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Portwest A827 Double Dipped PVC Gauntlet

Double dipped PVC gauntlet with sandy palm finish for enhanced grip.

Jersey lined for extra wearer comfort.

Treated to protect against microbial deterioration.

Sandy Finish for exceptional grip in water, grease or oil.

Lined for added warmth and comfort.

Size XL only.


Polyco Chemprotec SC101 Unlined Natural Rubber 12'' Gauntlets Gloves Quick View
Hurry – low stock
This natural rubber glove performs well to protect against a variety of chemicals and cleaning agents including acids, alkalis and alcohols. It also attains good EN388 scores for abrasion and tear resistance enhancing its mechanical protection and durability. Unlined for ease of putting on, it allows room for an under-glove to be worn for added comfort or protection.


MAPA Neotex 340 Neoprene & Latex Chemical Resistant Gauntlets, Size - XL Quick View
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MAPA Neotex 340 Neoprene Latex Chemical Resistant Work Gauntlets

These gloves are designed for protection against numerous chemicals such as acids, bases, alcohols, petroleum solvents.

Freedom of movement: very comfortable high-quality cotton lining.

Multi-purpose chemical resistance (acids, aliphatic solvents) increased by heavyweight rubber coating.

Longer working-life for heavy-duty work.

Forearm protection: long cuff gloves.

High mechanical performance.

Mapa Neotex 340 Neoprene & Latex Chemical Resistant Gauntlets conforms to: EN420 Cat. II EN388 EN407 X1XXXX EN374 standards.



Marigold G17K Heavy Weight Glove

Exceptionally comfortable and even with its sensitive natural rubber latex material, withstands rough treatment.

Extra length added for Longer gauntlet style cuff for extra protection.

Maintains a High resistance to water based chemicals.

Tough general purpose industrial glove.

Approved to EN374 and EN3888.



Globus Showa 771 Liquid Oil Repellent 30cm Hi Grip Nitrile Gauntlet

Protective gloves that shields the users hands from Chemicals, liquids and oils.

The Showa 771 is fully coated with an extra coat over palm area for added grip.

Designed with a rough finish to further improve user grip.

Impermeable for working in damp or greasy environments, enabling you to grip objects securely.

Very hygienic with anti-odour treatment & antibacterial properties.

Anatomical design making it easier to put them on & take off.

Globus Showa 771 Nitrile 30Cm Yellow Glove conforms to EN388, EN374 standards.



Showa KV660 Kevlar Oil Resistant Gauntlet

Fully coated gloves with extra coating across the hand.

The rough finish on the surface improves the user overall grip.

Impermeable construction making these gloves ideal when working with liquids.

The surface of the glove is textured providing tactile feel and improved grip.

Manufactured with an extended forearm providing extended protection.

Conforms to EN388:2003, EN374-2-2003, & EN374-3.



Mapa Harpon 326 gloves are suitable for long-term wear.

Very comfortable gloves due to the comfort of a textile support and good thermal insulation.

Comfort and safety when gripping heavy, rough or slippery objects in food industry.

Mapa gloves with high resistance to abrasion, exterior finish reinforced grip and interior finish textile support.

Reinforced grip for better handling, perfect for fish-handling, handling slippery products and oyster farming.

Certificate to mechanical hazards EN 388:; Heat and fire protection EN 407; General chemical protection EN 374.



Delta plus green pattern drip supported glove.

Heat and Cold insulation keeps hand at a comfortable temperature.

Exceptional Chemical, Abrasion, and tear resistance.

Due to the gloves clever design, a long product life is obtained.

Waterproof material repels all liquids.



Showa 660 ESD PVC Coating Waterproof Oil Resistant Safety Gauntlets

Protects the hand against chemicals while remaining flexible for good grip

Good mechanical resistance, designed to be flexible and durable.

Perfect for working in damp or greasy conditions as gloves are impermeable.

Secure tight grip in dry or wet conditions.

Extended cuff length, provides wrist with extra protection.

Showa 660 ESD PVC Black Safety Work Glove Conforms to: EN 420 Cat. III EN 388 EN 347-2:2003 EN 347-3 EN 1149-1 ESD safety standards.



Aurelia Quest Nitrile Powder-free Disposable Gloves White

Nitrile coated gloves providing superior puncture resistance, elasticity and overall resistance.

Nitrile Gloves which fit and feel like Latex Gloves but non-allergenic and lightweight with superior durability.

The fingers are textured for added grip during tasks.

Designed with a beaded cuff for ease of donning.

Aurelia Quest Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves conforms to EN 1186 Safety Standard.

Each batch of gloves is air-tested to detect pinholes.



Aurelia Protégé Nitrile Powder free Disposable Gloves

Best value Nitrile gloves which fit and feel like Latex Gloves but non-allergenic and lightweight with superior durability.

Manufactured with Nitrile making them more durable and improving elasticity.

Each of the fingers are micro textured for improved grip and sensitivity.

Greater chemical resistance compared to other materials and each batch of gloves is air-tested to detect pinholes.

