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All-round ox leather glove with reinforcement on index finger.

With warm winter lining.

A-grade cow leather glove, fully lined with rubberised safety cuff.

Suited for high durability work in general mechanical industries & heavy duty applications.

Material - Cowhide, cotton canvas

Compliant with EN 420:2003, EN 388:2003


Showa Thermo Grip 451 Cold Conditions, Latex Coated Palm Glove, Excellent Grip Quick View
Best Seller

A comfortable, SHOWA flexible glove that is resistant to abrasion and very pleasant to wear ultra-comfortable clove in cold work conditions.

Showa 451 protects the hand in damp environments or against aggressive detergents or alcohols.

Surface provides tactile feel and better grip, breathable back of hand to reduce perspiration.

Designed for easy movement and continuous wear.

Greater hygiene and comfort, no irritation by seams in contact with the skin.

Conforms to: EN 388:2003 , EN511: 2006



Ansell 52-590 Hyd-Tuf Winter Glove

Ansell 52-590 Hyd-Tuf Winter Glove are a high performance nitrile glove with excellent abrasion resistance.

Repels grease, grit and oil, while the soft, flexible jersey lining provides a comfortable fit while cushioning the hand.

Perspiration is absorbed keeping the hand dry and comfortable in warm weather.

These have excellent dry grip, making handling quicker and easier to manage.

Ansell 52-590 Hyd-Tuf Winter Glove complies to EN 388 and EN 1149 Category II safety standards.


Was £8.56

CAT Latex Palm Gloves offer outstanding hardwearing hand protection, including both comfort and usability.

Excellent for general use at work and at home.

The elasticated cuffs ensure a tight fit every time.

Complies to safety standard CE EN388(2243).



Caterpillar 1741 thermal gripster gloves are an acrylic knitted glove with a high grip latex palm.

Perfect for conditions where a warm agile glove is essential.

The brushed lining makes gloves perfect for warmth and comfort.

Full latex coated palm and fingers.

Elasticated knitted wrist for a tight fit.

Complies with CE EN 388 (2243) safety standards.



CAT 12212 Lightweight Mechanic Gloves are made from 5% Synthetic Leather using 35% Spandex and 15% Nylon.

It has an adjustable wrist closure.

Complies to Standard CE EN388 (1121) safety standards.

The padded palm give good shock absorption and they are very comfortable to wear and use every day.



Supertouch Rigger 21643 Heavy Duty Work Yellow Hide Glove

Manufactured from high quality leather to provide a strong, durable glove.

The index finger area is reinforced adding extra protection in this vital area.

The rubberised safety cuff adds extended protection and security.

Supertouch Rigger 21643 Yellow Hide Glove conforms to EN388 safety standards.

Ideal for general handling tasks.


Was £4.56

Marigold Puretough P3000 Cut 3 Resistant Nitrile-PU Coated Wet Grip Work Gloves

Superb tactile handling glove.

Non slip grip along with Water and oil repellent coating.

Made from high performance and high visible fibres, using Techcor® Knitting Technology.

Sensitive grey water based mix synthetic compound palm fit coating.

Water and oil repellent treatment on both liner and coating.

Ideal for use in all mechanical handling applications.

Suitable for use in medium level thermal hazards.

Level 3 cut Resistant standard.

Marigold Puretough P3000 11-423 Glov approved to: BS EN 388:2003 and EN 407:2004. safety standards.


Was £7.95

SuperTouch 61061-5 Topaz Ice Plus Thermal Glove

Ideal for all general handling purposes in all weather conditions.

Designed with a knitted wrist for improved user comfort.

The latex palms are textured for added grip.

SuperTouch 61061-5 Topaz Ice Plus Thermal Glove conforms to EN388 & EN511 X-2-X safety standards.



Mapa Harpon 319 Latex Glove

Reinforced, Comfort safety glove with excellent grip in wet environments.

Gloves with no seams on the working surfaces providing exceptionally comfortable.

Superior comfort with excellent flexibility of natural latex.

Exceptional thermal insulation, keeps hands warm.

