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Polyco Capilex TP Dyneema Cut-5 Work Gloves

Seamless knitted glove with Dyneema Diamond Technology and polyurethane palm coating.

The liner, made with Dyneema Diamond Technology, provides the maximum level of cut resistance without the use of abrasive materials.

Polyurethane palm coating provides outstanding abrasion resistance and an excellent grip.

The seamless construction of the soft yarn provides an exceptional level of comfort, whilst the open back style allows for excellent breathability.

Designed to be close fitting to give maximum dexterity for the most tactile of operations.

Elasticated knitted wrist provides a secure fit and keeps hands free from dust and debris.

Polyco Capilex TP Work Gloves conform to: EN 388:2003 safety standards.



Polyco Duo Plus 60 Latex Gauntlets Double Dipped Gloves Yellow/Blue

Double dipped latex provides added protection

Slip resistant pattern on palm enhances grip

Anatomically shaped ensuring comfort and reducing hand fatigue

Cotton flock lining absorbs perspiration, keeping hands cool and comfortable

Approved for food contact

Conform to: EN 388 1010 EN 374-2 1.5 EN 374-3 ABK



Beeswift MP1 Black Grip Glove

Manufactured with a natural rubber coated palm area for extended grip.

Elasticated wrist provides a secure and comfortable fit.

Knitted back area of the glove improves the gloves breathability.

Conforms to EN388


Blackrock 843010X PU Coated Gripper Glove En388 Quick View
Best Seller

Lightweight PU coated Gripper Glove

Manufactured using breathable material reducing the build up of odours.

The PU coating enhances the users grip and dexterity.

These gloves also protect the users for chemicals.

Conforms to EN420:1994 & EN388:1994.



Manufactured using the best tough cowhide leather.

Lined with cotton and foam insulated materials, keeping hands comfortable and warm.

Reinforced Leather fingertips provide exceptionally strong grip.

Designed with Extra supported knuckle and pulse protection.

Highly Visible band on the back of each glove.

Grades (Abrasion : 3, Cut : 1, Tear : 2, Puncture : 2).

Conforms to EN420.



Showa 350R Nitrile Grip Gardening Glove

A flexible, robust glove offering great dexterity and with good resistance to tearing.

Protects the hand from oils, hydrocarbons, grease and abrasion, with effective long lasting grip.

Breathable back of hand to reduce perspiration, surface provides tactile feel and better grip.

Designed for easy movement and continuous wear, no irritation by seams in contact with the skin.

Showa 350R Nitrile Grip Gardening Glove conforms to: EN388 standards.


Showa 350R Nitrile Grip Gardening Gloves (Pack of 10) Quick View
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(Pack of 10) Showa 350R Nitrile Grip Gardening Gloves

A flexible, robust glove offering great dexterity and with good resistance to tearing.

Protects the hand from oils, hydrocarbons, grease and abrasion, with effective long lasting grip.

Breathable back of hand to reduce perspiration, surface provides tactile feel and better grip.

Designed for easy movement and continuous wear, no irritation by seams in contact with the skin.

Conforms to EN 388 Safety Standard.



Ansell Hylite 47-400 Lightweight Nitrile Coated General Handling Work Glove

Ansell Hylite 47-400 Nitrile Coating in a 100% Interlock Knit Liner.

Provides exceptional hand protection whilst also being very comfortable.

Special nitrile formulation provides an excellent combination of flexibility, mechanical resistance and oil repellency.

Resistant to snags, punctures, abrasion and cuts.

The lightweight design allows users to perform tasks with more dexterity, Natural hand shape easier to wear for long periods.

Ideal for general industry work.

Silicone-free formula ensures cleanliness of metal sheets - important in steel and motor industries.

Ansell Hylite 47-400 Lightweight Nitrile Coated Glove conforms to: EN 420 Cat. II EN388, Safety Grades:; EN1149 standards.


Was £3.8

Showa 305 Blue Grip Latex Coated Glove

A flexible glove that absorbs the users perspiration allowing for comfort and extended wear

The material used protects the users hands in wet environments or against aggressive detergents and alcohols.

Latex coated knuckles providing extended protection to the users hands.

Breathable back hand prevents odour from building up.

Showa 305 Blue Grip Latex Coated Gloves conforms to EN 388 safety gloves standards.


Showa Thermo Grip 451 Cold Conditions, Latex Coated Palm Glove, Excellent Grip Quick View
Best Seller

A comfortable, SHOWA flexible glove that is resistant to abrasion and very pleasant to wear ultra-comfortable clove in cold work conditions.