Powder-free gloves leave no residue behind after examination. Reducing chances of any contaminations.

Aurelia® gloves conform and are tested to the highest international standards: EN 1186, EN455, EN420, EN388 & EN374.



Ideal gloves for use in cold conditions - neoprene gloves maintains its elasticity at low temperatures conditions.

Ansell Neotop 29-500 protects against a wide range of acids, alcohols, caustics and many solvents.

Contains Natural rubber latex Neoprene, much less tiring to the hands than other heavy-duty gloves.

Soft and comfortable gloves for Cleaning, Agriculture, Maintenance, Oil & Petrol and Chemical industry.

Conforms to: EN 420:2003 + A1:2009 and EN 388:2003 ,EN 374:2003



Polyco Vyflex P93 Seamless PVC Gloves

Seamless supported PVC gloves with chemical protection for industrial use.

These PVC gloves provide an effective barrier against oils, acids and other chemicals.



Marigold Multiplus 35Cm F/C Blue Gauntlet Glove

Manufactured from a PVC formula with a double dip granite finish.

Exceptionally comfortable with 100% cotton interior lining.

High resistance to chemicals, such as oils, petrol and acids.

Extended gauntlet to provide additional lower arm protection.

Provides excellent resistance to abrasion and tear.

Conforms to EN388 & EN374 Safety Standards. Safety Grades :


Was £8.86
Showa 377 Foam Coated Nitrile Glove Quick View
Best Seller

HOWA 377 is a fully dipped Nitrile coated glove. It is dipped in sky blue thin Nitrile. It has black foam Nitrile coating in the palm area.

This glove provides comfort and touch sensitivity.

The thin Nitrile coating offers limited protection against a wide range of chemical substances while the superior foam overdip ensures excellent grip even in oily applications.

An elastic knit wrist holds it firmly on the arm for enhanced fit. This glove is both thin and tough, allowing precision work to be carried out even in the most demanding conditions. Launder at 40ºC (104ºF) using a neutral detergent.



Showa Nitri-Solve Nitrile Gloves Chemical Resistant 13 inch Gauntlets

Made from our special nitrile (NBR) compound, nitri-solve provides excellent protection against abrasion, puncture, and snag and resistance to a broad range of solvents, animal fats and other chemicals.

Permeation testing shows Nitri-Solve's chemical resistance is equal to or better than that of any other similar nitrile glove.

Nitri-Solve's case-hardened finish enhances chemical and abrasion resistance and makes it easy to pull on and off.

A bisque finish grip makes wet work easier, safer, and Nitri-Solve's ergonomic design maximizes comfort.

Each hand is embossed with glove size for ease of pairing after laundering.

Applications include manufacturing, food processing, hazmat splash protection, laboratories, janitorial, paint applications, fuel handling and refineries.

Showa 730 Chemical Resistant 13" Length Nitrile Glove conforms to: Category III - EN 388:, EN 374-2, EN 374-3 JKL standards.



Marigold P57B 32cm Extended Sleeve Chemical & Biological Protection PVC Gauntlet

The glove provides great protection from chemical and biological hazards.

The long sleeve ensures full arm protection

The sand blast finish of palm and fingers provides firm grip even handling wet and slippery materials.

Soft PVC coating maintains dexterity and pliability at low temperatures.

Ergonomic hand shape provides an excellent natural fit

Dipped rough finish makes handling wet and slippery materials easier and safer

Heat sealed sleeve offers liquid resistance 21 CFR (USA) and European Directives compliant for food applications.

Marigold P57B 32cm Extended Sleeve Gauntlet conforms to: EN420+A1, EN388 and EN374 standards.

Ideal for use in food processing, chemical industries, oil & gas industry, construction, utilities, maintenance, cleaning.



ATG56-635: 35cm long chemical Protection Gauntlet

Certified 100% chemical resistant blended polymer glove - certified to EN 374-2, BS EN420, BS EN 388.

These gloves provide both comfort and flexibility, along with maximum fingertip sensitivity.

The GripTech® non-slip coating provides excellent dexterity and grip, while the LiquiTech® barrier provides resistance to oils & liquids.

Chemical Gauntlet made of Nitrile butadiene rubber coated over a nylon liner.



Showa 720 Nitrile Gloves Waterproof High Grip Oil & Chemical Resistant Gauntlet

Manufactured with a 100% nitrile coating, improving overall performance.

A light, elastic low-lint glove, resistant to deformation and which keeps its shape longer.

Protects the hand from oils, hydrocarbons, grease and abrasion, with effective lasting grip.

Impermeable for working in damp or greasy environments, enabling you to grip objects securely.

Exceptionally comfortable with a seamless knitted liner made from polyester.

Designed with a textured hand area that improves users grip.

Treated against bacteria improving hygiene and reducing odours.

The extended gauntlet provides extended forearm protection.

Designed for easy movement and continuous wear.

No irritation by seams in contact with the skin.

