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Atg Maxicut 34-450 Cut Level 3 Cut Oil Leather Palm Coated Knitwrist Glove

Manufactured with patented micro-foam nitrile, offering a durable & long lasting product.

Designed to optimise the users comfort and flexibility whilst at work.

Highly resistant to Abrasions, Cuts, Tears and punctures.

Extra reinforcement around the thumb and finger areas for improved resistance.

Conforms to EN388


Was £7.75

Matrix C3 is a seamless cut resistant liner with a PU palm coating.

Offers outstanding fit and dexterity as well as Cut Level 3 protection.

The glove is high abrasion , tear resistant and cut resistant.

The seamless shell made from yarn with Lycra is designed to be close fitting giving the user superior dexterity.

The polyurethane palm coating offers excellent grip which performs well in both wet and dry conditions.



Polyco Dyflex Air PU Coated Work Gloves Cut Resistant Hand Protection

Cut Resistant Level 3

Ultra-lightweight seamless 18 gauge knitted liner with Dyneema® Diamond Technology and polyurethane palm coating.

Polyco Dyflex Air Work Gloves delivering optimal grip, long duration and cut resistance on the palm, sides and fingers.

Dyneema® yarn offers superior cut resistance for a lightweight work glove.

Thin polyurethane coating in combination with the special fibre delivers EN388 level 3 abrasion performance for extended glove life.

Close fitting and dextrous design allows for precision handling.

Polyco Dyflex Air Cut Resistant Work Gloves conforms to: EN 388 standards.


Was £12.94

Ansell 11-627 Hyflex Dyneema Cut Resistant PU Coated Work Gloves

Highly cut resistant due to the addition of Dyneema during construction.

The glove delivers a perfect balance of comfort and sure handling with superior cut resistance.

Dyneema® and LYCRA® liner provides cool and comfortable feeling.

Designed to optimise comfort and to ensure secure grip durong handling.

The polyurethene coating along with the liners make this glove very flexible.

Excellent grip in dry environments and effective control in minimally oily environments.

Ansell 11-627 Hyflex Cut Resistant Glove conforms to EN388 Safety Grades.


Was £10.24

ATG MaxiCut 34-504 Nitrile Palm Coated Cut 5 Resistant Work Gloves

Designed and developed as a liquid repellent cut resistant glove.

Seamless knitted comfortable cut resistant liner with micro foam nitrile 3\4 knuckle coating.

The MaxiCut 34-504 combines cut protection with outstanding oil grip.

The '2 layered' nitrile dipping provides increased resistance to penetration of oils and excellent abrasion properties.

This glove is manufactured to be 'DMF free', REACH compliant and meets the Oekotex 100 standard.

ATG Maxicut Oil Palm Coated 34-504 Gloves conforms To: EN 420: 2003 + A1: 2009 and EN 388: 2003 Standards.


Was £15.52

ATG MaxiCut Oil Palm Coated 34-304 Gloves

Lightweight cut-resistant glove, with excellent protection from dirt and oil.

High level of grip allowing the user to maintain grip in any condition.

Reinforced between thumb and forefinger for extra protection.

Comfortable fit that moulds to suit the users hands.

ATG MaxiCut Oil Palm Coated 34-304 Gloves conforms To: EN388 - and EN407 safety standards.



Showa 541 Cut Resistant HPPE Liner PU Coating Work Gloves

Lightweight and flexible whilst also providing effective protection.

Resistant against oils, Abrasion, Cuts, Tears & Punctures.

Flexible, light glove providing effective protection against cuts and very resistant to abrasion.

Protects the hand from oils and abrasion while remaining elastic and breathable.

Manufactured to minimise allergy risks with materials.

Showa 541 Cut Resistant HPPE Liner PU Coating Gloves conforms to EN388, Standards : hands safety standards.



Skytec Sapphire Cut Resistant Level 3 PU Palm Coated High Tactility Work Gloves

Provides the user with superior precision during small component handling.

Designed to provide a seamless combination of comfort, cut resistance & dexterity.

Maintains optimal grip efficiency in light oily conditions.

Manufactured with elasticated wrist bands offering a comfortable & secure fit.

Skytec Sapphire Cut Level 3 Glove conforms to EN388 safety gloves standards.


Was £7.85

Polyco Dy Flex N Dyneema Safety Glove

The lightweight Dyneema® glove provides an excellent resistance to cut, abrasion and tear

The seamless construction provides an exceptional level of comfort, whilst the open back style allows excellent breathability

Nitrile coating offers high abrasion resistance

The glove has been designed to be tight fitting to give maximum dexterity for the most tactile of operations

Knit wrist elasticated for a snug fit

Conform to standard EN388 - 2003: 4343



Polyco Matrix Cut 3 Resistant Polyurethane Wet Oily Grip Orange Work Gloves

Polyco MOP features a seamless knitted cut resistant liner with a polyurethane palm coating offering good mechanical protection, and is extremely lightweight and flexible.

