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Ansell HyFlex® 11-120 ESD Outstanding Comfort & Product Protection from ESD Work Gloves

The HyFlex® 11-120 gloves are especially designed for micro-electronic work where electro-static discharge (ESD) must be avoided.

The super-thin design gives improved handling of small components.

The nitrile foam coating keeps surfaces will stay clean and uncontaminated.

Elasticated cuff provides a tight secure fit around the wrist.

Ideal for electronic industries, painting, and mechanical work.

Ansell HyFlex® 11-120 ESD work gloves conforms to: EN 388 Antistatic according to EN 1149-5 Safety Standards.


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Polyco RE-PRO Leather Work High Grip White Electricians Protective Over-Gauntlet

The Polyco Electricians leather gloves are ideal for use in oil and grease environments where electricians gloves may get worn down.

These leather gloves are available with or without a buckle.

This buckle offers an added level of protection to the hand and allows for an adjustable and more secure fit.

Electricians Over-Gauntlet are EN 388 - Mechanical Hazards compliant.

These gloves are intended as an over-glove for electricians' insulating gloves to protect electricians' gloves from physical damage.

Polyco RE-PRO Electricians Leather Protector Over-Gauntlet conforms to: EN388 safety standards.



Polyco Electricians Gloves Class 0

Protects user when working with a voltage of 1000 volts AC.

Strong long lasting construction.

Conforms to EN60903, Tested to 5000v AC.



Ansell 80-813 PowerFlex Cut 5 Flame and ARC Flash Protection Work FR Gloves

The Ansell Powerflex 80-813 Gloves have it all!: Cut 5 protection, Flame resistant, and insulating against electric arc flash.

Manufactured with neoprene & Kevlar - making this glove flame resistant and Cut Level 5.

An exclusive composite yarn with a glass fiber core protects against cuts while dissipating electrostatic charge.

Electric Arc Flash category 2, providing good protection against arc flash hazards.

Ansell's KVSD technology eases tension in high stress areas, reducing hand fatigue.

Flexible and long lasting design with soft foam coating to ensure comfort.

The anatomically tailored D3 design improves fit and the unique, soft coating provides excellent wet, oily or dry grip while maintaining flexibility and comfort.

Ansell 80-813 PowerFlex Cut and Flame Resistant Work Glove conforms to: EN 388 EN 407 41211X safety standards.



Showa 660 ESD PVC Coating Waterproof Oil Resistant Safety Gauntlets

Protects the hand against chemicals while remaining flexible for good grip

Good mechanical resistance, designed to be flexible and durable.

Perfect for working in damp or greasy conditions as gloves are impermeable.

Secure tight grip in dry or wet conditions.

Extended cuff length, provides wrist with extra protection.

Showa 660 ESD PVC Black Safety Work Glove Conforms to: EN 420 Cat. III EN 388 EN 347-2:2003 EN 347-3 EN 1149-1 ESD safety standards.



Portwest A197 ESD Antistatic Shell Glove

Portwest A197 ESD Antistatic Gloves are constructed from an advanced pylon and carbon fibre blend.

This glove (liner only) protects equipment like circuit boards from the natural oils of the skin while also protecting sensitive equipment from harmful static discharge.

Portwest A197 ESD Protection gloves conforms to: EN 388 (; EN 1149 -5 and EN 420.



Portwest A199 Antistatic ESD - PU Palm Glove

Portwest A199 ESD gloves are mane using 13g Pylon and Carbon Fibre shell which diverts static electricity.

Antistatic ESD Protection glove is coated with a durable PU palm for excellent dexterity.

Ideal glove for use in electronics assembly, testing and precision work.

Portwest A199 Antistatic PU Palm Glove conforms to EN 1149; EN 420 and EN 388 ( standards.


Honeywell 2012898 Overglove To Protect Electrician's Gloves For 10 kV Work Quick View
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Honeywell 2012898 Electrosoft Leather Protective Overglove

Honeywell 2012898 Overglove provides workers with additional protection for their latex electrical gloves - protects Electrosoft gloves against risks of cuts and tearing.

Yellow cowhide silicone grain leather ensuring good flexibility, provides water repellence and mechanical protection.

When worn with the corresponding electrical glove, the overglove provides mechanical protection from cuts and tears.

Loop and hook fastener adjustment strap on the back provides better fit and comfort.

Suitable for any application when using latex electrical gloves which require overgloves.

Honeywell 2012898 Overgloves are designed for the mechanical protection of electrician's gloves for medium voltage work 10 KV.

Honeywell 2012898 Electrosoft Leather Overglove conforms to: EN 420-2003 EEC Basic standards and EN 388-2003 Mechanical hazards Standards.


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Electrician Gloves | Electrical Glove

Electrician Gloves for Electricians

Working with electricity has always been extremely hazardous, which is why safety gear is so essential. Here at North Sea Workwear, we sell specialized Electrical Insulation Gloves. These electrician gloves help keep you safe in dangerous conditions.

Electrical risks

To protect yourself from electrical risks you need to use special gloves. Electrical gloves compliant with EN ISO 60903 (the electrical insulation standard) are the ONLY gloves that you should use if  you have a risk of electrical shock.

You need to know which voltage level can occur before you choose the correct electrical hand protection.

Please use our table (below) to see which of the 6 electrical glove classes insulate your hands against different voltage levels.


Tested at:

Approved for work under:


Tested at:

Approved for work under:


2 500V



20 000V

17 000V


5 000V



30 000V

26 500V


10 000V



40 000V

36 000V

NB To preserve your electrical protection gloves (eg from cut and sharp cables), you can wear specially designed protective gloves OVER your electrical gloves.

This chart below shows you the typical markings

 typical marking

For more Electricians Safety Workwear please wisit our Electricians Workwear category.

Any questions? just Contact Us, we are very happy to assist you.


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