove is loud, bright, clever and pretty ingenious. Take a look at it!

    Impact gloves are now used widely by police officers, motorbike riders, and construction industry workers as well as the original oil roughnecks, as everybody realises the merit of protecting your fingers from hits.

    There is no EN standard yet for impact gloves industry (EN13594 is only for motorbike gloves), but our impact gloves are certified to EN420 General gloves standards and EN388 Mechanical risks standards.

    We have probably the largest range and deepest stock of any impact gloves online! The choice is yours.

    Protect your little fingers with proper impact protection - by wearing impact gloves.

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