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Product Ref: GC0001

Gift Cards on North Sea Workwear


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Give someone the gift of choice when you give them a North Sea Workwear Gift card.

With over 2,000 branded PPE & Workwear items to choose from, you are giving them a great selection.

We carry 80 of the best workwear brands (Caterpillar, Dickies, Snickers, Timberland) as well as many of the more specialist ones (Alpha Solway, Petzl, Sievi, Wenaas).

Our digital Gift Vouchers can be used by anyone, anytime, online - and the goods will be delivered directly to their door!

Make life easy by giving people what they want: Give them Free choice with our protective clothing gift card.



  • Quick & Easy.
  • Secure E Voucher.
  • Wide choice: 2,000 products.
  • Best Brands: over 80 brands.
  • Convenience: Delivery to your door, worldwide.
  • Gift Vouchers: make it easy to please all the people.
  • Use you Gift Voucher for absolutely any product sold in our store.
  • The e voucher is Better Value - you only pay 95% of the cost of the voucher including Vat - so you get a 5% discount.

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