The open back style adds comfort and breathability, and the elasticated knit wrist provides a secure fit and serves to keep the hands free from dust and debris.

Textured Polyurethane coating for enhanced grip performing well in both wet and dry conditions.

Polyco Matrix Orange PU Cut Resistant Gloves conforms to: EN388 standards.



Ansell Neptune Kevlar 70-225 Anti Cut Protective Glove

This glove is made from high-tech Kevlar® para-aramid short fibres

Ansell Neptune Glove provides improved sensitivity and fit.

The seamless construction helps avoid irritation and the use of short fibres offer extra comfort.

High cut resistance glove.

Thicker-walled glove provides high shock absorption without losing dexterity.

Reinforced thumb welt increases abrasion resistance.

Approved to BS EN 388:2003 and EN 407:2004.


Was £11.13

Ansell 70-205 Neptune Kevlar Anti-Cut Ansell Cut Level 3 Glove

Designed to provide superior mechanical durability during heavy duty tasks.

Manufactured with a kevlar material which is impact resistant, strong, heat resistant & cut resistant.

With the addition of neptune coating these gloves can repel liquids.

Abrasion resistance is improved with the addition of the reinforced thumb welt.

Amidextrous design, these gloves are also machine washable.

Ansell 70-205 Neptune Kevlar Anti-Cut Safety Glove conforms to EN388 1.3.4.X and EN407 protection standards.


Was £6.54

Ansell 11-625 HyFlex PU Palm Coated Hi Dry-Wet Grip Cut 3 Protection Work Gloves

Well balanced design delivers superior comfort and protection simultaneously.

The liners used contains Dyneema which offers very high levels of cut resistance.

Manufactured with a polyurethane coating improving the gloves overall flexibility.

Ideal for Glass handling & general handling of sharp goods.

Ansell 11-625 Hyflex Palm Coated Work Glove conforms to EN 420:2003 + A1:2009 and EN 388:2003 Safety Standards.


Was £9.03

ATG MaxiCut Oil 34-305 Cut Resistant Work Glove

This professional work glove offers CUT 3 level protection, oily grip, flexibility, comfort and dexterity.

High performance yarns and fibres offer cut protection whilst maintaining high levels of comfort.

Latest knitting technology - utilized to produce smooth and rounded fingertips, improving fingertip sensitivity.

Skin friendly - The well-being technology eliminates all traces of process chemical and odours.

Form, fit and feel - mimics the "hand at rest", reducing hand fatigue and increasing comfort.

Consistent liner penetration - from the nitrile, leaving only the soft liner resting against the skin.

ATG MaxiCut Oil 34-305 Cut Resistant Men Work Glove conforms to: EN 388 standards.



Ansell 11-624 HyFlex Grip Dyneema Cut Protection Hand Safety Work Gloves

Perfect balance of comfort and sure handling with superior cut resistance EN Level 3.

Clove can be washed and re-used without loss of cut resistance.

Polyurethane coating designed for use in dry, as well as slightly oily environments and provides sure grip in dry or light oil properties.

Ansell Hyflex 11-624 White Black Dyneema Glove conforms to EN 388 Category II safety standards.


Was £8.54

Ansell PowerFlex 80-400 Insulated Latex Palm Coat Hi Vis Extra Grip Work Glove

This Hghly visible glove provides excellent insulation and comfortable handling in cold conditions.

Suitable in both wet and dry conditions.

Highly Resistant to Abrasion and Cut.

Ansell’s PowerFlex 80-400 glove is a general-purpose glove that is designed to provide outstanding insulation from cold conditions, as well as high comfort and grip.

This glove combines a thermal terry loop acrylic liner with a naturally insulating latex coating, ensuring excellent insulation against the cold.

Additional insulation added for protection against temperatures as low as -30° C.

The well planned ergonomic design provides a superior fit, comfort, flexibility and dexterity.

Ansell Powerflex Insulated Glove 80-400 conforms to: EN 388, EN 407:X2XXXX, EN 420:2003 A1:2009, EN 511 020 safety standards.


Was £7.31

Uvex Profas UNIDUR 6641 Palm Coated Dyneema Knit CUT 3 Protection Work Glove

Manufactured from polyurethane offering improved dexterity and flexibility.

Designed with Dyneema fibres making these gloves cut resistant (level 3).

Recommended usage in dry or slightly damp areas, ideal for glass handling.

Uvex Profas UNIDUR 6641 Safety Gloves conforms to EN388 Safety Standards.


Was £15.74

Ansell HyFlex® 11-518 Dyneema Palm Coated Grip Cut Resistant Work Gloves

The lightweight 18 gauge liner gives 'bare-hand' like freedom.