Showa 451 protects the hand in damp environments or against aggressive detergents or alcohols.

Surface provides tactile feel and better grip, breathable back of hand to reduce perspiration.

Designed for easy movement and continuous wear.

Greater hygiene and comfort, no irritation by seams in contact with the skin.

Conforms to: EN 388:2003 , EN511: 2006



Wenaas Odin Protector 1 Gloves 6-6952

General handing of wet and dry parts, extra rough surface for good grip.

Made from Polyester / Latex material, 3/4 coating provides knuckle protection.

For use in production and light mechanical industry, warehousing, mechanical industry, plastic and textile industry.


Was £2.41

Wenaas Odin Protector-3 Latex Palm Coating Work Gloves Hand Protection

General handling of wet and dry parts, with a firm grip and comfortable fit.

These gloves are suitable for construction, warehousing, maintenance and DIY.

Rough surface for good grip.

Material: Latex Coating.

Wenaas Odin Protector 3 Gloves 6-6911 conform to EN 420, EN 388:2003 standards.


Was £4.31

Skytec Idaho 3/4 HPT Foam Gloves

For precision handling applications requiring protection to the back of the hand.

Unique coating to the palm and fingers provide excellent grip in wet and dry conditions.

Seamless breathable knitted liner for a comfortable fit and high levels of dexterity.

Unique HPT foam coating with encapsulated air molecules that provides an inherent cushioning effect.



Beeswift Full Latex Coating Mens Hand Protection Extra Grip Gripper Work Gloves

With a 100% cotton liner this glove offers the maximum comfort, making long days at work much more tolerable

Ideal for general handling purposes suitable for working on many different tasks (multi-purpose).

The elasticated wrist band ensures a secure and comfortable fit for the user.

Manufactured with latex, which in turn improves the overall grip of this glove, ensures a strong grip in wet or dry conditions.

Beeswift LFCGGBL Multipurpose Latex Gripper Gloves conforms to EN388 Safety Standards.



Ansell Hyd-Tuff 52-502 Gloves

High performance, nitrile-impregnated glove. The Hyd-Tuff offers good resistance to abrasion, puncture, snags and cuts.

The nitrile coating repels grease, oil and dirt. The soft jersey lining gives excellent dry grip for safe, controlled handling.

The Hyd-Tuff has knitted wrist and safety cuffs.

These gloves are silicon free, antistatic and machine washable.

Compliant with EN 388 & EN 420, CAT 2. EN 1149 (antistatic).

This Ansell Hyd-Tuff 52-502 is alternative to the well-known Polyco Nifort 9712 Nitrile Coated Knit Wrist Glove.



Ansell Hyflex 11-801 Glove

Provides the user with accuracy during tasks that require precision.

The advanced technology used provides a relaxed fit in stress areas.

Black foam nitrile coated improving user comfort and product durability.

Ideal for handling small components in light oily conditions.

Conforms to EN388 Safety Standards.


Was £3.46
Wenaas Odin 6-40220 Soft Inner White Glove

Be more comfortable in your latex, vinyl and nitrile gloves, or just keep your hands warmer and drier with this cotton glove.

Designed to fit comfortably inside your disposable or work gloves.



Ansell HyFlex 11-920 Palm Coated Blue General Handling Glove

The Ansell HyFlex® 11-920 glove uses Ansell's grip technology to help prevent oil penetration and reduces the risk of dermatitis and liquid exposure.

The surface contact is increased, which helps both grip and control.

It's double coating offers high abrasion resistance and prevents any oil penetration to the hand.

These gloves are machine washable, giving them an extended life span

Microscopic channels in the glove coating guide away the oil resulting in a secure glove-to surface contact.

This allows the wearer to handle small and medium-sized components lightly coated with oil or lubricant in all confidence.

Incorporating all the essential features of the Ansell HyFlex glove range, wearers appreciate the outstanding fit, comfort and dryness, as well as the glove's excellent dexterity and tactility.

Ansell HyFlex 11-920 General Handling Glove conforms to: EN 388 safety standards.


Was £4.94

Roots MG8003 OBM Protection Purple Core C6 Impact Glove

Roots gloves is made for wearers who simply need a dipped nitrile glove with impact protection.

Roots OBM glove is made to offer OBM protection as many of our customers get in contact with Oil Based Mud.