Showa 720R Nitrile Oil & Chemical Resistant Gauntlet conforms to EN388, EN374-3 A.J.K., EN420, Cat 3.



Aurelia Robust Plus 6388 X 100 Supermax Nitrile Coated Disposable Gloves

Premium quality nitrile coated examination gloves that offer superior tensile strength.

More durable and effective than other Latex and vinyl gloves, lasts twice as long.

Designed to be ambidextrous allowing a quick and easy setup process.

These gloves are latex free, avoiding any issues with allergens.

Manufactured with a beaded cuff making these gloves easier to remove.

Automated packaging to enhance single glove dispensing.



Ansell 58-535 Alpha Tec Gauntlets Chemical Protection Nitrile Antistatic Gloves

The Ansell AlphaTec 58-535 Glove uses Ansell Grip Technology to enable users to handle wet or oily objects with less grip force and more control.

Revolutionary Ansell Grip Technology; a nitrile layer filled with microscopic channels that actively transfer oils and other lubricants away from the gripping surface.

The combination of liquid-proof chemical resistance and grip, together with flexibility and dexterity, makes this glove the logical choice when working with chemicals.

Consistent polymer coating significantly reduces the likelihood of chemical leakage.

Superior tactility and dexterity for greater control, significantly reducing fatigue and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome-related injuries.

Ideal for using in: Chemical handling, such as caustics and solvents; Handling objects coated in slippery grease and oils; Handling paints, inks, dyes, glues and adhesives.

Made from Nitrile with an Acrylic lining.

Ansell 58-535 Alpha Tec Chemical Protection Gauntlets conforms to: EN 388, EN 374, Antistatic to EN1149 safety standards.


Was £5.85

Ansell 58-530 Polymer Coated Alpha Tec Glove - Black/Red

The Ansell 58-530 Alphatec is the 1st glove to utilise the revolutionary Ansell Grip Technology™ combining grip and chemical resistance.

This exceptional grip technology allows for more controlled handling of slippery objects coated in chemicals.

Made from chemical-resistant nitrile, these gloves have an ergonomic hand shape designed to reduce hand fatigue.

Ansell 58-530 Polymer Coated Alpha Tec Glove comforms to EN388(, EN 374(JKL) AQL 0.65 safety standards.



Marigold ME108 Latex 24'' Gauntlet Chemical Protection Emperor Work Gloves

The glove is ideal for use where heavy duty chemical protection is essential

Exceptional protection when : sandblasting, sanitation, agriculture, and fishing.

The material used is Unlined black natural rubber latex glove.

Highly resistant to water based chemicals.

Chlorinated to harden and cleanse the surface of the glove.

Beaded cuff for tear resistance and easy fitting.

Marigold Me108 Black Rubber Gauntlet Glove conforms to EN420 Cat.2 EN388 EN374 ABCKL safety standards.



Polyco Polychem P43 Full PVC Dipped Chemical Resistant 14'' Work Gauntlets

The Polyco Polychem red PVC chemical resistant gauntlet is a red PVC chemical resistant gauntlet with cotton interlock knitted liner.

This chemical resistant glove protects against a variety of chemicals including concentrated acids, alkalis, oils and greases.

It has the maximum EN 388 score for abrasion resistance and offers good tear resistance.

Excellent abrasion and tear resistant, this glove also has a cotton interlock liner for added comfort.

Polyco Polychem P43 Full PVC Dipped Chemical Resistant Gauntlets conforms to: BS EN 374:1994, BS EN 388:1994 standards.


Was £6.99

Ansell Versatouch 23-200 Chemical Resistant PVC Gauntlets

Soft PVC coating on glove maintans dexterity and pliability at low temperatures

Dipped roughened sandblast finish makes handling wet and slippery materials easier and safer in all conditions.

The seamless liner offers very good comfort in use.

Good grip in handling both wet and slippery materials.

Food processing industries glove.

In compliance with the standards EN420, EN388 and EN374

Available in size 9 - Large


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Chemical Protection Gloves, Gauntlets

Our chemical gloves are typically certified to the European Norm EN ISO 374 Chemical standard - to protect your hands against chemicals and micro organisms.

This chemical resistance glove standard is in addition to the General EN 420 standard for protective gloves, as well as the EN ISO 388 Mechanical risks standard protecting your hands against mechanical risks arising from Abrasion, Cut, Tear and Puncture.

Accordingly, all thes chemical resistance gloves are highly certified. Indeed, we choose only trusted manufacturers who are leaders in research and development of chemical protective gloves.

These are recognised brands such as Ansell, ATG, Aurelia, Marigold, Polyco and Showa. ie chemical glove companies who stringently test their gloves, and then exceed the European standards.

Thanks to their extensive R and D work, you can now buy the best selling Showa 377 blue dipped glove or the Marigold Me108 black chemical gauntlet, or the super versatile Ansell Sol-Vex 37-695 green gloves or the green ATG Maxichem 56-635 chemical gauntlet.

The Polyco Long John PVC gauntlet gives your hands and fore arms full chemical protection.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any specific enquiry.

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