This cut 3 glove offers maximum protection yet allows high tactility.

Designed to be both ultralight and ultrathin, allowing for free unhindered movement.

The polyurethane coating has high abrasion resistance, extending the life-span of the glove.

Ansell 11-518 Hyflex Ultra Lite Glove conform to EN 388 : standards.


Was £12.31

Neat, close-fitting, PU dipped gloves with cut finger tips - to allow greatest dexterity.

Suitable for the metal and glass industry, automotive industry, packaging, horticulture/agriculture, and applications needing cut protection and high levels of dexterity.

PU coated Dyneema - for good grip and light weight.

Conforms to EN 388 Standards :



Portwest A635 Eco-Cut Cut Resistant Glove

The Portwest A635 Eco-Cut Cut Resistant Glove, a cut level 3 glove from the new Portwest Cut Resistant glove range.

With all the staple benefits of comfort, dexterity and grip but at a very affordable price.

CE certified Portwest A635 Eco-Cut glove conforms to EN 388 (; EN 420 and EN 388 ( safety standards.

13 gauge liner for a perfect fit.

Low linting construction for minimal contamination.



Portwest A635 Eco-Cut Cut Resistant Glove

The Portwest A635 Eco-Cut Cut Resistant Glove, a cut level 3 glove from the new Portwest Cut Resistant glove range.

With all the staple benefits of comfort, dexterity and grip but at a very affordable price.

CE certified Portwest A635 Eco-Cut glove conforms to EN 388 (; EN 420 and EN 388 ( safety standards.

13 gauge liner for a perfect fit.

Low linting construction for minimal contamination.



Ansell ActivArmr® 97-003 Nitrile Coated Heavy Labourer Work

Heavy duty gloves protect hands from punctures, cuts and abrasions while handling concrete, wood, or metal debris.

Intercept Technology® for 6 times more cut protection than standard leather gloves

Stainless steel and Kevlar® fibres provide EN388 level 3 cut protection

Gel padding reduces vibrations and impacts. Foam nitrile for advanced grip in wet or dry conditions

Ergonomic and breathable gloves stay on longer for more tasks

Coating material: Nitrile Foam coating gloves.

Liner material: Nylon - Spandex - Stainless steel - Kevlar®

Ansell ActivArmr 97-003 Heavy Labourer Work Gloves conform to: EN 420 Cat. and II EN 388 hand protection standards.



Uvex Unidur 6613 Cut 3 Resistant PU Coating 3-Finger Precision Gloves

These 3 open-finger precision gloves enable the wearer to complete intricate tasks whilst at the same time delivering cut level 3 protection (this rating does not apply where the 3 fingers are open).

The flexible liner gives excellent comfort, dexterity and fit by stretching with the shape of the hand.

These gloves are ideal for working in dry or light moisture environments and give high levels of durability; a longer lasting solution for challenging work.

3 fingers are open at the tip to enable intricate tasks to be completed

Lightweight PU coating gives increased sensitivity and grip

Good cut protection due to HPPE fibre.

Uvex Unidur 6613 PU Coating 3-Finger Precision Gloves conform to: EN 388:2003 standards.



Mapa 577 KryTech PU Coated Cut-3 Work Gloves

Standard protection for intricate handling in reasonably clean environments.

Suitable for long-term wear: excellent abrasion resistance.

Ergonomic and anatomical shaped to reduce fatigue in the hand.

A reinforced welt in nitrile for an improved durability for the most exposed areas.

Mapa 577 KryTech PU Coated Work Gloves conform to: EN 388:2016 Cat. II hand protection standards.



Showa 542 Level 3 Cut Resistant Work Gloves

A flexible, light glove which provides effective protection against cuts, abrasion and rips.

Excellent performance in handling greasy components.

Great freedom of movement for the wrist.

Optimal dexterity and tactile feel retained.

No irritation by seams in contact with the skin, Standard finish without special treatment.

Material: high performance polyethylene (HPPE).

Showa 542 Cut Resistant Work Gloves conforms to: EN 388:2003 standards.


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Cut resistance - Level 3

Cut 3 Resistant Gloves from North Sea Workwear

North Sea Workwear supplies cut resistant gloves ranging from the lowest, Cut 1 level, through Cut 3 and up to the maximum Cut 5 level of cut protection.

Cut Protection 3 gives you the benefits of everyday cut protection without compromising the dexterity that high cut resistant gloves may have.

Consider the Ansell Hyflex 11-518 Cut 3 gloves: these 18 gauge liner gloves are superbly thin, comfortable and light on your hand. Yet, thanks to the miracles of technology the 11-518 Ultrathins gives you full cut 3 blade protection. They are incredibly fine and super slim - you really do need to try them on to appreciate the benefits of how inobtrusive these cut 3 gloves are.

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