Elasticated wrist band provides a more secure fit.

Ideal for manual handling tasks (waste collection, forestry and other).

Mapa Harpon 319 Latex Glove conforms to EN 388 safety gloves standards.



The Trekmates STCH2 Black Dry Classic Gloves are manufactured with a waterproof, windproof and breathable shell.

Its a perfect, year round, outdoor glove that provides warmth without weight.

The textured palm - ensures maximum grip in wet or dry conditions; The pre-curved fingers offer a more comfortable fit and better dexterity.

The elasticated wrist and long cuff with drawcord closure. This cuts out cold winds and prevents winter chills from getting up your sleeves.

An excellent choice for winter walking or everyday use.

Its a smart, neat glove, yet resilient enough to be used as standard issue gloves by Scottish Police braving harsh, bitter, wet Northern winters.

...And its made by Trekmates - the specialist outdoor brand - so you know they will protect you and be long lasting.


Was £10.18

Skytec Argon 3/4 HPT Foam Insulated Glove

These glove have a unique HPT foam ¾ coating which remains flexible to temperatures as low as -50ºc.

Breathable two-layer insulated liner also ensures that these gloves always remain warm, soft and comfortable.

Ideal for applications involving secure handling and high levels of dexterity.

Approved to EN 388:2003 and BS EN 511:2006.



Blackrock 8400400 Thinsulate Lined Woolly Gloves

These acrylic knitted gloves from Blackrock feature 40g Thinsulate lined insulation, and have elasticated cuffs to keep the cold out and the heat in.

Colour: Black

Size: One Size


Was £3.33

Cat Neoprene Comfort Fit Work Gloves are made from water resistant neoprene for full waterproof protection.

Ergonomic Pre-Curved Fingers for easy application.

Hi-visibility reflective pipes for added safety in low light areas.

Silicon finger rips for exceptional grip and handling.

Made from 40% Clarino, 55% Neoprene, 4% Nylon, 1% Silicone



Beeswift FGIMP Freezer Yellow Fleece Lined Knit Wrist Glove

Manufactured from full grain cowhide leather with a cotton fleece interior lining.

The combination of materials makes these gloves both comfortable and durable.

The elasticated cuff ensures a secure and comfortable fit for all users.

This multi purpose is ideal for many tasks including low temperature tasks.

Conforms to EN388 Safety Standards.



Ansell Versatouch 78-103 Thermal Insulating Gloves

Ansell 78-103 offer a cost-effective solution for a range of food industry applications, where protection from cold is needed.

Ideal choice for use under cut resistant or chemical resistant gloves.

Seamless design, thermal Insulating glove, ensures excellent flexibility and high dexterity.

Ansell Versatouch 78-103 gloves are 100% latex-free, eliminating the risk of type I allergies.

Can be used for a very of food processing applications: Storage Areas, Handling of frozen products, Transportation.

Conforms to EN388: 1.1.3.X and EN 511 – 010 safety standards.



Polyco 8633 Reflex Therm Cold Resistant Latex Coating Work Gloves

Medium duty work glove with fleecy liner and crinkle finish latex coating.

The Reflex Therm safeguards protecting from mechanical hazards while keeping your hands warm and comfortable.

The durable crinkle latex palm coating provides excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions, highly elastic - making it extremely flexible.

The elasticated knit wrist ensures a secure fit and also keeps the hands free from dust and debris.

A very comfortable glove from Polyco with excellent grip, the Reflex Therm is a perfect choice for outdoor general handling tasks.

Polyco Reflex Therm - Cold Resistant Glove conforms to: EN388 EN511 0.2.X. standards.



Marigold Insulator Kt1 Glove

Manufactured from Thermolite fibre providing thermal insulation.

Non chaffing and soft construction increasing user comfort.

This glove is also ideal to be used as a glove liner.

Ideal for working with or around food.

Conforms to EN388 3.1.3.X.


Was £8.62

Delta plus green pattern drip supported glove.

Heat and Cold insulation keeps hand at a comfortable temperature.

Exceptional Chemical, Abrasion, and tear resistance.