This Roots nitrile glove can offer impact protection, however still with a remarkable comfort and dexterity.

These gloves give your hands an excellent protection and perfect grip as designed for off shore industry.

The impact protection is on the inside of the glove and a very good anti slip performance of the palm.

Size 10 only.


Was £13.73
Ultimate Industrial

Ultimate Industrial V335 PVC Double Dipped Chemical Resistant Gloves

Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals and solvents.

The PVC Gauntlet V335 features a granular finish which improves grip.

Its increased thickness provides additional abrasion and wear resistance.

Thoroughly tested to EN1149-5 in hazardous environments.

The included Jersey fleece lining is comfortable, soft, warm and, with its Sanitized hygiene function, freshness is enhanced.

Fully REACH compliant and Phthalate free formulation.

Double Dipped PVC V335 Green Glove conforms to: EN420 Cat.3 EN388 EN374-2 EN374-3 JKL EN1149-5:2008.



Ansell 23-700 Orange Fully Coated Insulated Polar Grip Glove

A tough, durable winter glove that keeps hands protected and warm.

Polyurethane foam insulated for additional warmth and comfort.

The rough finish coating provides exceptional grip support.

Ideal for use in wet or dry conditions.

Resistance Grades( Abrasion : 4, Cut : 2, Tear : 2, Puncture : 1).

Conforms to EN374, EN388 & EN511.


Was £17.81

ATG MaxiFlex 34-847 Endurance Nitrile Foam Work Gloves

The MaxiFlex® Endurance 34-847 driveers glove incorporates raised micro dots to increase durability

It offers more cushioning in highly repetitive applications that require precision handling.

360° breathability - patented micro-foam nitrile coating makes it the most breathable glove out on the market today.

30% thinner - than traditional foam nitrile gloves on the market.

It offers similar mechanical performance to traditional foam nitrile gloves.

Ultra light weight liner - the use of an ultra light liner utilized to produce smooth and rounded fingertips, maximizing fingertip sensitivity.

This glove reduces hand fatigue and increases comfort.

ATG Maxiflex Endurance Drivers 34-847 Gloves complies to EN388 standards.



ATG MaxiFlex Endurance Gloves come with a nitrile coated black micro-foam palm and finger tips with integrated unique micro-dots for excellent grip.

It includes a breathable coating to restrain hands ultra cool and dry.

Minimal lint and dust penetration provides softness inside the gloves for magnificent dexterity, sensitivity and tactility.

15 ga Gray seamless knit nylon liner gloves features a continuous knit cuff design and are applicable in handling small oily parts and components.

Applications include general assembly, machining , automotive components, painting and horticulture applications.



Ansell 20-105 Seams Rite Glove

Unique design, seams on the outside leaving nothing but comfort on the inside.

Tough vinyl coating repels liquid and provides exceptional grip.

Textured surface for excellent grip and long wear.

Seamless soft jersey lining for comfort.

Highly resistant to abrasion, with a reinforced thumb area.

Machine washable gloves, wont shrink or harden.

Applications: Construction, Handling coarse and abrasive materials, Transport and general duties, Handling cut metal, Maintenance and machinery repair, Refuse disposal, Packaging.



The Cat 12217 adjustable gloves offer outstanding hardwearing hand protection, including both comfort and usability.

Excellent for general use at work and at home.

The velcro cuffs ensure a tight fit every time.


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General Handling Gloves

General Handling Gloves

Here at Northseaworkwear.com we provide a vast variety of gloves, in this category you can find some of our best General handling gloves. We only supply the best products from the best brands such as: Ansell, Beeswift, Blackrock, CAT, Honeywell, Mechanix, Polyco, Showa, Skytec, Wenaas, .

We offer general handling gloves suitable for many different tasks and in a complete range of sizes, try the versatility of the Wenaas 6-6612 or the heavy duty Ansell Hyd-Tuf.

These General Handling Gloves are very comfortable manufactured from lightweight, tough materials that protects the user?s hands from abrasion, cuts, tears and punctures. The Wenaas Odin 6-6480 is an example of one of our tougher general handling gloves. Manufactured from ox split chrome leather, this glove is both comfortable and durable. With reinforced padding in vulnerable areas.

Other gloves like the Mechanix HMG-05 have been developed with additional protective features. This glove not only protects against abrasion, cuts, tears, punctures it also protects the user from the cold.

Not what you're looking for? Then why not check out our entire Catalogue!

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