Due to the gloves clever design, a long product life is obtained.

Waterproof material repels all liquids.



Ansell 23-491 Winter Hi-Viz Glove - Ideal for all high visibility applications, in all weather.

Full fluorescent PVC coating, glove remains clearly visible even in dim and fading light.

Warm, weatherproof and resists oils and grease repellent, anatomically designed for comfort and perfect fit.

Knitted wrist provides a secure and more comfortable fit.

Insulated gloves ideal for applications such as road and airfield traffic management

Approved to BS EN 388:2003 and BS EN 511:2006.

Size 10 (X-Large) Only


Caterpillar 1741 thermal gripster gloves are an acrylic knitted glove with a high grip latex palm, perfect for conditions where a warm agile glove is essential. The brushed lining makes gloves perfect for warmth and comfort. Full latex coated palm and fingers. Elasticated knitted wrist for a tight fit. Complies with CE EN 388 (2243) safety standards



Showa 477 Insulated Dual Layer Nitrile Foam Grip Glove

Showa glove - Unique combination of cold protection and tactical grip performance glove.

SHOWA 477 is ergonomically designed to keep your hands dry and warm in the gold environments.

Cold protection with Insulated liner, which provides barrier from cold ensuring warmth and comfort.

Fully double engineered coating keeps your hand dry and protects against liquids or water penetration.

Ergonomic design that replicates the natural curvature of a human hand and so reduces hand fatigue.

Highly flexible and resistant to tearing and abrasion.

Insulated with a fixed acrylic terry liner; keeps hand warm and comfortable.

Liner is seamless for reduced irritation.

Conforms to: EN388: 2003 and EN511: 2006 standards.



ATG MaxiTherm Latex Palm-Coated 30-201 Gloves

Natural latex coating on a seamless liner with ATG's patented Non-Slip-Grip technology.

Typical Applications: Cold Storage, transport, construction, forestry, off-shore energy, airport baggage handling, transportation, shipping and recieving.

General handling in cold and wet conditions, building materials, timber, refuse, engineering components.

Brushed liner is soft and comfortable and keeps warm in cold conditions.

Compliant with EN 388 standard

(Pack of 6).



Wenaas Odin Yukon+ Winter rigger Glove 6-6483

All-round ox leather & cotton glove with reinforcement on index finger with warm winter lining.

Good comfort and durability. For use in mechanical industry, metal working, stone and rough work.

Conforms to: EN388, EN420, Cat 2

Conclusion: The Yukon + is a Premium rigger glove, made using quality leather and canvas. Designed & made by Wenaas in Norway for heavy industrial use.

Pack of 6 Pairs



Blackrock 5400900 Thermal Gripper Gloves

The Blackrock Thermal Gripper Gloves feature a thermal lining, insulating your hands during cold weather

The latex palm guarantees excellent grip, dexterity and durability.

Elasticated wrists ensure a secure fit.

These gloves have a mechanical hazard rating of, and conform to EN420 & EN388.


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Thermal Gloves | Freezer Gloves

For extreme cold weather gloves we recommend gloves with wrist closure and long cuffs: that will prevent cold air, wind and snow from sneaking in.

Northseaworkwear offers a variety of freezer gloves or cold climate gloves 9Whetehr you call therm Thermal gloves or Insulated gloves or cold weather gloves, it doesnt matter: we have them all!, adn makde byt th best manufactureres, including Ansell, Blackrock, Caterpillar, Polyco, Regatta, Showa, Trekmates and Wenaas.

Consider the Showa Argon three quarters dipped, thermal insulated freezer glove: great glove, keen price and very popular. Our freezer gloves as used across all cold climate jobs in a range of industries including food manufacturing, automotive, warehouse and general outdoor work. These gloves offer protection against cold risks whilst still providing protection against mechanical hazards.

or if you need a thermal liner for inside your regular gloves, consider the Ansell Therm a Knit fleece liner glove..

If You need more information and for bulk buy special conditions, please contact us on +44 (0) 1224894000 or email sales@northseaworkwear.com

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